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  1. Nagafen's Past to Present 2.0
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  3. My Essay:
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  6. the ultimate poll RAPTOR or HIPPO
  7. Go fuck yourself Dank
  8. calling out a drama queen
  9. Onyx's success: fact, fiction, or just smoke&mirrors?
  10. oh hey guzy wat are the haps
  11. Europa cheats to kill Woushi?
  12. Onyx.
  13. All British should die (The British Saga)
  15. bye whore
  16. Nagafen, you're invited to the wedding of Jubilee and Blackkat!
  17. True Story (The Hastely Saga)
  18. Speederxp is gay.
  19. Faabio Booted from Havoc.
  20. The Talonis Saga
  21. Nagafen - Past to Present