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  1. FFXIV and ACT
  2. ACT Error on Startup
  3. ACT Error on Startup - Firewall
  4. Nameless log file
  5. 'Disable parsing from network data'
  6. Problem with the Fonts?! ACT doesn#t start
  7. crash during load
  8. FFXIV is displaying my EQ2 Toon Name
  9. ACT no longer speaking with TTS?
  10. ACT Crash with stack overflow
  11. ACT - FFXIV 3.3 patch parsing issue
  12. End Encounter (for sure/definately)
  13. Numbers larger than 32-bits are occuring in EQ2 logs
  14. ODBC export data missing a unique key
  15. G19 not working with Advanced Combat Tracker
  16. Blank mini-parse?
  17. Identifying something as an enemy + total percent contribution
  18. ACT Startup crash
  19. Problem with windows 10 Parsing
  20. "Add to Scratch encounter" doesn't copy simulated DoTs/HoTs
  21. Version not updating- strange new error message
  22. Sound distorted and com super lag
  23. ACT not working - Fresh install
  24. ACT reinstall not working
  25. ACT 64bit Parsing Issue - FFXIV HW DX11
  26. ACT FFXIV plugin Overlay Not Working
  27. ACT Scanning
  29. How do I get ACT Working for Neverwinter?
  30. 64k Threads spawned by ACT
  31. Can't Sort Combatants By
  32. ACT Mini Parser problems
  33. Bugged encounter logs
  34. Import/Export "When importing, parse for Custom Triggers" broken?
  35. ACT Mini Parser window not showing in Final Fantasy XIV
  36. Pluggin download won't work
  37. StackOverflow Exception
  38. x86 Plugin Errors
  39. Unable to play WAV files after x64 update.
  40. ACT Failed to create Browser.
  41. Custom Trigger Toggle Off
  42. Why do I keep getting double Spelltimer Cooldown with FFXIV
  43. ACT exporting to xml
  44. ACT "No such host is known"
  45. Any plans to upgrade act to 64 bit?
  46. ACT refuses to launch
  47. Odd bug in ACT
  48. 09/24/2014 patch messed up Healparses - what about the German plugin?
  49. ACT German Parsing Plugin - Channeler
  50. EQ2:Channeler Repairs
  51. all timers lost
  52. ACT crashing out with rift combat logs
  53. ACT Crashing on Load
  54. ACT isn't parsing auto attacks
  55. ACT + Rift Problem...
  56. Spell timers don't show names (sometimes)
  57. Swipe isn't recogniized
  58. The specified name was too long
  59. No longer reports for myself and gives me odd numbers
  60. crazy statistics in A.C.T
  61. ODBC Export SqlSafe Null Reference
  62. Encounter color issue, Import issue
  63. deleteing custom triggers
  64. ODBC Export with SQL Express
  65. Config file becoming corrupt, crashes when loading.
  66. Custom Triggers Toggle Off
  67. Zone parses getting seperated.
  68. TTS not working
  69. used on FF14 does not log anything
  70. ACT causes computer to freeze upon start up
  71. ACT slows to crawl until restarting
  72. Visual Triggers
  73. parse is inaccurate
  74. Crash on load
  75. 2 second delay in custom triggers
  76. XML preferences error ?
  77. ACT Crash on Fresh Install
  78. Windows 8
  79. act crashing at loading...
  80. error just loading ACT, can't load parser, was working
  81. ACT Custom Timer ending sounds.
  82. ACT Log Issues
  83. Act Issues
  84. Can't get ACT to download
  85. Major Lag issues with text to speech
  86. Crash on Startup. Deleting config works for a while.
  87. ACt ver 3 problems, But ver 2 works fine
  88. Act Not Copy/Pasting
  89. Avoidance report spitting out error (EQ2)
  90. ACT not parsing anything but is reading the logs...
  91. Help! Act not displaying accurate character & pet dps
  92. ACT crash report
  93. ACT Version 3.1.4 Release 244 ~ Loot Parser Issues
  94. ACT & EQ2 oddities
  95. EQ2 Parsing DPS to low
  96. EQ2 Parsing Plugin doesn't seem to play well with chat logging.
  97. ACT locks up while exporting to clipboard
  98. Account Suspended?!
  99. Cant Paste In-Game
  100. StackOverflowException on WinForms
  101. Error compiling plug-ins... Help?
  102. Using ACT for The Secret World
  103. ACT error, since update. Error with paser used for STO
  104. ACT Date/Time
  105. Exporting to Sql
  106. ACT has logs, triggers work, doesn't parse any encounter reguardless of option.
  107. Cant get my ACT to work?
  108. Auto attack timer not working
  109. CLr errer already repaired and reinstalled net framework
  110. Problem with ACT Not working Missing a .dll?
  111. ACT not saving user changes on exit
  112. Bu with All Outgoing (ref)
  113. ACT stopped working again - how to save triggers etc
  114. 06/12/2012 ACT stopped working, delete and clean reinstall not helping
  115. ACT Crashing after update June 4th.
  116. ACT Web Server Not Sorting Correctly
  117. Old Log Files and Actv3
  118. Only says first letter of player name?
  119. Saved Parse Formats bug
  120. Old log files
  121. History Database problem with different servers
  122. Rift and ACTParser not working?
  123. ACT stopped working, now won't install
  124. Suggestion for desired feature - "One Time Only" timers checkbox
  125. Events not displaying in correct order
  126. ACT Logging ALL Parses to single encounter
  127. parse pasting not working
  128. sound muted on A.C.T after GU63
  129. Any Guide or documentation on Some of the advanced features of act?
  130. ACT Erased all settings
  131. ACT not working on Rift anymore
  132. Need setup help
  133. ACT crash from xml setting
  134. ACT not working
  135. How to export to mySQL?
  136. ACT Crashing Loading Settings
  137. ACT won't import from Saturday's log file
  138. Can't get information to display
  139. Using Rift Plugin
  140. breaks TTS
  141. ACT Crashing
  142. Act 3.1.0 Release 238 incorrectly breaking long encounters into multiple parses
  143. ACT not parsing certain toons
  144. Volume of tts?
  145. Importing xml triggers
  146. Removing .*? and .* causes tts bug
  147. ACT 3 not exporting act-export.txt
  148. Beastlord Slot 2 Buff Trigger
  149. AOOR-Exception in Text-Formatting ListBox
  150. Lockups: help needed
  151. Trigger timer sometimes plays warning sound instead of start sound
  152. ACT error Need help.
  153. Auction Plug-In Help
  154. Input string was not in a correct format.
  155. Export to EQ2 Macro File max 16 lines.
  156. 'Main' Tab isn't working
  157. Rift 1.5.12 - 1.6 and Deflect
  158. ACT v3 & Traumatic Swipe
  159. OutOfMemoryException during startup
  160. EQ2 - Truncated results when pasting to clipboard.
  161. act CLR error
  162. ACT - Aion 2.6
  163. Export gives Syntax error in field definition
  164. ACT crashing with weird error message...
  165. ACT v3 Rift German
  166. act taking VERY long time to launch
  167. Rift log line causing ACT to crash
  168. Detrimental Call
  169. Importing .XML files on ACTv3
  170. Index was outside the bounds of the array
  171. ACT wont paste into chat
  172. problem detrimental call window no longer showing
  173. Trigger for guild recruitment
  174. comparing parse results to others
  175. XML Config Subscriptions
  176. New PC build. Can't seem to get act to read my log file.
  177. ACT v3 and G13 + G19
  178. .xml import for new ACT?
  179. Re: Problems with new version
  180. Reproducible error when copying timer for share (with errorlog)
  181. ACT crashing (with errorlog)
  182. ACTv3: Damage Type View Options
  183. unable to get rid of that ""index was outside the bounds of the array" error message :(
  184. Is your ACT freezing a lot? Post here please.
  185. .NET Framework v4.0.30319 ?!?!
  186. ACT3 + RIFT not being able to load log
  187. EQ2 macro file export formatting
  188. ACTv3 + Rift main table updates
  189. actv3 - Need help please
  190. ACT freezing a lot
  191. Problems with new version
  192. (AoC) ACT Encounter VCR window doesn't open
  193. Mini parse not displayed
  194. ACTv3 / Windows 7 and TTS not working
  195. Error Message
  196. No Graphing from ACT but logs seem in order
  197. ACT v3 + Rift Plugin + Export EQ2 HTML
  198. Sound output?
  199. ACT merging all encounters in the zone
  200. ACT3 parsing error?
  201. actHtml.js
  202. ThreatSTR
  203. No graph - act 3.0.0 and rift plugin (rift3.cs)
  204. ACT v3: Zonewide durations are off
  205. ACT v3: Main Table/Encounters ordering issue
  206. ACT v3 will not work
  207. Actv3 not displaying properly (RIFT)
  208. Export XML crashes ACT 3.0
  209. Crashes a couple times a day
  210. ACT / Win 7 64Bit
  211. Just wont work
  212. Rift ACT Parser window
  213. ACT3 Custom Trigger and TTS warning
  214. ACT v3 - G19 + G13
  215. v3 Text export settings problems
  216. Act V3 and in game lag
  217. Import window stays on top
  218. ACT V3 HTML Export
  219. (EQ2) Not getting a graph in Damage Type view
  220. Act SQL exporting
  221. ACTv3 Text Presets
  222. Act Will Not Start
  223. ACT V3 errors
  224. Error
  225. Ver 3 upgrade - sound issue
  226. ACTv3 + Rift Plugin
  227. (Aion) ACT dont show anything over 1000 dmg
  228. (RIFTv3) Spelltimer triggers for others?
  229. AVC + Rift + Spell Timer = Problem
  230. ACTv3 and plugins auto-update
  231. ACTv3 Table Settings won't save
  232. Import Zone from HDB Yields Stange Numbers
  233. ACT3 and Mini Parser
  234. ACT, .NET problem
  235. Act V2.10.4.224 + Act V3 Web Server
  236. frenzy
  237. Spell timers not refreshing properly (for RIFT)
  238. Act ignoring time on Import log file
  239. Possible to paste dps and heal parse in Rift?
  240. TTS all distorted
  241. ACT freezing recently
  242. ACT (eq2) not including multiattacks
  243. ACT - Rift problem
  244. Mini Parser Bugged?
  245. Killing my Framerates
  246. Spell Timer Options window too big?
  247. manaburn and show off
  248. ACT won't start
  249. Tearing out my hair
  250. trigger tts bug?