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  1. Level 87 Pvp Gear?
  2. Blue adorn procs - How do they work?
  3. they need a new map
  4. PVP Gear with reduced stats in PvE
  5. Veelon vs Gankshott
  6. WTF to all the knock backs.
  7. Charlie Sheen Winning macros
  8. Why I speed hack in Ganak
  9. Lemme see the appearance of the new level 95 crafted gear.
  10. FYI about BGs Gear lvl 95
  11. 30-89 mechanics and gear.
  14. How?
  15. How are you guys loving the grind?
  16. BG pet peeves
  17. Retarded Caster PvP.
  18. Lvl 92 BG Gear
  19. Battleground Token Rewarding (Discussion.)
  20. New PvP Gear on Test
  21. Beastlord nerf
  22. Dream Arena.
  23. more BG game types? other questions too
  24. Best In Class For T4 BGs
  25. bgs
  26. Battleground: Best in Class (epenis stoke)
  27. New Battleground gear?
  28. not reviving in BG's
  29. Its Dead, Jim.
  30. Question about crit bonus
  31. battlegrounds down more than up
  32. Assassin question on BG adorns
  33. PVP Crit Mit VS Toughness VS DPS
  34. It's not all Sony's fault that it's all dying.
  35. Calling 39/160's to T6 plz!!
  36. bg's been down for a good min
  37. Crit Chance
  38. Spell Double Attack VS Potency
  39. T4 after GU61
  40. Dungeon Builder Tool - Let Us Create BG Maps With It
  41. 90's in T4 BGS
  42. Am I a dick......
  43. trying to catch up
  45. need more
  46. Straight to Character Select
  47. Tundra Instance
  48. PVP Crit mit max?
  49. How has SOE fucked up your BG match?...Do tell!
  50. Do PVP servers have the upper hand now?
  51. Tundra
  52. Losing gear after being zoned out of BGs
  53. Problem...
  54. Frozen Tundra: shit or a polished turd?
  55. Predictions for Children of War GU 60
  56. LF: T4 BG SK Spec Suggestions
  57. New BG armor on test (GU60) (screenshots)
  58. Guardian Hold the Line
  59. BG pvp or pve gear?
  60. Remove Heal crits in PVP for GU60.
  61. Best BG tank in T4
  62. 1-9 level Battlegrounds please.
  63. T4 Defiler Parse
  64. Has autoattack become too powerful in pvp?
  65. How do paladins do so much damage? LOL
  66. Hardest/Least populated for BG's T4.
  67. DoV BG'S!
  68. KING OF THE HILL! (BG idea)
  69. NEW BG ARMOR... where is it?
  70. cant get into any BG except the single group one.
  71. BG Exploit?
  72. GMs fucking with groups?
  73. When does new pvp gear come out??
  74. Speed hacking
  75. Strongest Class for T4 BG
  76. Toughness needs fixed this Expac...
  77. BG in Everquest vs. BG in WoW
  78. Love Gazebos in Battlegrounds!!!! MAKE LOVE NOT WAR
  79. Same old song
  80. Is 90 to late to start BG?
  81. New BG Tokens, Hope they are 90 only!
  82. New BG armor gear, Black and Gold?
  83. I Just Want To Say
  84. I Just Want To Say
  85. afk issue
  86. BG Ideas: Same Level, Same Class. 1v1
  87. challengers or not?
  88. Who knos what PvP gear will be released with Xpac?
  89. Any BG Guilds?
  90. BG Advice
  92. I'm sorry, but this is fucking retarded. (PVP Mage)
  93. BUG message
  94. 80-89 Scary People
  95. 30-39 BG Screenshots
  97. Bug
  98. Warden: Easymode BG healer...
  99. The red team was torn to pieces!
  100. my bg screenshot!
  101. BG PUG Frustration #1
  102. 2 Necromancers, 2 Warlocks, a Fury, a Defiler, a Troubador = Melt the other team and instantly win:)
  103. How the hell?
  104. Fun Fact. Post-GU59
  105. BG Map Ideas
  106. Is Drums bugged?
  107. they do something to tanks?
  108. Best BG Group set up.
  109. New BGS Armor
  110. lol atleast bg gives decent aa
  111. BG whats the point
  112. Battlegrounds Arena Suggestions
  113. Novice of Discord Set
  114. t4 populated?
  115. BG's jewelry: Novice of Discord 0/5
  116. Upsetting community isn't more vocal.
  117. Best BG ever
  118. Test Server BG armour merchant changes
  119. Crashing after BG
  120. Grats to players who build toons for BG..others well...
  121. BG gear, any1 got a site that lists?
  122. Insane mitigation, or what?
  123. Ninja Nerf to BG exp?
  124. Best of the Best Fina
  125. Consolidated Tokens on Test
  126. Anyone play 39 Fury in BGs? Looking for help pls
  127. Ancient Invigoration of War
  128. BG Autokick
  129. 30-39 Gears Healing over-all?
  130. What's the highest parse you've seen?
  131. Best of BG's for the rest of the tiers?
  132. Fan Faire BG Tourney
  133. EQ2x servers...will they have battlegrounds access?
  134. t5 BG weapons?
  135. WTB BGS Leaderboard, pst
  136. Most popular tier
  137. Battlefield of Ganak...
  138. GU 57 - Major BG Updates!
  139. Help on Battlegrounds
  140. 90's BG's. Best in class recognitions.
  141. Player crafted pvp armor?
  142. how are brigs doing t9 wise
  143. BG tokens a new one for soe
  144. New BGs?
  145. How long is the AFK timer?
  146. Couple Newb Questions
  147. Running Speed in BG's
  148. Confessions of a PvE'r in BGs
  149. Tanking for Beginers in PvP/BG
  150. OP class in 80-89 BG ?
  151. Smugglers Den Map Issu
  152. Booorrrrriiiingggg
  153. Do these BG gear effect stack?
  154. Things that make you rage hardcore, and what you'd do to fix them.
  155. Ehh?
  156. Spell damage in BGs
  157. EQ2 Crash to desktop
  158. Noob question: keybindings?
  159. Which Lowbie tier is most populated?
  160. BG/PvP mechanics ?
  161. Next GU, No new armor, but...
  162. Queing solo or group
  163. Your Preferred PVP Healer
  164. battlegrounds raid management question
  165. Endgame is really competitive, but in the lower BGs the bluebies are terrible huh?
  166. Relic dropping bug in Gears
  167. Who in bg's
  168. Returning Player: BG gear question
  169. So, the GMs wanted me to post this...
  170. What tier are YOU queueing for since the change?
  171. 50-59 Battlegrounds
  172. New Armor set?
  173. Battlegrounds Armor changes....
  174. Wow @ pvp servers advantage in lowbie tiers atm
  175. Question about AA's and GU 56
  176. Klak Raids!
  177. Lowbie BG Screenshots
  178. Tuesday comming FAST! which is best!?!
  179. Full Raid Fridays.
  180. Returning Player
  181. BG vent
  182. Steadfast - bugged?
  183. Who first in BG
  184. Server Vs Server
  185. BG Timer
  186. New BG gear?
  187. Any word on new maps?
  188. Crashing to Character select
  189. 1 on 1 Bg's
  190. BG Tokens Required...
  191. least favorite Battlegrounds game mode?
  192. repurchase all our BG gear?
  193. BG/PVP/Instance Group Set Up?
  194. Standard Teir Battleground??? (Poll)
  195. Does anybody play healers in bgs??
  196. ~Roll a lowbie on Nagafen and be a part of the t5 Legend
  197. Everyone /test copy your lowbies
  198. Battlegrounds Opened to Lower Teirs
  199. What can be done about the unstoppable force?
  200. It would appear as though my warlock has been nerfed to oblivion.
  201. warlocks and wizards ownd?
  202. Are there any comprehensive gear links?
  203. Cog hacking in gears???
  204. Idea's to get rid of afkers...
  205. Blacklisted of Battlegrounds v3.1
  206. Blacklisted of Battlegrounds v3.0
  207. Update Notes 4/7/10
  208. Changing the Ruleset
  209. Going from oop to full mana while in combat
  210. Return of the Banshe Hoop???
  211. Min toughness level?
  212. Smugglers needs a vote raid leader
  213. More lameness...
  214. Highest relic damage?
  215. Bruiser or Ranger for BG's?
  216. Battleground Makros
  217. Retarded Smuggler's Raid.
  218. Ode to Battlegrounds
  219. How to lose Smugglers in one easy step
  220. SOE Mishandled BG Exploit?
  221. Suggestion for improvement???
  222. Battle Ground bug, has this happened to you?
  224. Battlegrounds & setups and crap
  225. [High-tier] BG screenshots!
  226. Clicky cures and battlegrounds
  227. From the Worst to the Best
  228. ☢ The Official Tuor-Complaint Thread ☢
  229. Befallen bots?
  230. Healers and BGs
  231. Who's got the most BG kills?
  232. TSO Sets
  233. How Can You Kick AFK Players from your Group?
  234. Brigs in BG?
  235. Any BG Videos?
  236. Battlegrounds Quests
  237. OWNED ENTIRE Vox Premade in Ganaks!
  238. Battlegrounds Stop Giving EXP
  239. Who got the bans?
  240. Cite with screen shots of available BG armor?
  241. Cross server BG channel for UK!
  242. my toon has been stuck in BG for hours
  243. Wiz/Troub or Ranger/DIrge for Lagafan?
  244. Profit UI quik keys and cures
  245. Naggy healers lose their crutch
  246. With BG now any reason to play on PvP Server?
  247. PROTIP: Don't fucking exploit in BGs they will find you.
  248. anyone know
  249. Who got owned?
  250. Which of these Classes for BGs?