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  1. Eq2 ?
  2. new mc fable/legendary gear
  4. free to play?
  5. Miss me?
  6. eq2 mechanics and abilties suck so bad
  7. German Comedies
  8. Haven't played in a few years was thinking of coming back
  9. Devilsreich and Tehrror
  10. Tehrror/Ayuk/Latomir/Oboo,who the fuck is he ?
  11. anyone play this game yet?
  12. @Devil
  13. Acolos or anyone in the know...
  14. SORA DOWN!!! Again..
  15. A request to raacs or dankshasta... I think?
  16. Why I don't PVP in the open world anymore
  17. Is Nagafen completely dead?
  18. Hows the pvp doing now any better
  19. My heros
  20. Has it really been six months?
  21. Reinkkaos
  22. 11 Year Old Hunter Kills an Albino Deer in Michigan
  23. Miss the game abit so Im looking for nostalgic Screenshots
  24. My opinion on this Ebola Virus
  25. im ohim I recently discovered my sexuality
  26. Hiddendragon here LF help.
  27. Anyone still playing?
  28. The State of Nagafen and Warfields.
  29. Currently stoned.. Dont troll serious topic
  30. Twonking Plonkers
  31. bugzy a hacker?
  32. Fp baddies
  33. I dont get it
  34. lol'd hard at Vishous trolling himself
  35. Great twitch, or greatest twitch?
  36. Great twitch, or greatest twitch?
  38. Fury > Channeler
  39. Gnarkill
  40. Eq2 has been down alll day
  41. Bosque is the biggest retard on this game
  42. what do you fucks play
  43. Bosque owned,let this be a good lesson
  44. A Message for Reinkaos.
  45. Tippysore-ass/Rawrlawd,Jersy Shore faggot ?
  46. Jett's picture
  47. The Tardiest of Tards
  48. My pal, Reinkaos
  49. I can never get away from the trendy fashion fucking world
  50. Youtube for the talentless
  51. i kissed 4 boys
  53. Pls sony.
  54. Bosque was not banned
  55. Reinkaos
  56. Dankshasta is a *******
  57. Tippy/Highly deny they didn't get owned by Onyx
  58. Tippy has a new SigPic!
  59. Lotuskiss with 8 alts in full dread
  60. A way to bring back some of the Nagafen drama....
  61. Fireburd calls me out and gets punked. Proceeds to rage. Hilarity ensues....
  62. Diablo 3
  63. The reason why out ozone layer is going
  64. so i played for literally 10 mins and this happened
  65. Xray
  66. Hercules
  67. Why can't I get enough?
  68. Mother Russia
  69. Call me crazy,call me picky....
  70. PVP EQ1
  71. Moving Naggy to ESO
  72. Rust
  73. Population on Naggy?
  74. There are two types are players we can't stand o eq2
  75. Take from the words of Bosque...."having pride in your culture,and race is a sickness
  76. Name that tune
  77. I heard Bosque got owned
  78. Dugat / nexus exploiting right clicky still in wfs and bgs
  79. ESO beta weekend
  80. Looking for old friends
  81. It's so funny....anniversary
  82. What is missing???
  83. Who hacked my EQ2flames account?
  84. Why are people accusing me of hacking?
  85. yakiz invites to gh duel cus he has zero pvp gear and gets owned and runs in his GH
  86. <Unforsaken> of Nagafen...T4 pvp
  87. Unforsaken on Nagafen recruiting for T4 pvp.
  88. Did Onyx vent finally died?
  89. comma
  90. Bless, and Black Desert
  91. Rare eq2 site
  92. Cavel Vs Parody - EQ2 PvP Video
  93. I miss the old days of EQ2, and all you noobs I played with.
  94. Help
  95. how was your xmas
  96. please support this thread
  97. Proof Bosq is a coward title farming pusy
  98. i have this and you don't
  99. Who's still around that I know?
  100. Login servers down?
  101. Sinsle Myers
  102. fuck onyx
  103. Lf guild
  104. 5 minutes of combat against 1 person with broke procs.
  105. First eq2 music video
  106. Haven't played in a while, but miss Nagafen
  108. The OFFICIAL "Bosque sucks rhinoceros ass" thread....
  110. Displaced (Exile) Owned 1v1
  111. MMLP2 Leaked
  112. Recoil Recruiting
  113. Screendraggers of Nagafen
  114. ajjantis and anyone who agrees that pve procs belong in pvp are fucking retards.
  115. PVP and Nagafen
  116. How to be a fag 101
  117. heroic characters
  118. New pvp gear
  119. This is the future i've been working on for the last few months
  120. veeshan (new expac) pvp and nagfn
  121. time progression server: feels time
  122. Look What You Made Your Freeps Endure
  123. Everquest 2 needs your help!
  124. Insurrection Recruiting
  125. Nagafen What is your favorite key on the keyboard?
  126. why is bosque throwing a fit in 1-9
  127. Mr. Machoman is it True?
  128. why do faggot scrubs talk shit?
  129. hey nagafen players quit xering to AB i swear
  130. Eq2 PvP - Countdown to Extinction
  131. Sora asked me to
  133. Proof that Relentlez is a giant faggot
  134. Proof that Vishous is Milerki
  135. Rip EQ2
  136. [VIDEO] No Free Tokens This Weekend!
  137. [VIDEO] Nexus Group - PvP Domination
  138. Bosque logic
  139. [Video] Vaco vs Hazze
  140. Anyone want to revisit the old days?
  141. throwing you nerds a bone
  142. Exur - PvP Illusionist
  143. Pokemon MMO
  144. New best Streamer NA- Rawbinurhood
  145. Dont beat around the bush, kushy fucking GM's
  146. Transfering / Leveling on Naggy worth it ?
  147. Back at it.
  148. Vishous will love this
  149. Hello Everyone This is Consequence/chapin
  150. EQ Next looks pretty damn good
  151. Warlocks need nerfing at t4
  152. Rip Displaced T4
  153. wow defile suck more at t4:)
  155. Vishous alt farming (screenshots)
  156. Your favorite zone music?
  157. This when hit someone force him/her in combat was the worse idea
  158. PvP
  159. Discuss
  160. Well.... it was fun.
  161. any gamers following this story?
  163. 39 WITH 320 AA IS COMING
  164. Howdy folks
  165. Acoloss
  166. For all the bitches who think i'm a hacker
  167. Omnik of Nexus guild + PVP = Exploit?
  168. Fuck rainbow icecream,fuck ingrates
  169. Any group PvP at Nagafen?
  170. Synergy Recruit Thread
  171. On behalf of...
  172. World PvP in Rift?
  173. One Last Hoorah!
  174. Anyone try this game yet?
  175. Evka Came to Dominate the Server!
  176. Seximo
  177. Theres no god damn way.
  178. WTF is this world coming to
  179. PvP Tribute to Onyx, Kings and Queens of the Nagafen PvP Server
  181. Circle of Heroes is not recruiting!
  182. Ok I get it
  183. Leapers in PVP
  184. Thinking of transferring a toon to Naggy
  185. A new segment for these forums
  186. Voice thy opinion...
  187. lol is this Jakanator?
  188. Hap-Hap-Happy Double XP Weekend from <Tony Danza>!! eeeehhhhhhhhhhhh
  189. How's the PvP now?
  190. poor Vishous
  191. reinkaos
  192. Dayum
  193. Best Insults Ever Spoken
  194. Secret Message...
  195. Proof that Azamatt is gay
  196. The One and Only Official Tony Danza Recruitment Thread
  197. To restore integrity and build a new empire
  198. The summary of Nagafen Threads
  199. Heros of War left their guild hall with a new name.
  200. Ecno takes a Dirt Nap 14..
  201. He didn't want to be touched :(
  202. Who's the Boss????
  203. Goold old blossomless
  204. Big brother is watching
  205. Milambers
  206. Broan is zionist scum
  207. I don't know what's sadder....
  208. Cleveland/Ohio sucks!
  209. midlife you fucking darkskinned prom ******
  210. Arma 3 who's in?
  211. Best thing on the internet
  212. Tavern
  213. Comma talks so much shit
  214. Broan talks so much shit
  215. Nagafen PvP 6 v 6s This past weekend, Freeport PUG
  216. Broan/Verismo... The "No point you out gear me excuse"
  217. a tribute to Vaco
  218. Reinkaos's new implant
  219. So Broan.....Verismo
  220. Which of these choices is most likely true of Riencow?
  221. Warning Scammer back at it (GUILD LEADERS PLEASE READ)
  222. Is it true that raacs
  223. Finks/Phineus we need you.
  224. PVP video
  225. Rangers
  226. Double Bard - 21 Minute <PvP Video>
  227. Bosque won apparently....
  228. Purity, Onyx, and Joe Pesci
  229. To Predacane -- we don't wipe groups because of VC
  230. Sonne Solo PvP Video!
  231. Purity PvP Auch.
  232. Laser Beam Attack Manatee
  233. My story of Nagafen from 2006-2013
  234. Purity Pvps ?
  235. Who is the Best PVPer to ever step foot on Nagafen?
  236. Hmmmm
  237. Worth playing again?
  238. <Video> Short Dirge Demo
  239. A thread dedicated to Broan having ADD....
  240. Dirges love soon ?
  241. Tinkering Items are OP or don't always work (VIDEO included)
  242. Calbyium Ragehowler Guild Hall designers Looking for Work PST Ragehowler
  243. About Clan Defile
  244. The Illy is an amazing class......but it can be frustrating sometimes
  245. Sweezy Fabreezy
  246. Why do pricks talk shit in /shout?
  247. We've moved on to Battlefield3, with little bits of Dayz
  248. Update notes.
  249. Vishous takes a Dirt Nap
  250. t5 Progression Raid Guild