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  1. fuck it
  2. Rum Cellar BLUE shinies
  3. what item looks most like a dick?
  4. Question on Shoulders from 3rd named in Pools from quest reward.
  5. Bristlebane Mount (Maw)
  6. Yellow Adornments for Primary/Secondary/Ranged Level 80
  7. Class helms
  8. Item Drop Rates
  9. enraged skull necklack
  10. A string of shimmering, swirling pearls
  11. Headless Horseman Loot
  12. Arrows for Mages
  13. Abyssal Cognizance can not be used by a Templar anymore?
  14. Tears of Veeshan - Legendary Mastercrafted Gear
  15. Looking for a 1-handed staff or wand similar in appearance
  16. WTB gleaming emerald arrow x1 for plat PST
  17. Butcherblock baby dragons
  18. Best gear for free to play?
  19. Fabled Clefts collection rewards?
  20. scout ethereals
  21. making stuff for player studio eq2 marketplace seeking requests
  22. III will buff
  23. Lost my signet of ethernauts
  24. Itemization 201
  25. Colbalt Scar Ethereal Neck Rewards (Collection Reward) 20130512
  26. Calibrated Manastones
  27. Scrolls of the Mortal champion quest rewards as ethereal rings!!
  28. Increased proc chance...
  29. Loot page
  30. Unadorners
  31. Dreadcutter scout neck
  32. Overclocked Manastones
  33. Red/Yellow Adornments and Effect Procs
  34. CoE War Runes List?
  35. Ethereal Collection Reward
  36. Where it comes from: Vine Covered Bastard Sword
  37. Where is this Myth neck from?
  38. illusion form
  39. How do you get obol?
  40. LVL 92 Astral Adorns & PoW Gear - Incoming
  41. Which CoE heroics drop forearm/helm?
  42. Mercenary Kilphin
  43. New adornments
  44. Obol Currency
  45. Steward's Cape of Eternity
  46. Spirit adorns broken?
  47. Green Adorns
  48. Avatar Loot
  49. gloves
  50. What is the 2nd Item for this set?
  51. Apperence Sword to go With...
  52. priest power proc items list
  53. in game healer merc from soe live event
  54. Mythical Cloak Tiers
  55. Fiery Halos
  56. Need to know (:
  57. Fire Seeds
  58. Oldschool Detonation Gear
  59. Where the fuck are all the earrings.
  60. Red slot gone
  61. Ethereal Weapons (and guesses as to where to find them)
  62. Add Riposte Chance to all the fucking chestplates :P
  63. Log in and stats aren't the same?
  64. Ethereal Weapons going live soon:
  65. Are there any weapons with appearances similar to the Warden Epic (Bite of the Wolf)?
  66. Seeking Sword Appearance
  67. Apprentice Totems and Essences share timer?
  68. Icy Dig Rygia Robe
  69. mitigation vs flurry loot
  70. Gear Progression
  71. Red appearance
  72. 6sec Scout weapon.
  73. PoW- Writ of Destruction
  74. Skyshrine collection items
  75. Claws of Veeshan Faction Items for Mages (vs. Priests)
  76. Make scout only jewelery....
  77. New elite merc.
  78. newER mythicals!
  79. One hand weapon that crosses back
  80. Iilsaad's Control Rod
  81. Adornment Web Site
  82. Selling Loot Rights ended?
  83. Growth/shrink items
  84. Drake Mount?
  85. new reactant recipes for GU63 - looking for info
  86. Jagged Runes
  87. Star Darkened Longbow
  88. DOV2 Items
  89. Odus Raven Robe / Hood
  90. Reactant Mage Charm AoE range
  91. Skull hood
  92. Dark Appearance
  93. Best Non-Raid Armor
  94. How do I look up an item?
  95. Regenerating Ward Procs
  96. 1 copper vendor items
  97. WTB...
  98. Silius, You're a Lovely, Wonderful Man
  99. What to put with greenmist
  100. Lucanic Cloaks
  101. Fly away now
  102. Weapon appearance help
  103. Epic weapons revamp?
  104. My kingdom for a white hood..
  105. In-combat power regen
  106. Reactants
  107. Guild hall item that looks like a little girl?
  108. stone sking item list
  109. 8 Year Veteran Rewards
  110. A badass looking secondary item for casters?
  111. Is attack speed budget on lvl 90 items bugged?
  112. Time vs Effort vs Gear
  113. Katana for monk
  114. Appearance Shoulders like Lucanic Knights
  115. Brawler's mythical from Sullon
  116. Ambigious explanation
  117. If one isn't doing Drunder... is there any benefit from crit mit at all?
  118. Robe of the Black Wind
  119. Need help with current Appearance idea.
  120. Soulripper Bow
  121. Question about appearance items.
  122. HM EOW bracer issues after patch...
  123. are there any items that proc a positional detaunt?
  124. Headless Horseman Loot Removed.
  125. Appearence Gear
  126. Blood of the Brood
  127. Hymn of Devastation
  128. Rancorous Ire Proc
  129. Taking itemization to the next level
  130. Idea: Random Item Stats
  131. Flawless Gems: Anyone Still Used Them?
  132. Plane of War gear
  133. Mage/Priest range weapons list
  134. New Items
  135. Anyone missing gear?
  136. Good work Sony!
  137. stonewill
  138. Oh... Fuck you Silius...
  139. Not that anyone cares about the old shit.
  140. Complete Unadorn/Unattune at GU61
  141. ToRZ BP nerf - rumor or truth?
  142. Itemization
  143. Fabled Fighter shields on Test.
  144. Quivers with 50% Critical Mitigation.. ?
  145. ZAM Updated
  146. New Mythicals
  147. Drundar Collections: anyone complete them?
  148. Gear from Sullon, Tallon raid zone?
  149. shared bank
  150. Axe of Battery (From Vigilant 3)
  151. Any good powerlvling gear for warlocks?
  152. Planar Unbinding: New Adorn idea?
  153. WTB: Fanatical Bow of Bloodsplattering
  154. Create our own loot!
  155. Change to White adornment.
  156. Adornment System
  157. Do some war rune procs stack?
  158. Dunder legendary things to craft
  159. Armor collecting
  160. Is there a new mutagentic burst like proc on any lvl 90 gear?
  161. War Rune: Anarchy
  162. Since I don't have the balls to post this on the real Forums...
  163. Kael armour shards
  164. SC Flying Mount Question.
  165. Easy Mode pieces: duplicate focus?
  166. WTB Yael Weapon
  167. Design an item.
  168. Anyone have pics of the new drundar armor?
  169. When was gear best?
  170. Fulginate Statless Armor can now be Adorned!
  171. Storm Essence
  172. Idea: Creating our own gear
  173. SELLING SILICATE LOAMS! 1p50g ea!@!
  174. How to make PVP work for PVE Gear.
  175. Useful upgrade sites?
  176. PVP/PVE Gear Stat Seperation GU 60
  177. Power Proc Mage Jewelry - DoV
  178. lvl 50 guardian gear questions
  179. Can you transfer Discord Armor to a PVE Server?
  180. Dreadnaught Armor PVP-PVE.
  181. Elemental Detonation No Longer crits..
  182. Yellow/White Adornment Proc Mechanics
  183. Anyone See the New Raid Dropped Necklaces?
  184. Priest Gear Drop Rate
  185. T9 scout chest piece
  186. Guk instance fighter weapon is better than the PQ 2-hander
  187. SF T2-3 or DoV legendary
  188. Taaltak new loot
  189. white adornments
  190. Question about Mana Sprinkles adornment
  191. Procs working correctly?
  192. Eh... the Mana Sprinkles Rune does not crit....
  193. Yellow Adorn proc rates
  194. Templar/Priest appearance weapons
  195. Any Cloaks that match this Woe Set?
  196. Where the hell
  197. Wheres the crit/DA?!
  198. Chapel - (not even a fellow rifter)
  199. Great Job $OE.... (to the PQ crit mit nerf.)
  200. The City of Thurgadin faction, how do I get it?
  201. New Weapons from PQ?
  202. Best scout weapons...
  203. Zam DOV items partially up
  204. Keal Drakkel
  205. Claymore of the Tundra Walker, where does it drop?
  206. Beauty's Only Skin Deep
  207. Yellow Adornment List:
  208. Signature quest bugged?
  209. Wall of the Southern Lord? What quest?
  210. Deepwater Armor
  211. Nice looking white cloaks
  212. Server (or world) Disco Loot, First Piece of gear that seems worth a damn sofar I've seen...
  213. War Runes
  214. Priest weapon with black particle effect
  215. Armour Tiers in SF
  216. Loot from Named mobs
  217. Raid placeable flags
  218. Mutagenic Burst. Chaos Burst. Frostburn. Detonation.
  219. Leveling speed vs gear acquired
  220. Proof of Conspiricy.
  221. Set red-steel appearance
  222. appearance weapons that makes it look like like i dont have a weapon
  223. temp buff items for guild halls
  224. Appearence gear change?
  225. Leather headgear that looks like this?
  226. lower level gear for a Mage?
  227. BG barrier item doesn't proc in PvE?
  228. Critical Mitigation Cap?
  229. Wolf Head Helm
  230. Frostfell scout token armor
  231. solo procs
  232. Sweet Berry overwrote LoN XP Pot
  233. 6.0sec off hand weapon
  234. Greater Spell Double Attack Adorn from Guk4
  235. Epic After betraying
  236. ZUA red adorns
  237. Fake Items
  238. More Heritage Crates
  239. Best way to get good mount @ L35-40?
  240. No Shared Bank? - STUPID
  241. decent lvl 90 zerker 2H
  242. Looking for T3 gear
  243. Need a robe that looks like this for berserkers, gogo !
  244. Contested Hole: New Items Added!
  245. Items you hate
  246. old zones / rare spawn mobs new items
  247. New Zone
  248. New Mark of Manaar Armor
  249. New two handers from test server.
  250. Seven year vet reward