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  1. Freeport Server
  2. Fraudulent Station Cash
  3. I don't get it..
  4. China used prisoners in lucrative internet gaming work
  5. Nasha of Antonia Bayle
  6. the little theif of crushbone
  7. professional game ruiners.
  8. edeca and brandaid chinese plat farmers of nektulous.
  9. Thadias Of Crushbone of Carpe Diem
  10. Openopen - plat farmer moron of Guk
  11. Halgrif - price jacker of Crushbone
  12. Vermil - Celtic Legends
  13. Udepu the retarded Wizard - AB
  14. Price escalation of harvested rares attracting Chinese plat pharmers
  15. Harvesting bot, Plat farmer, or Sociopath?
  16. My friend Leomestar
  17. i couldnt decide
  18. one man's GUILD 25 ppl!!
  19. How do you spot a PlaT farmer or so?
  20. Revealed sapiid plat farmer methriln?
  21. Benihanna - plat farmer
  22. A New Group of farmers on Befallen
  23. Everfrost Farmers...
  24. so is it just me, or are farmers almost completely gone from this game?
  25. Seems like a fun guild!
  26. Skikeexi and sidekick on Splitpaw
  27. LeonPozer
  28. Krooseef, adelawarren, & agoduc Nektulos
  29. GM Vensid rocks!
  30. named farmer Zbalzer!!
  31. Ritualblood (24/7)409 days 13 hours 52 minutes
  32. accused
  33. Laaf , Bodhistiva are DOWN,good!!
  34. Pleas don't petition Laaf , Bodhistiva and Tabri
  35. Monks,Chinese speed hackers
  36. Auto Crafter!!
  37. New wiz+warden duo farmers.Uchiujow + Gaakiif
  38. Sraguhe - AB - Image Heavy
  39. Laaf, Bodhistiva, Benihanna ,Tabia more!!!
  40. Previously known guild on guk as oops now lineage is...
  41. Starting to get tells again on guk
  42. Benihanna ,Tabia
  43. Played 4 days Warlock (51)
  44. Lugada - Kithicor
  45. Speaking in tongues?
  46. Before I call this person a farmer...
  47. Chinese Bruiser/ Monk named farmers!!
  48. Antonia Bayle - LITHRIL - Avalorien
  49. Why Do You Care????
  50. farmers on bazzar!
  51. Status Hax
  52. need some input on this one before petitioning
  53. Butcherblock server
  54. One Shot, One Kill
  55. What Makes a Farmer?
  56. Finally, a response from a gold spammer
  57. Farmers are coming back ,lol
  58. Who wants to hear a good joke!
  59. SOE endorses RMT?
  60. OMG Cure for Farmers, and fun to boot!
  61. Banned and suspended toons should remove broker postings
  62. Farmers, Botters, Realm Money Traders Oh My!
  63. Subtle naming of toons
  64. Wow...Some of them play the game?!
  65. Spot the farmer
  66. Farmer's funny names
  67. Good luck to our farmer friends
  68. me and more friends look for more friend guild
  69. Getting Past the Spam Filters
  70. What kind of farmers are they?
  71. A couple Smed interviews.
  72. Jarsath Waste Ghost hack?
  73. Spam tells in game question:
  74. New breed of farmer - KC speedhackers
  75. harvest/afk craft bots
  76. Spamming fuckers. A possible solution?
  77. Please retaliate against this gold spammer
  78. how i deal with spammers
  79. is there no end?
  80. how to get them banned?
  81. What the heck does this mean? :P
  82. My Farmer Story
  83. baby farmer
  84. Does buying/selling plat really affect you?
  85. Farm team on Kith.
  86. Farmer-friendly guilds?
  87. WTF is this shit
  88. "Please make a new chat channel and..."
  89. Smart Platsellers!
  90. New Angle?
  91. Buying gold supports child abusers
  92. What a great RMT loophole!
  93. Crushbone 1 PlatFarmer 0
  94. Nek Plat sellers guild
  95. More spotted on unrest.
  96. Platfarmers: Does it really matter?
  97. Is there a bot for broker manipulation?
  98. Is this a bot program at work or an honest mistake?
  99. Elania..ooo arrrrr, where's me Tractor?
  100. Do people really get banned for buying gold?
  101. Me 1 - Platfarmer 0
  102. New Services Offered??
  103. Guk - Emefiug/Amiwka/Behissa
  104. Video of a Farmer
  105. New Farming Spot?
  106. The bot that thought it could duel...
  107. Rofl, Plat farmers using the duelbet technique..
  108. Who buys from plat farmers?
  109. Plat farmer extra notes and obversations. (Includes killing.)
  110. Poor Poor Plat Farmer Whil
  111. the trick to farming
  112. They can talk! I guess..
  113. Xiaozhu and The Quest for the Bananas
  114. Instant Delivery in 30 minutes!
  115. How do farmers get paid?
  116. LON RMT
  117. Necros > Sorcerors
  118. Identify what this is
  119. Plat Spammer Tactics
  120. when you try to sell your char...
  121. Held him up but couldn't rip him off.
  122. In before the hzjzlove thread
  123. Guide to Getting Farmers Banned
  124. So the Bot pwned your whole group outta a master?
  125. TTH's Gold Seller Hall of Shame
  126. Working W/ A Plat Farmer
  127. Plat seller shows some Sympathy?
  128. New Filter doesnt work to well..
  129. Niber, can you block all .CN traffic to this site?
  130. Home About Is Raiding Where the Money is?
  131. Newest moron on Befallen!!!
  132. Farmers/Botter joining Pickup Raids
  133. The Death of <Green Light> - Image heavy!
  134. When they ban gold-farmers from spamming....
  135. Macro for Farmers
  136. Fun bot activity if you get desperatly bored
  137. Talking to the spammers
  138. Plat Farmers Have Arrived On Test Server
  139. Kill em all!!! (Video)
  140. Plat Sellers and the People that work for them
  141. Victory against Plat Sellers (HappyGM.com) *Image heavy*
  142. As this been done before?
  143. Benefits of Nagafen
  144. "Poor bastard aint gonna eat for a week now"
  145. Thats new.
  146. Call to action - hit eq2 shop where it hurts!
  147. A Field Guide to Plat Farmers (updated for EoF!)
  148. New Guk farmers
  149. Not all plat farmers do it for da money!
  150. farmers
  151. Kithicors newest Uber Guardian
  152. Comorto, my new "frend"
  153. How does this work still
  154. Chinese Gold Farmers
  155. Just a lil fun!
  156. charm mob/fd train ftw
  157. Credit Standing Absolute!!
  158. Questions and statements about Hunting Plat Farmers
  159. /lock ...
  160. ccc! If farmers were smart . . .
  161. Exploit?
  162. EQ2flames forum user *sgaoa* needs a BAN!
  163. Very Productive Day
  164. one less ancient too buy =D. /duelbet ftw (screenshots + logs inside)
  165. Can anyone translate this?
  166. Spot the bots
  167. Undercover operations on Splitpaw
  168. Kithicors lastest botters
  169. Changes to Buddy Key Accounts
  170. What a crazy dream.
  171. Easy way to kill botters/idiot platfarmers(and pics!)
  172. EQ2 should do gold spammers like Vanguard
  173. One less plat farmer in the world?
  174. Sales[at]Trade4Game.com 1-713-893-5178
  175. bot guild names
  176. Honour Militia on LDL
  177. eq2players wields some results =))
  178. Currupted by Illuminator
  179. Busted and abused
  180. Ok, so I found a botting plat farmer...what do I do now?
  181. What Chinese Plat Farmers Do During Server Downtime
  182. Haunted Vaults - New master farm zone
  183. Botter v/s Young Dragon
  184. Far East accounts created too cheaply?
  185. UGH! :(
  186. Owned by game mechanics
  187. Caught in the act: automated spell spam macros
  188. Gold Farmers
  189. How a Gold Farm Works
  190. Offer to SoE: I'll deliver 100 plat sellers in 1 week
  192. Out damn bot!
  193. Bad Day to be a Bot.(img heavy, maybe)
  194. The Iyeman Method of Plat Farmer annoyance.
  195. Taiwan Earthquake Disrupts Virtual Currency Market
  196. That's how you do it.
  197. Stay off my site you plat selling maggot spammers
  198. Finally, Korean Government are to Illegalize RMT.
  199. I declare war on plat sellers
  200. Denial of Service to plat-selling websites
  201. Complain about farmers is lame ^_^
  202. Rant From an Angry Bot
  203. befallen bot BREAD.
  204. Bots in good guilds
  205. Fire in the hole
  206. Guildbank Thieves
  207. Bot guild on Butcherblock
  208. Botters are retarded anyway
  209. God, I'm glad I don't have to go through PoA anymore
  210. Farmers B Gone
  211. Intresting article
  212. Dueling the shitbags
  213. Teaching the farmers a lesson on Najena!
  214. Ibuk? From Nagafen.
  215. The Bonemire Named Pharming Racket
  216. Sigh, they have seeped into WoW...
  217. Where o where has Skyhero gone!?!