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  1. WTS EQ2 Loot Cards for AB Plat
  2. WANT: Badge of Thyr/Kromise
  3. WTS/WTT Badges of Thyr/Kromise, House Items, Mounts, Cloaks and More.
  4. WTS Lots of LoN Loot cards!
  5. (ab) WTS Legends of Norrath Cloak (shrink) and Event Passes
  6. WTB...Potion of Enlargement...
  7. (AB) Selling: Event Passes for Plat or Krono
  8. WTS Growth Cloak (Cloak of the Silver Guardian)
  9. WTS Noftu Mercenary
  10. WTT My 40 event passes for Badge of Kromise or Thyre
  11. Wings of Shadow
  12. WTS Some LoN Loots including Sun-Blazoned Pegasus
  13. WTB Badge of Thyr or Kromise ( Butcherblock server )
  14. WTB [Badge of Thyr] or [Bade of the Kromise]
  15. Buying LoN loots
  16. Selling LoN loot cards!
  17. Cloak of the Di'zok
  18. SC card for Loots
  19. legends of norrath cloak
  20. Wtb Badge of kromise or thyr on oasis
  21. WTB Loots
  22. Selling Painting: Lucan D'lere
  23. cloak of dark energy
  24. Helm of the Wyrmslayer
  25. WTS Stained Glass Cloak of the Dragon
  26. WTS Legends of Norrath Cloak
  27. Damage shields on LON illusions
  28. WTS Dimensional Pocket, Gorowyn License, Halas License, Legacy Choose Loot - GUK
  29. WTS Legend of Norrath Cloak
  30. WTB Draught of Vitality
  31. WTB Cloak of the Seafury / Cloak of the Silver Guardian
  32. WTB Gnom-O-Matic Equipment Unattuner
  33. Question about Mercs and possible Duo returning
  34. WTS large amount of cards
  35. WTS Sun-Blazoned Pegasus pst
  36. For Sale: Gnom-o-matic Equipment Unattuner
  37. wts or trade both new mounts for a sc card
  38. WTS Iron Rage + tradeskill vit potion
  39. WTS Legends of Norrath Cloak (Shrink) on Antonia Bayle!
  40. looking for renegades fist
  41. Cloak of the Silver Guardian enlarges 50%
  42. Gnom-o-matic Equipment Unattuner LON LOOT card for sell
  43. Looking to pick up cloak of the scale
  44. WTS Gnom-o-matic Item Unattuner (Perma) Plat
  45. WTB Spontaneous Combustion on Guk (Plat)
  46. WTS Gnom-o-matic unattuner lon card (full 3 charges) (AB)
  47. WTS Legend of Norrath Cloak
  48. WTB Cloak of Dark Energy (AB)
  49. LON cards can swop to any server?
  50. WTB: vision of fury, classless hats, any growth cloak
  51. WTB Vision of the Fury/Deep/Void for plat
  52. WTS Gnom-O-Matic Equipment Unattuner
  53. Vision of the Void / Dragonflame Scale / Tallonite Defender (illusion) / + more
  54. WTB Necromantic Construct on Everfrost for Plat
  55. WTS Vision of the Deep, Vision of the Fury, Wings of Deception + tons of rare loots
  56. WTB Loot Cards for Platz *Nagafen*
  57. WTB Loot Cards: Nagafen
  58. WTS Cloak of Seafury and Cobalt Armored Saliraptor
  59. WTB badge of thyr and LoN shrink cloak everfrost plat
  60. Lon cloak(shrink) for sale
  61. WTB LoN loots on Naggy for Plat
  62. WTB Unattuner - Oasis Plat
  63. WTB Tiara of Thorn Everfrost plat
  64. WTS LON boosters and bundles
  65. wtb cloak of dark energy
  66. 53 booster packs- what type would be best?
  67. Legends of Norrath cloak for sale.
  68. Wtb Cloak of Dark Energy for plats
  69. Play with me
  70. Unattuner
  71. WTB Painting Blooms of Renewal
  72. Sun-Blazoned Pegasus
  73. WTB: Box Of Utterly Classless Hats (Vox, Plat)
  74. WTB Vision of the Deep / AB.
  75. WTB Enlarging Cloak - Everfrost
  76. Who ever bought all the gnome-o-matic's
  77. WTB: Box of Utterly Classless Hats (Crushbone plat only avail)
  78. WTS Legends of Norrath Cloak - Kithicor
  79. WTB Gnomish Unattuner - Nagafen Plat
  80. WTB Unattuner - AB Plat
  81. Nagafen plat for loot cards!
  82. Selling many LON cards on Bazaar
  84. WTB Badge of the Kromise or Badge of Thyr for Plats on AB!
  85. Void Portal, Visions (all 3) Gnom-o-matic Equipment Unattuner, and a Grow cloak
  86. WTB Shrink Items ~ Crushbone.Acejin
  87. WTB: Shrink Badges or cloak - splitpaw
  88. WTS LoN Loot Cards (Unrest)
  89. Selling 19.8k Cards
  90. LoN Loot Cards (Unrest)
  91. WTS Cloak of Dark Energy (Unrest)
  92. WTS Legends of Norrath Cloak
  93. WTB Badge of Thyr + LoN Shrink Cloak
  94. WTB lon cloak on guk(shrink cloak)
  95. WTS LoN Loots
  96. WTS box of classless hats
  97. Qeynos / Freeport 5 Bedroom MAGE TOWER HOUSE For Sale! (Get this before the FReep/Qey revamp)
  98. Vision of the Deep, Vision of Fury and Vision of the Void all for sale
  99. WTS: Vision of the Deep (Unrest)
  100. WTB Cloak of Dark Energy
  101. Renegade Fist
  102. WTB Stein of the Alesmith or Stein of Recollection
  103. WTS: Legends Of Norrath Cloak.
  104. Trade Rates
  105. Growth increase items.
  106. WTB - Cloak of Dark Energy
  107. Check out your LoN cards
  108. What LON set has the fire eyes aooerance?
  109. LON Fucked up for me
  110. Selling 50% Growth (cloak of the seafury)
  111. Redeeming problems?
  112. Should Legends of Norrath players get anything?
  113. HP & DMG sheild illusions
  114. WTS / WTB / WTT LoN
  115. WTS loot cards via paypal
  116. WTT for Oathbreaker Bundle pack
  117. WTS 50% grow cloak 2x
  118. WTS EQ2 Loot Cards (AB)
  119. WTB / WTT Painting: Greaves of the Pious
  120. WTB Cloak of the Oathbreaker
  121. New Set Release ...
  122. WTS Cloak of the Seafury
  123. Mana Spirit Whisle and Bearded Frost Rhino
  124. Trading Wings of Deception + Spontaneous Combustion + Gorwynn House for a Growth Cloak
  125. WTB Gnom-O-Matic Unatunner (Guk)
  126. WTS Gnom-o-matic Unattuner (Unrest)
  127. WTS Legends Aquariums
  128. WTT Wings of deception
  129. Void Prowler for sale
  130. WTB Vision of the Deep
  131. WTB: Gnom-o-matic Unattuner pack
  132. WTB Wings of deception/shadows for nagafen plat
  133. Cloak of Disguise WTS
  134. WTB - Grasp of Anashti - Butcherblock
  135. new to LoN
  136. Wings of Deception look on Freeblood
  137. Selling Wings of Deception for 800pp on AB
  138. WTB Gnome-O-Matic Unattuner on Butcherblock
  139. Looking for.....
  140. Selling Gnom-o-matic Unattuner pack on AB
  141. Looking for Growth Cloak
  142. WTS Gnom-o-matic on AB
  143. Trading / Selling Vision of the Deep / Fury
  144. Trading / Selling - Both Wings, House, Wolf etc.
  145. Selling Wings of Deception for Plat on AB
  146. WTS Gnom-O-Matic (Un-attuner)
  147. WTB Gnom-O-Matic Unattuner on AB
  148. WTB-- [See Inside for List]
  149. Standard format: Card Sets?
  150. WTS Wings of Deception <Crushbone/Unrest>
  151. WTS Gorowyn Housting License
  152. WTB Grasp Of Anashti
  153. LON guide for loot cards
  154. WTB Gnomatic unattuner on crushbone
  155. WTS Gnom-O-Matic Unattuner on AB
  156. WTS or trade Wings of Deception for??
  157. New anarch scenario sucks
  158. WTT Wings of Deception for shrink cloak
  159. WTT Shimmering Fists loot card for shrink cloak
  160. Selling New Lon Mount Deadly Dire Wolf
  161. Wtb lon loot cards - Oasis
  163. Ca'Na illusion?
  164. WTB Bottled Breath & Bottled Intellect
  165. WTS - Gnom-o-Matic Equipment Unattuner - Unrest/Crushbone
  167. Looking to buy "Wings Of Deception" LoN Card! PST!
  168. {WTS} Gorowyn Housing License -= Guk =-
  169. New LON Mounts, Wings of Deception and Speak of Takha
  170. Unattune card
  171. Buying Loot Cards on Befallen
  172. Double loots?
  173. Wings of Deception *NEW LON SET* Some other new loots too
  174. WTB Growth item
  175. WTB Wings of Shadow lootcard on Runnyeye
  176. Collection rewards
  177. Selling 50% Growth Cloak, Blue Glowey Eyes and a Doom of the Ancients CHOOSE A LOOT CARD
  178. WTB items with plat/najena
  179. WTB wings of shadow for nagafen plat
  180. WTB Items with Plat - Nagafen
  181. Looking for Elevation of the Renda 'Dal
  182. WTB Potion of Enlargement - Nagafen
  183. WTB on AB
  184. WTS Doom of the Ancient Ones / Vengeful Gods Choose a Loot Cards
  185. WTT 5 Oathbound Packs for Badge of Thyre
  186. WTS my whole LON loot & play cards
  187. wtt 7x packs for Badge of the Kromise
  188. WTB Badge of Thyr
  189. WTB Cloak of Dark Energy (Crushbone)
  190. Draught of Brilliant
  191. Cloak of the silver guardian and Cloak of the seafury
  192. 73 Vengeful Gods Booster
  193. wtb Cloak of the silver guardian Kithicor server for in game plat
  194. WTB fiery or frost horse whistle
  195. Wtb any loot cards besides paintings/house items.
  196. Looking for Power of Darkness and Vision of the Void
  197. Wtb box of utterly classless hats ~ Kithicor
  198. WTB 50% growth cloak (Butcherblock)
  199. WTB Cloak of Dark Energy (Vox) Plat
  200. Wtb boosters.. loots.. with befallen plat!
  201. full expac card listing?
  202. WTS VG Boxes/65
  203. Selling all EQ2 loot cards
  204. 64 Vengeful Gods Booster Packs
  205. How to get rid of locked cards
  206. SELLING: Various Loots and 1 VG Box
  207. WTS Legends of Norrath Cloak (shrink)
  208. WTS Growth Cloak/Crystal Shards WTB Boxes
  209. WTB Lich Illusion (Plat) Everfrost
  210. WTS loots on kithicor
  211. WTB Vision of the Deep!
  212. WTB various LoN loot
  213. WTS Battlehardened Warg - Permafrost Sever
  214. WTS!!! Battlehardened Warg!
  215. Battlehardened Armored Warg
  216. WTB Hot loots/Battlehardend Warg for plat.
  217. LON free packs
  218. WTB shrink cloak + question
  219. WTB Left pauldron set of the odyssey
  220. WTB wings cloak
  221. Wtb Growth Cloak Plat Befallen
  222. WTS Cloak of the Seafury
  223. WTB wings and shrink cloak
  224. WTS entire collection
  225. Selling both new mounts/Paintings/Most Other EQ2 loot
  226. WTB Cloak of The Seafury
  227. [WTB] Cloak of Silver Guardian -=Permafrost=-
  228. WTB: Battlehardened Fighting Warg
  229. Vengeful Gods - NEW? loot
  230. WTB wings of shadow and token of loyalty
  231. 1 box of boosters
  232. LON 5 Bedroom Home
  233. Cloak of Arachnid & Guild XP Token- Nagafen
  234. WTB Wings of Shadow and shrink cloak
  235. Selling LON LOOTS/ Playing Cards
  236. Lich illusion AB
  237. Selling 5 bedroom house
  238. Selling Vision of the Deep/badge of thyr
  239. Selling EQ2 Loots
  240. WTB - Box of classless Hats
  241. 4 boxes for sale
  242. Wts cloak of runes
  243. Wtb shimmer of the void
  244. Selling most EQ2 loot/few spare boxes
  245. Selling boosters boxes
  246. WTB/TF Vision of the Deep
  247. WTB Cloak of Seafury on RE
  248. WTB a Cloak of Crystal Shards on Crushbone server
  249. WTS: Vhalen's Cover Band
  250. WTS: Cloak Of Runes.