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  1. The Trigger section need major over haul!!!
  2. XML subscription import question
  3. Initial hit trigger
  4. ACT Combine data from multiple clients runtime...
  5. Two feature requests: Short Encounter DPS (M), and Exp parser
  6. No combatants with compatible data....
  7. Act parser not reading party dps
  8. tts pitch
  9. eq2 related target pull macro, need help setting this up...
  10. ∞ Shown instead of a HPS or DPS amount?
  11. WoW Combat Parser
  12. ACT not working
  13. Customize 'localhost/mini' window?
  14. ACT Launch window problem
  15. Please help, lost all my triggers
  16. Need help capturing loot items
  17. Help needed with some custom triggers
  18. TTS voice in Windows10
  19. TTS sound manipulation
  20. Can we break up the ToHit% category?
  21. Configuring Non-Direct Damage Options
  22. Parse out a casting order
  23. ACT trigger programing
  24. ACT crashing in win10
  25. Basic trigger creation
  26. ACT and Windows 10
  27. ARX Control
  28. ACT question regarding multiple lines \n regex trigger.
  29. 64 bit audio output plugin?
  30. My ACT and Power Drains
  31. a question about HTML export
  32. Cannot update ACT
  33. FAQ: I don't want ACT to run 64-bit, how can I change this?
  34. Need help with Tirgger
  35. Looking to sort by race, city alignments, etc.
  36. Help with tracking Flurry procs - EQ2
  37. Open Log on startup part of command line?
  38. What is the basic syntax to add a custom audio trigger?
  39. Outgoing Damage vs All Outgoing (Ref)
  40. Incoming Damage > Lookup by Combatant
  41. MySQL upload Help
  42. ACT Custom Triggers via TTS @ FFXIV
  43. Audio Output Destination
  44. No Breakdown Of Combat Info
  45. ACT regex for 2 combatlog lines
  46. New user needs help - simple how to question
  47. Text Export Options
  48. Couple of how to questions
  49. Selective parsing capitalization question
  50. Ho can I change he directory the Log Files are stored
  51. Setting up delayed notification on a custom trigger
  52. How do you split/seperate an encounter?
  53. Is it possible to use ACT in EQ2 to monitor NPC Spellcasting?
  54. Tracking timers for different mobs
  55. New to ACT - General help needed Thanks.
  56. FFXIV ACT question
  57. SWTOR ACT trigger help?
  58. Emote trigger
  59. Request - Doublecast%
  60. Simple regex question
  61. Channeler Intercept
  62. act dps merging probleme
  63. ACT wont import full encounter to clipboard
  64. How can I?
  65. ACT Error System.Collections.
  66. redirect all pet damage to it's owner
  67. Custom Triggers able to launch timers with target
  68. Spell timer window minimized and cant get to
  69. Help with triggers
  70. Mob Spawn Trigger
  71. Ending combat?
  72. ACT Combat Parser Question
  73. ACT :(
  74. Act General Question
  75. How do I get Text-only ACT Spell Timers?
  76. Can I import my saved triggers / timers from v2 into v3?
  77. Rift Act
  78. ACT for EQ1 ?
  79. Planar Wrack Increment Tracker
  80. IS ACT working. cant download
  81. Pre - Time Warp
  82. ACT Custom triggers guide ?
  83. Exclude damage to specific adds
  84. Spell DA
  85. Seer Gh'char in Wurmbone's End reported as Seer Gh for one ability
  86. Damage Specific Trigger
  87. Unable to get pet dps to dps correctly in Rift
  88. Overhealing / Overdps
  89. Triggers for Maintained Spells
  90. Increments
  91. EQ2 Log Files not Recording Red & Green Text Messages
  92. ACT not Parsing, but Triggers work?
  93. Why won't ACT consider the encounter over?
  94. Custom ACT Triggers
  95. Autoattack Timing
  96. Possible to rebuild HDB from logs?
  97. Confused about ACTv3's spell timer
  98. ACT Parser
  99. ACT stopped showing bar charts after last update
  100. Why wont /act end work for me?
  101. Fight Start trigger ?
  102. EQ2 Death prevention tracking
  103. Incoming DPS, interesting for a tank.
  104. SWTOR Parsing
  105. Multiple Live feeds - SWTOR
  106. How to get ACT parse EQ2?
  107. Voice of triggers
  108. Looking for a little guidance
  109. Few question about act
  110. Pie Chart
  111. Help with ACT and SWTOR
  112. Custom Trigger Timers Lagged
  113. ACT display classes?
  114. Mini Parse Performance Issue
  115. Audible Alert For Detrimentals that Land on Groupmembers
  116. Removing non player data from data
  117. ACT Triggers and SWTOR
  118. Act plugin and SWTOR
  119. ACT and TERA
  120. Nooob question
  121. Crashes
  122. Custom triggers for EOW
  123. Reduce the size of tabs when formatting results?
  124. RIFT: Any way to analyse Proc Rates?
  125. Incoming DPS
  126. new ACT user
  127. Noob question about pets dmg combined into char dmg
  128. ACT on a second PC?
  129. ACT Performance Question
  130. Spell Tmers window causes game FPS to slow down
  131. Timing Red Messages
  132. Breakdown of individual %s
  133. ACT - History Database
  134. Efficiency question (\aPC says|You say) to the raid
  135. Help with trigger please
  136. ACT Lag
  137. Spell timers window not working
  138. Rift: ACT no combatlog file
  139. Self inflicted damage messes up my combatlog
  140. ACT spell double attack trigger
  141. ACT V3 and JC.
  142. Multiple Instances
  143. Custom Trigger for absorbed damage
  144. Cure curses
  145. ACT Spell timer for this noob
  146. Lockups: help needed
  147. Update error
  148. Main Tab is not updating
  149. Support for Android devices.
  150. ACT locking up
  151. Looking for a specific setting for Zone view
  152. Missing Table Data
  153. Editing a trigger
  154. Missing Pie Chart
  155. ACT for EQ 1 ?
  156. Single target DPS tracking without aoe
  157. Unable to share timers or triggers
  158. creating custom trigger
  159. New User Installation Intructions
  160. PHP Files for use with ACT MySql exports
  161. ACT HELP
  162. Paste the parses Vertically
  163. Help with spell timers
  164. ACT and timers import via URL
  165. Threat and Threat Delta
  166. Limited paste amount in eq2
  167. Dynamic timer name from trigger
  168. ACT v3.0.1 Not showing 'Encounter Logs'
  169. Read the config from where the exe is located?
  170. ACT will not paste in chat
  171. Trigger stopped working - when I get a tell
  172. Semi-noob Question
  173. ACT and WoT?
  174. Rift and ACT
  175. importing timers .xml format
  176. CombatLog Shaving (Rift)?
  177. graphics glitch with ack
  178. exploit weakness
  179. Guild Connect and ACT version 3
  180. Act Parse setup question/problem
  181. ACT not recognizing one charachter
  182. Sound Alert Please Help
  183. EncDPS-k using ACT 2.+++
  184. ACT excluding?
  185. A question about Rift plugin and filtering out specific skills.
  186. ACT Meters Online?
  187. Spybot Alert
  188. Timing specific DoT
  189. maximize window by default
  190. ACT LAG in EQ2
  191. Rift and ACT
  192. Spike DPS?
  193. Older Versions
  194. Need help with ACT
  195. no combants--rift
  196. Need help with ACT, please!
  197. Viewing overheals as healing done?
  198. ACT steam help
  199. ACTv3 Rift help
  200. Need help with a regex please
  201. Sharing custom triggers in 3.0
  202. /con and selective parsing
  203. First time user, looking for some assistance please
  204. error loading last log file
  205. does it matter where you install it?
  206. G15 display not working after upgrade to v3
  207. Using ACT to Parse Experience Gains
  208. Export to .csv or a readable .xml?
  209. Tutorial for total newbie user ?
  210. How does ACT detect who the current char is?
  211. Quick question about Mini parser
  212. Parse accuracy question
  213. ACT & the Broker
  214. Encounter labelling (Rift)
  215. ACT Noob in dire need of help.
  216. Getting ACT to point to a different folder for its log file
  217. ACT with Rift question
  218. Hitrate and Crit%
  219. Please change ru-parse
  220. Cannot find the parser info?
  221. ACT for Rift ....
  222. Problem with Importing my Shareable XML ACT trigger
  223. ACT Sound Trigger setup ?
  224. Editing Spell Timer colors.
  225. Need VC parse help
  226. Total Activity Parser?
  227. Purple spells under Type on display
  228. Question about uploading parses in forums
  229. Repeated Timer Timing...
  230. Go easy on me lol
  231. ACT damage type output...
  232. TTS Curing curse trigger - Setup Help
  233. act timers
  234. I can't figure it out :(
  235. Import Encounters from History Database
  236. Fighter Avoidance Trigger
  237. Not quite sure how to ask my question.
  238. How do I display only specific timers
  239. Trigger timers on buttonclick
  240. Posting a Different Parse?
  241. Double TTS call outs
  242. Heal Parse = Fail
  243. Trouble reading old logs
  244. Is it possible?
  245. ACT Virus Scanned
  246. Swarn pets and french version
  247. Triggers - Zone restrictions.
  248. Chat Channel Trigger?
  249. Merging multi-hits habilities ?
  250. ACT and Hate