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  1. pvp torny
  2. I have an idea that will save/greatly enhance PvP in EQ2
  3. Does Tsunami work against Harm Touch
  4. Tsunami broken in PVP?
  5. Bit late but...
  6. Troubador PvP: Questions on Strats
  7. Bertoxxulous miracles and blessing in PVP
  8. Transition to Warhammer
  9. Group PvP IRL
  10. Thinking of playing EQ2
  11. I have an Idea That will Save Some classes in EQ2... Make all Servers Optional-PVP!
  12. lvl 72-75 Troub/Wizz pvp video.
  13. pvp conjuror from Russia !
  14. Swash or Brig for Warlock Duo
  15. Pally AA line for PVP a swell as for raiding
  16. grp aa question
  17. Crazy Solo PvP Video !
  18. solo pvp, brig or swash?
  19. New pvp gear - fury
  20. TSO PvP Gear costs
  21. New Ranger PvP Video
  22. Is it worth it?
  23. PvP sets
  24. Max PVP Gear -What class?
  25. PVP Writ System Change in TSO
  26. plat swap
  27. Charmed Mobs and Immunity
  28. New PvP gear Announced
  29. Bruiser vs. Monk
  30. Losing faction after betrayl
  31. Which faction
  32. Solo t8 Necro pvp video.
  33. Offical: Exiles never to get PVP items.
  34. PvP is Balanced
  35. Exiles... Losing Masters?
  36. Solo Ranger PvP Video
  37. Charm Finally Catching a Fix!
  38. PvP Classes
  39. PvP Token Question
  40. Trading 80 Swash / 80 Brig for...
  41. Do any exile guilds on Naga sell Myth updates?
  42. All classes for both cities!!
  43. Check this out
  44. Bear shaman
  45. PVP-Defiler or Mystic?
  46. Thought I might aswell post this.
  47. Assassin/Ranger T8 PvP Video
  48. NOT AN ENEMY ?
  49. Scout foil?
  50. New to EQ2, questions about pvp
  51. Zerkers in T8
  52. levelling my troub
  53. Blackmaw's PvP Vids
  55. Trying PvP?
  56. Trading 80 Swash for 80 ANYTHING
  57. blood thirsty choker
  58. What would make you want to PvP?
  59. Trading 80 swash for bard!
  60. Best Cloak
  61. betraying as a zerker
  62. I've come to the conclusion
  63. HALP!
  64. PVP suggestions from a Mage
  65. befriending Guards
  66. Healers in PvP
  67. Interactive PVP things in PVE environments?
  68. Overpowered:Monks
  69. Slowed 80 troubador pvp vid.
  70. Request for command: /showtitle
  71. Most Overpowered PvP classes.
  72. Why?
  73. titles
  74. Couple questions (new to PvP)
  75. Proposal: Dramatic tweak to PvP Writ update mechanics
  76. Bring Back Test PvP
  77. Fettering Poison needs a nerf
  78. shard of hate +pvp
  79. Does intoxication under the intel line for Rangers and Assassins...
  80. Advanced Combat Tracker questions.
  81. So the vp armor got upgraded what about pvp gear
  82. Scourge and Pet hide
  83. Why Would Someone Carry Platinum On Them During PvP?
  84. +Tracking Avoidance revealed
  85. Is it unethical to share/sell mythical quest updates outside of guild?
  86. Parry belts are ftl
  87. Shaman in PvP
  88. avoidance vs. mitigation
  89. Templars in Freeport?
  90. Swashy Int Line?
  91. PvP Lock
  92. Nagafen or Venekor
  93. Dear Devs
  94. Defiler Issues
  95. Raid Alliances
  96. Dear Dev's
  97. New Writ Idea
  98. Would you be against this?
  99. PvP Improvements
  100. PVP writs updated with 20 min timer
  101. Dear PVP Dev's
  102. Epic PvP Weapons~
  103. Soloing on PvP Servers...
  104. Petition to SoE
  105. Reset Servers Completely!
  106. Purifier
  107. Nagalag
  108. what pvp server to join?
  109. Back from a break, best pvp class now?
  110. Remove Fear Buff / Godspells or Don't Remove?
  111. Warlock vs. Mysic T5-4 Help.
  112. T5 Fury Gear
  113. @ Scouts
  114. PvP Test is Back
  115. PVP writs changing slightly
  116. Line of sight problems, and not seeing your target, from range.
  117. Question about Parting Silk
  118. Why rangers should be crying over bow nerf
  119. Enchanter Str line AA working as intended?
  120. Inquisition:
  121. Are Necromancers Just Terrible? Am I Missing Something?
  122. The chain dispersion gear that no longer drops...the old pieces need to be taken out of the game
  123. The REAL DEAL about exile vs. faction
  124. Fuck You Resist Rates..
  125. Questions
  126. Immunity to charm
  127. Things have gotten better, I'll give Aeralik some props.
  128. Exile Instancing?
  129. Remove the Exile Faction - Allow Both Classes in Factions
  130. Resist Changes, Pre-ROK to ROK
  131. Hello Kitty Online - PVP
  132. Yet another writ suggestion.
  133. Remove Casting Time for Sokokar Travel
  134. Suggestion: Allow FPs and Qs to zone into Haven
  135. T4 > T8 Who else thinks so? Click and see.
  136. Ranged combat arts will now enforce a minimum range when Eagle's Talon is equipped.
  137. Raiding in FP and Qeynos
  138. PVP weapons such as "Ghost" need to be buffed
  139. RIP PvP.... /cry
  140. EPIC Weapon quests makes EXILE look a whole lot SWEETER
  141. Lol, how will you change targets on SKs in PVP?
  142. PVP writs hmm
  143. Chelsith Ring Nerfed
  144. Idea for writs
  145. You call this Balanced PvP?
  146. Time Based??
  147. PvP Writs - recommendation.
  149. Coercers Are Fucking OP!
  150. PvP Writs Fucking Suck
  151. Why did fission Not get the extra nerf that fusion did?
  152. LU42 and pvp changes !
  153. This games PvP is just too fucked up now.
  154. Link me to good t8 6v6 videos
  155. Mitigation (physical and spell) in pvp
  156. So get this
  157. Stop crying
  158. Evac IS Intrerruptible. Stop crying.
  159. Brigand PvP Video
  160. All items that grant see stealth?
  161. Dispell magic
  162. Run bitch run!
  163. Averting eyes is not that OP, but this is.....
  164. Noob PVP Questions
  165. Is this item overpowered for PVP?
  166. Spell Avoidance as a skill?
  167. Question about exiling!
  168. I though PvP, meant player vs player
  169. umm what about pvp in lu42
  170. omfg still no pvp gear
  171. More charm exploits
  172. Questions about Crushing/Slashing/Piercing:
  173. Suggestion: buff all mages, healers, and fighters
  174. Summoners ever getting a fix?
  175. Quest mob missing gamewide?
  176. bitching about plate armour
  177. token reward broken
  178. 10 gold, lvl 10 mage, 1 idiot
  179. Considering...
  180. Overpowered stoneskin needs changing - badly
  181. PVP Gear
  182. Giving PVP a shot
  183. Proposition: create a new PvP server, one character per account
  184. Bounties coming soon
  185. Questions about PVP Exile
  186. Riftmaker
  187. PvP - Tracking.
  188. /Yell
  189. Ring from chelsith...
  190. Possible Small Fix for Evac?
  191. PvP Trio:
  192. Nerf shrink please
  193. Best Gfx settings for PvP
  194. Viable exile faction, PvP writs, and Raid/Dynamic PvP (warning: long)
  195. Titles Question
  196. Unable to defend
  197. PvP Battle Cleric viable?
  198. Dev "grandfathers in" stoneskin item for scouts in PVP
  199. Auto Attack in PVP
  200. Token system.
  201. Fettering Poison
  202. Pls explain it to me...
  203. having one player not engage = EVAC O.K.!
  204. Small players explioting line of sight.
  205. Euro people and Nagafen
  206. Allow people from opposite factions to send tells to each other
  207. Is there ever a chance at having all classes in both faction on Nagafen?
  208. Top Seekrit SK PVP strats
  209. Aeralik, Please look into taking EVAC off PvP servers, and REACH removed from PvP
  210. Could swashbuckler's be any more powerful
  211. New PVP Fame Meter Idea
  212. Please put a 10 level PVP limit in KOS
  213. So let me get this strait...new pvp changes
  214. Good PVP in the Frostfell instances!
  215. Why no FPs PVPing in KOS?
  216. Life Past 20
  217. Boomerang Bandolier
  218. Committing to PVP
  219. Myth or Fact: More Freeps than Q's?
  220. Lvl 80 Ranger Spell Completely Useless
  221. Class mechanic questions
  222. Best class to PVP with as a Fury?
  224. Forced XP with PvP kills, good or bad?
  225. Lich.
  226. How long to fix immunity exploiting in Jarsath?
  227. I will send you ONE PLAT on Nagafen if you try a new toon there
  229. Debuff caps in PVP?
  230. New hardcap for stats?
  231. Questions about city pvp rules
  232. Nerf/Monk incombat run speed pls.
  233. T2 Master 2 choices
  234. Class Balance in PvP: EQ2 vs DAOC vs WoW
  235. So are we getting PvP armour or not?
  236. I Love You Aeralik <3 =D
  237. Question about fame
  238. Track & PvP
  239. Brace of Deflection still bugged
  240. Locket of Escape fixed?
  241. Stoneskin still available for scouts, item still in game!
  242. PvP Stuff for Dummies
  243. pvp titles and gear
  244. Whiners about titles -- a solution
  245. People stay immune in Jarsath Wastes
  246. Best PVP noob diety for evil?
  247. Crazy Ideas That Could Improve PvP
  248. Locket of Escape completely broken
  249. Warping issues
  250. Charming 1 hit mobs