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  1. VOX players
  2. pvp? fight this
  3. Anyne lokking 4 a gulld lol
  4. for fuck's sake we need more incentive to open world pvp
  5. Welcome to the Jungle: EQ2 PvP
  6. ToV expac PVP discuss
  7. Best mage class PvP wise
  8. ingame pvp poll
  9. Infinite Evac - Exploiting House Leaderboard and Battle Ground Queue
  10. In-depth PvP guides?
  11. T4 PvP Question.
  12. OLD Blue PVP Adornment for healers immunity to stun / stifle
  13. The Stats an Assassin Wants in PvP?
  14. if a level 70-capped pvp server was a thing made would you go on it
  15. the worst pvp suggestion ever
  16. How do you get tokens these days
  17. BGs on Naggy ruin PvP
  18. Nagafen PvP back yet?
  19. Gratz to all the crybabies
  20. Mystical Overflow needs fixed in open world PvP.
  21. discuss melee in pvp here
  22. T4 Ranger PvP Videos
  23. <Vintage Wares> Merchant in Hub selling old gear for 10x what it is suppost to be.
  24. 100% heal for every preist in PvP, has made the "huge" update an utter failure.
  25. PvP Update Announced..?
  26. to folks whining about pvp..and lack thereof
  27. Talked to Gninja on 80-89 Chat....
  28. How the heck do I stop A-holes from killing me?
  29. PvP reform, confirmed NOT coming in GU63
  30. No more PvE Jewelry
  31. Mercs in PvP
  32. PvP level locking and general Nagafen ruleset questions
  33. Factions/Exile in PvP and other questions.
  34. Factions in PvP, Questions.
  35. Favorite tier of PVP?
  36. Lvl 80 PvP
  37. new pvp gear?
  38. Help me start a PVP improvement thread to send to devs
  39. T9 PVP Fighter Waist
  40. Rothgar on official forums
  41. What tier is best for pvp?
  42. Bring back T2 level locking
  43. Might be worth it now...
  44. Verdict of Nagafen
  45. Fame is Fail....
  46. T4 Templar vs T4 Inquisitor!?
  47. T4 Brigand vs T4 Swash
  48. GU61...now what for anyone < 90?
  49. Which classes can solo PVP?
  50. Nerf Fame Loss Cuz I'm Bad
  51. Tons of world pvp
  52. T2 PvP
  53. Return
  54. Blue adorns for a loc
  55. How are Dirges/Troubs in PvP?
  56. PVP noob looking for some advice
  57. Brawler Vs the world
  58. Velious Discord Faction
  59. Doing PvP damage on a warden?
  60. T4 players, I need your opinions
  61. PvP Video - Drytan
  62. Miss ya
  63. Super-Charged 6-man destruction group
  64. Anyone Xfering to AB and have like 500+ discord tokens?
  65. Talathion's House Of Pain [RP-PVPEvent Idea]
  66. Bow greater than the peen
  67. PVP to PVE transfer voting open on official forums
  68. PvP AA Spec
  69. 【GU60】 PVP
  70. PVP Population?
  71. Brig vs Swash PVP
  72. Flying mounts in PVP?
  73. Solution to PvP Issues
  74. I need a breakdown of the Healers
  75. how should i put my 77 aa's for a zerker
  76. Returning Player - needs guidance
  77. Exur - Illusionist PvP (Sentinel's Fate)
  78. Questions about a few classes
  79. pvp achievement - Discord Hardened
  80. Assassinate, is it too NERFed for PvP?
  81. ranger or assassin
  83. How do swashys and brigands compare to sin/rng at 90 these days?
  84. This is my terrible idea! Tell me how bad it is! Hmm. Yeh.
  85. Illy or coercer? why? or something completely different?
  86. Level 39 Bruiser AA/Strats?
  87. o hai guise
  88. xpac PvP gear?
  89. Bruiser's are Ridiculous, Nuff' Said
  90. Argotians and the lack of vaseline in exile
  91. Why would anyone roll on Naggy now? Or even do BGs at 90?
  92. Swags vs. Deosha Island of mara
  93. warfields voice chat
  94. PVP Ruleset/Mechanics
  95. Reviving a down grp member in pvp needs to be removed!!!
  96. Warfield updates incoming...
  97. Sin armor question T8~ BG or TSO set?
  98. Fame, and fame decay. How does it work?
  99. Assassin PVP AA's
  100. Which class? I want to straight up nasty style rape people.
  101. Will it ever happen?
  102. Open Wounds
  103. Advice on killing troubs
  104. PvP Tokens and Expansions
  105. How are Shadowknights in higher tier pvp?
  106. Furies PVP
  107. Which class owns rangers?
  108. Any good 30 to 39 cloaks out there for PVP?
  109. Bringing Back old PVP poll
  110. Are your PVP charms still working?
  111. Most plat looted in Open PvP?
  112. PvP Classes
  113. Warfields Poll
  114. Exchange of "old" pvp tokens
  115. Discord's Prescient Disk
  116. Warfield Times and Places
  117. Warfields
  118. TSO and RoK tokens
  119. PvP armour/weapons
  120. Level Locking
  121. Gnomish Spirits!
  122. PvP mount got pwned
  123. Brig and Swash "No Eligible Target"
  124. New T9 PvP Armor Set?
  126. PVP Cheating
  127. iIlly lvl 15 pvp question
  128. Crusaders..lol
  129. that cant be good
  130. Chanters And Battlegrounds
  131. Level 90~ Really?
  132. How to fix open world PvP.
  133. Blood Rage is bugged.
  134. Casters - love 'em or die - or both
  135. Crusaders
  136. NPU's Gears PvP Group - 2 Wizards, 1 Warlock ... Srieously?
  137. nerf Banshee Hoop plz.
  138. Pvp Q & A
  139. How are Zerkers in 1 on 1 PVP
  140. Battleground gear vs Instance Gear
  141. PVP Server Class suggestions
  142. PVP Issues Forum! ☆[ATTN: Newbies read first!]
  143. NOTE: Auto-engage and resists are known bugs.
  144. Best Class to Trio with SK and Inquis
  145. Is it just me or is one shotting back?!?!
  146. Puusy Question (Nagafen) - Leveling without PvP interference: What zones/instances?
  148. New pvp armor and items when sentinels fate come out right?
  149. T8 Necro pvp video.
  150. Best class to duo with a sin
  152. T8 Solo Conjuror City PvP Video
  153. Assassin's = PvP Teribads
  154. Russian zerker pvp movie
  155. The Mysterious Letter . . .
  156. Which Brawler?
  157. Newbie question on classes
  158. Is level 80 PVP more active than low levels?
  159. New to PvP...Question
  160. Crusader + Cleric Duo
  161. Removing mass zergfest suggestion
  162. Class for T2 level locking
  163. Writ Changes: Wanted Posters
  164. This is going to fix PvP as we know it ...
  165. PVP crit bonus vrs crit?
  166. T8 Solo Conjuror PvP Video by Sihd
  167. In-Combat Run speed - 80% + ?
  168. Old PvP token conversion rate IS SOFUKINGRETARDED!
  169. T8 PvP-the new level locked PvP
  170. pvp gear in nonpvp situations????
  171. Pvp trio
  172. AA Slider
  173. O W N E D
  174. Coercer PVP Video #2
  175. What do YOU Listen to while PVP'ing?
  176. Templar ?
  177. the test server
  178. I think it would be kool if.....
  179. Australian Raiders Needed On Nagafen
  180. Did anyone happen to see on test...
  181. Gaynosians running in full groups...
  182. Fame for killing higher ranks
  183. Level Locking Poll
  184. Merge FAQ posted..
  185. Yay Merge!!!
  186. PvP
  187. Level Locking Postponed Indefinitely
  188. My Responce to this thread.
  189. PvP Wizard
  190. Good day R E P E N T on behalf of Queen Antonia!
  191. t2/3 wizard pvp build questions....
  192. You absolutely must look at this post... holly crap.
  193. A fix for fame and a penalty for dying all in one!
  194. Sparkling Spiked Straps + magi shield + enhance: magi shielding
  195. Just so you know
  196. How to not suck
  197. Storm cheats?
  198. Why are Coercers so broken in PvP?
  199. For your viewing pleasures, I present...
  200. hellz yea...
  201. Best class for a baby brig?
  202. t8 PVP
  203. This isn't Sea World.
  204. Gay fame
  205. Coercer Vs Illy
  206. Finally
  207. wtf resists
  208. PVP VIDEO numero uno
  209. Assassin pvp discussion
  210. Soul Lancers?
  211. PvP Gear.
  212. Is journeymans cloak worth reroll
  213. Why is there always...
  214. Naggy server.. wanting to set up 1v1s
  215. In combat speed
  216. Opinions Wanted...
  217. Where the hell are the instant cast spells at?
  218. Mystic Question: What exactly is Great Bane Warding?
  219. S.O.S.from VOX
  220. Nagafen/PVP issues forum merge?
  222. Venekor merging into Nagafen
  223. If u lose to bane warding, its because u suck
  224. Anyone going to the Eq2 get together thing from nagafen?
  225. Nagafen Recruiting (GS)
  226. ftl
  227. How often do you bank?
  228. Freep and Onyx kiss
  229. pudaan hacking?
  230. Why cant we all get this?
  231. Greater Bane Warding.
  232. The Real PvP
  233. Next PvP target
  234. WTF? some funny shit here
  235. No fame loss not gonna last I think
  236. Should PvP be a switchable option on Normal Servers?
  237. How fast can players go now?
  238. T7 Necro. PvP Vid. -Combat as well as Cinematics
  239. Assassin's and PvP
  240. PvP Class Selection - New to Game
  241. PvP healer popularity (and desirability)?
  242. Can you transfer from PvE to PvP?
  243. Contemplating on Resubbig- TSO Manndatory for PvP?
  244. New Player from a experienced MMO pvp background
  245. disabled xp
  246. Cross-server channels on PvP servers?
  247. Warden vs SK
  248. coming back... question to helpful & experienced t8 pvp'ers
  249. Things that will stop or improve with new fame system
  250. What would you suggest about a this pvp duo for AA?