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As a warlock I like the changes, still not very hard to kill people, just takes a little more time.

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I doubled your damage pretty much every time we were in the same BG, so I'm going to have to call BS.
do you just read through these forums and try to find places where you can throw in a shameless self plug about how uber you think you are? the fact that you allegedly double rotchi's damage has absolutely nothing to do with his statement.

If I suck, you'd have to explain why it is that I'm topping the hard tox parse there by a very large margin... you can come up with some nice-sounding bullshit like "Jiggsaw doesn't have as many deaggros, and Acamas was busy doing eggs", but guess what? I still beat out the second-best necro on the server -- who was UT'd -- by 4.4k. Perhaps you could also find some nonsensical excuse for why I won the labs ZW.
It's funny to hear you say I suck when I'm part of a three-way tie for the best dps'er in a guild that is much further in progression than yours.
I could post parses in 80-89 where I'm smoking him by 5-10k.
I tanked Switchmaster, Xebnok, etc. in T2 shard armor with healers in 4-piece set and no REH's... and I did it better than tanks in 4-piece T4. I've never had a problem holding single-target aggro off anyone in Ascendant other than a Paladin that hits Sigil everytime it's up and a conj that thought it was funny to plane shift his pet pre-pull and send him to attack the second I engaged a mob, presumably hitting Elemental Blast as well, but even then I usually grabbed aggro back within seconds. The SK never ripped single-target aggro, and neither did Jiggsaw or Acamas. The only people who could ever rip single-target aggro off me more than once in a blue moon are those who did it on purpose. Period. End of story.
And WTF...IRL bragging
Uh... she was 115-120 lbs when she was stalking me, and I told her straight-up I wouldn't date her because she was pregnant, so that doesn't really sound like seduction to me.
I've got a little bit of an ego -- I'm good, and I'm not afraid to say it...
ya think?