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Hmm... And I'd thought you'd notice some summoners too.

Btw was this game your last?
I didn't die fast, but I died in a good 11-16 seconds, everyone else ((besides the warlock, which seems to take less damage then I do)) pretty much died instantly.

I switched out between my toughness gear and T3 and I noticed no difference, I die at pretty much the same speed regardless, and 3-4 necromancer dots will fuck me over, due to not being able to cure myself fast enough with pots. ((Illusionists/Coercers stun locks are now 5x better then they were before due to people dieing 3x faster))

Something needs to be done with Casters, they're survivability is to much to there DPS. If they want 500k dps to my 100k they better die 5x easily, right now (for me) its harder to take down a warlock then a berserker.