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    Default Calling 39/160's to T6 plz!!

    It's been several weeks since GU61 and I've read the threads about how peeps are going into other tiers again besides just 30's and 90's...so where you at?

    Is BG's just a wash now? Every time I try and log my 59 in there's hardly anyone in lobby in the 50's. If there is, the matches rarely que .

    For me, I hate having to work all that time to get my toons to 39/160 and not being able to use the aa. People calling for balance were just not patient enough to get more aa imo. Let the new guys have T4 and hopefully some of the vets will help populate T6 and give BG's a more even spread than what currently is.
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    This game blows


    Lemme give you some tips. First, gather as many blue tokens/ 60-70 wep and jewelry and charms etc. Gear yourself out in old BG or new BG gear if you've got the faction. Second tip: lvl to 70 and get 200aa and last but not least: Transfer to nagafen with plats enuf for ammo pots n such and pvp at 70. Cuz it's quite fun tbh.
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    Im hoping this is sparked by someone's leaper mount just grinding their nuts on your corpse after you got slaughtered for the billionth time in this game
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    I'm usually is "shrugged off" in a discussion about game stuff because I really have no fucking clue what im saying half the time...

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