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Reason #1 : Watching you all rage your dicks off.

Reason #2 : I'm better than you.

Reason #3 : The look of dissapointment of all you fatass no lifes get rolled by a simple cheat.

Reason #4 : Watching your 5 year old twinked out toons , again, getting rolled into the ground.

Reason #5 : Watching your sure fire cocky trash talk go down the drain when i cap our score to 400 in about 45 seconds.

Reason #6 : Cause I'm smarter than you

Reason #7 : I like to read the computer nerds trying to rage up a source of my devil conjuring speed hack

(i.e. "he plugs and unplugs his ethernet cable over and over " ) - Whoever said this is a fucking retard.
(i.e. "it's a racial summon") - Liavy said this....come on dude ur smarter than this.
...the list goes on
Reason #8 : Seeing SOE not able to catch me cause theyre systems are so bad THAT or theyre too greedy and don't want to stop me because I'm a paying customer. Speed hack in even a private server Emulator and you get kicked within 15 seconds of speed hacking. Go fucking figure that shit lol ...

Reason #9 : trull

-Yours truly..........