I'm posting here rather than on EQ2Interface because I don't have an account there and more people will probably see this here anyway.

I noticed Pooka's progress bar wasn't working right anymore for me - it was always reading 500 no matter what, whether the warder had more or less progress and regardless of setting the pulldown on the persona/warder page. I did some poking around and it looks to me like SOE/DBG did a gratuitous rename of the progress bar on the persona/warder page that Pooka's mod displays in the pet window. I was able to get it to work for me by changing "Progress" to "PetProgressPage" on lines 7 and 20 so that the full name of the asset referenced is:

Parent.Parent.Persona.MainPage.PetPage.PetInfo.Fra me.InsideFrame.Header.PetProgressPage.Bar.Progress

(the red part is what I added, in two places on lines 7 and 20 of Pooka's mod version 0.23, nothing else changed)


If Pooka is still playing EQ2 and anybody knows him, maybe they can pass this on for him to investigate, if he cares anymore.
Who knows, I may be the only player left still leveling warders. Please give him my thanks for the mod if you know him, anyway.