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    Default PVP AA Setup and Tactics

    Hi All,

    I wanted to do more pvp and am curious what others have found for AA configurations as well as tactics. Currently I've been doing spiritual stance and trying to not die 3 seconds after spawning. Mostly I die though. =\

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

    here's my current AAs, not setup for pvp per say:
    EQ2U - Alternate Advancements for Temora

    Edit: to clarify, i pvp on battlegrounds only since ab is pve
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    Default Re: PVP AA Setup and Tactics

    Since we got fucked over last GU I too have been jumping into more PvP. At first I got very frustrated that my dps in feral stance wasn't that effective, I got a few rye comments that I needed to switch to Spiritual and sort out my AA's for PvP, which I have now done. Its made a big change, this is how I've approached it:

    Everquest 2 AA Calculator save a PvE and a PvP profile and they are quite different. I've spotted a few things you may wish to spec differently.

    In PvP it helps to have some health in Animalist forget wisdom tree you don't really get a full savagery bar unless in a well healed fight in gears where you all stand toe to toe slugging it out, don't waste 8 in blindside, its not often you get the chance to stand behind other players as they tend to move a lot more in fights than in PvE. Chilling armour in Stamina tree helps reduce incoming damge at the start of a fight

    Moving on to Beastlord pretty similar maybe consider the improved damage of glacial lance rather than pathfinding, I find when engaging in a fight or killing fleeing players it helps to have increased range damage! If you have 600 MA you can afford to spend the 5 points in Vine net 2 points and Battleworn resilience 3 points to help soak up that initial damage spike.

    Shadows forget enhanced Feral stance in bottom line stick it in spiritual stance same with the 2nd line forget offensive prowess and stick 5 into strengthened Links

    Biggest changes I think you'll find will help is in Heroic and Prestige, Heroic go for 10 points in spirit and body to up your HP instead of ability mod and then end line MUST be Northwind Barrier, the amount of times this has saved me from dying long enough to finish off an opponent that is beating on me is too numerous to count! It is also a great opening spell in gears when facing a premade dps team. Finally your Prestige tree is a bit messed up concentrate on the left tree drop paralytic Venom on the left for advance scout on the right, then all the way down the left tree again leaving 3 points for true spirit energy instead of Defensive Perception.

    Ralissk's Perception is your big hitter in PvP it refreshes quite quickly and is invaluable when surrounded by opponents I get lots of kill updates with that spell and its also a great finisher for someone at low health,

    The only other thing I've learnt is to also spam evade as soon as its up to give those pesky rangers a harder time!

    Hope that Helps

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