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    Default Re: Blood Rage (Master.) Weak as shit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Clownshoe View Post
    at least this thread has been sound in requests from him...maybe he's cha-cha-changin?
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    Default Re: Blood Rage (Master.) Weak as shit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ower View Post
    What do you know about what i have asked and have not? I have not in a long time tho... just like many every other zerks since it doesent matter at all. I have sent mails made threads and so on. But they all get forgotten since you are spaming your stupid or OP ideas on the forums. Most have given up hope about this class. And tbh i think there is no hope for it as long as you play it.
    The good news (for you) is he's claimed to have switched to an SK.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maergoth View Post
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    Default Re: Blood Rage (Master.) Weak as shit.

    Tally-poo just wants to ramble off nonsensical bullshit it would appear.. and if you've paid much attention to how abysmal the ability of most random Zerkers you run into is you'd think the class must simply be worthless... The sad truth of it is that most players that were good at playing the class jumped ship long ago. Truth be told Zerkers can do fine tanking just about anything. Does that mean it's always easier than on the other tank classes? Fuck no... But then again Zerkers are missing certain things that the other tanks have going for them while having certain trade offs. Here are some examples...

    Cons to being a Zerker:
    - Lowest self buffed HP of all tanks. (lower than scouts with equal stamina if you are not adorned/reforged for HP)

    - Can only reliably soak large physical/focus hits from mobs. (Gut roar and wall of force... more so Gut roar)

    - Only 3 abilities to soak large nox/arcane/elemental hits from mobs one of which will strip you of one of your best blues. (Vision of madness, Unyielding will, Perfect counter)

    - You have to be intelligent enough to actually reforge for your Strikethrough and Accuracy.

    - two of your best snaps are blues which can cause aggro issues.

    - We don't have shit all to deal with control effects. (We have experienced insight.... but that is so limited I hardly count it.. also it's shared with guards so I see it more so something we just so happened to get lucky having thrown our way)

    - We need a warden in group to make up for a few of the weaknesses of the class. (Beast wardens are great for healing through fail conditions)

    Pros to being a Zerker:
    - You can get your dmg reduction values to be rather high. (figure it out on your own if you don't understand this... no really.. if you don't get that one you're probably mentally deficient)

    - You have 2 blue snaps that refresh quickly.

    - You have high reuse, casting and recovery speeds.

    - You get your AE auto capped when naked. (This gives you 100% AE auto you don't need to reforge for to hit cap. That's fucking huge.)

    - You get reactive heals and wards

    Now... as far as the Zerkers can't heal themselves thing... Wow.. you're fucking retarded... We have a 1/2 dmg recieved reactive heal that is up over half the time... We have a 10% max hp reactive that can be up about 1/3 the time. (I think capped reuse on frenzy is 90 seconds) We get wards when we hit something, kill something, or get hit.... We have a small reactive heal when dmged with a melee weapon. So basically we just have to either have a temp up or a maintained ability up to be getting heals/wards whereas the SK needs to cast their heals... so do paladins, monks and bruisers... Guards don't really have heals. (I could post heal parses... but I'd rather not get some stuff nerfed)

    Zerkers are very likely the best adds tank in the game at the moment, but that doesn't mean that you can't tank actual named mobs as well or ffs stay in on red texts. The last mob in ST on HM a zerker can tank the drake and never joust the red text and not die from it.

    As far as hate goes... Zerkers don't really need a transfer... they just need a dirge... or at least want a dirge bad enough to whinge when they are denied one. (tanking from a mage grp is not fun on a zerker)

    Also... before I forget to add... I actually like the hate positions on gibe when in reckless... because there is a lot of content that should be done in reckless once it's trivial... and having at least one of your blue snaps still work as a snap is pretty tits tbh.

    Now lets see how much nerd rage ensues... *looks at Tally-poo and waits* (DW is better than using a 2-hander these days btw)

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