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    Default No difference in damage

    SO I've got my zerker to 95 and decently geared out I think. During raids I average 200k on solo a target and anywhere from 350-700k on multiple targets. I usually tank in defensive unless it's a farm zone where I use offensive and I never really noticed a difference in my DPS. I decided to hit up a few dozen training dummies to actually test it out. My discovery..... no matter what stance or abilities I used my dps was within 10-15k each parse. Even sword and board in defensive I only saw the max of 15k more in offensive and reckless with a 2 hander using juggernaut.

    So my question is am I doing something wrong or is there really no difference and point in switching up stances and weapons?

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    Default Re: No difference in damage

    There is a difference, but depending on your gear and how you spec will determine how much. If I remember correctly the only real benefit the o-stance gives is a small damage proc and weapon skills, so if you're already capped on the content you are doing you won't see a benefit besides the overcap increased minimum damage amount. Specing for the Wis line like you have also reduces the dps loss from going into d-stance.

    Recklessness is another story, but it should be the highest of all 3 as should dual wielding unless you're on a huge aoe fight than 2hdr is better (I remember something being glitchy with secondary weapon aoe auto but I could be wrong).
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    Default Re: No difference in damage

    get double conversion. That ~+25% more CB will add much more dps than the spread to saga you have; i use only 1 point in it for the sake of utility.

    also, o-stance is always worthless and reckless in st fights is equally worthless. Really only time it's worth rastlessness is massive aoe pulls. I'm sure you're aware but hit rampage every time it's up as it's your highest dps CA. Damn wish it was like 12% refresh

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    Default Re: No difference in damage

    Spec down the left side for the auto multiplier. 32% increase to weapon damage, coupled with juggernaught's CB bonus, makes for some nice temp buffing.

    As far as the stances, weapon skills are harder to come by for fighters (none on items like for scouts) and I've seen fighters raiding with 18% hit rates... it's ugly. Off stance helps with that. The ae proc is cool, but not a huge parser. It's all about the auto hit rates. Dummies have low avoidance. Parse real mobs, then compare, like the imp in temple. You will see the difference between off and def.

    However if you are tanking, then do your damn job and tank. no reason to not be in def. If you're not tanking, then swap between off and reck, depending on the mob or fight.
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