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Thread: AA in new xpac

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    Default AA in new xpac

    i haven't raided yet with the new dragon aa, but i'm curious what others are thinking. i know picking up both coe and sunder is probably top priority. resetting reuse on skills sounds like a nice pickup (although i haven't tested it yet to see what doesn't clear).

    any thought of dumping cornered for 25% potency every minute? although i'd think picking up Will to Survive was paramount, and would still require a lot of points.

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    Default Re: AA in new xpac

    Still testing this out, but I ended up going with both coe and sunder - Went down the right dragon line (Teleport to behind target) as last skill. Spec'd out of all the reuse options and went for more threat reduction after running a few heroics and sitting at 99% for longer than I'd like. Don't have pics unfortunately, but basically took all the DPS increase, Potency over reuse, threat reduction, Right side prestige, and both Sunder and COE.

    After some limited testing in the new heroic gear, it looks like taking the CB/Pot/Reuse or CB/Pot/Amod gear then reforging back into melee stats is the way to go. Full on Melee (no Potency) sets where around a 200K DPS loss.

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