This is a complete walkthrough to the Bruiser Epic. If you need/want to know what a person/thing looks like, most will be linked to an image.

  • Languages:
    • Oggish, Halasian, which can be purchased from Garglari(1859, 483, 811) in Terens Grasp.
    • Also Orcish and Giant, which cannot be purchased, but have to be quested. An Order of Orc Tongue - Words of a Giant.
  • Items:
    • Two Plat.
    • 50 Ferrite Clusters - Purchase from Broker.
    • Chardok Gate Crystals: a Bathezid gate crystal/Sokokar Post, a Nak'azar gate crystal, and a Caroeth gate crystal - Drop off of the Gatekeepers before each wall. May just be able to purchase them from the Broker.
    • 5 Fiery Magma Infusion - Player made, purchase from Broker.
    • 1 Ebon Cluster for the recipe The Legend of Fyst.

First Quest: The Fist of War

Step 1: Hidden Flagging
You must first journey to the Golden Scepter within Maj'Dul, along with at least two plat, as there is a fee to listen to the Epic story. You must do this as there is a hidden flag in listening to the story of Gorynn's Fist. There you will find Gulan of the Horizon(121, 140, -122), you speak to him and agree to give him two plat to hear the tale.

Sit and listen to the tale, as you must wait for Alim to complete his story.

As he speaks, he acts out the story with dolls (Gorynn - Varig Ro - Rogtog Corpsemaker), and nearing the end we get our first glimpse of Gorynn's Fist.

Step 2: Hidden Flagging
Once he finishes you then travel to South Freeport. There at the door to West Freeport you will find a Juggernaut Taskmaster(70, -17, 125). After speaking to him, travel down to the docks in South Freeport and speak to a Roughhouser Champion(-270, -56, 201).

Step 3: Collecting Takes
Now you must go and collect 6 Gambling Chips.
  • Another in North Freeport, upstairs at the Jade Tiger Inn(-79, -10, -67).

Step 4: The First Quest
After you have all 6, return to a Juggernaut Taskmaster(70, -17, 125) in South Freeport, speaking to him you will now receive your first quest: The Fist of War.

Conversation: Lore

You now must defeat the 6 Dreadnaught Champions.
  • Next two are in West Freeport - a Brutalizer Champion(134, -25, 140) - a Menacer Champion(288, -3, 45).
    • Either get a good angle to hail the jailed Brutalizer or get the key from killing a Freeport Militia Cellmaster(161, -7, 142).

After defeating all of them, return to a Juggernaut Taskmaster(70, -17, 125) in South Freeport. You now have earned the rank of Dreadnaught Dominator.

Conversation: Lore

Step 5: Defeating the Big Boss

Now you must go to the Blood Haze Inn in West Freeport and enter the Juggernaut Gymnasium(301, -4, 129), headquarters of the Big Boss. Speak to the Big Boss and defeat him, you will receive a fake Gorynn's Fist.

Conversaion: Lore

Step 6: Examine the Fake Fist
Equip it and hit any nearest mob as it will break, then examine the broken Fist to receive the next quest: The Broken Fist.

Second Quest: The Broken Fist

Step 7: Seeking Information
You now must seek information about the Fist, speak to Gurb the Master Weaponsmith(86, -10, -52) in West Freeport.

Conversation: Lore

Step 8: Learning Information

Now you must find Gurb's Anvil's original owners descendant, you will need 50 Ferrite Clusters. Travel to the CommonLands to speak with a Dervish Craftsman(-1,408, -16, 278).

Conversation: Lore

She tells you that the Big Boss knows more than he told you, return to the Juggernaut Gymnasium and speak to him again.

Conversation: Lore

Step 9: Making an Alliance
You now seek an ogre named Borga Rallok(-2,344, 230, 1,130) within Kunark, travel to the Jarsath Wastes, he is found in the Skyfire Mountains between the Temple of the Red Lord and Temple of the White Lady. After speaking to him you must challenge his spirit force, where three lvl 82 Iksar Spirit Solider will spawn. After defeating the Spirit Forces, speak to him again.

Conversation: Lore

He then proceeds to tell you about Yorula and the chest that binds the Fist within it. To open this chest, it required four Obsidian Amulets known as the Four Arms of Gorynn. Yorula summoned four great Champions of War to Kunark, but they were forever changed and awaited a second rise of the Rallosian Empire, and you are to find the Champions and take their Amulets, as they are the key.

Conversation: Lore

Step 10: Riddles of the Krom Stones

All four of the Krom Stones are within deep Chardok, its quite easy to solo this part if you already have the means to get down there (Green Shard/Sokokar Post, Blue Shard, and Red Shard). Once down there, the first three are within the Library, which you need
  • The First Stone is at (906, -66, 545).
  • The Second Stone is at (870, -78, 602).
  • The Third Stone is at (971, -74, 604).
  • The Fourth Stone is not within the Library, but even deeper within Chardok, you must go back and open another hidden wall by click a level - it is down the long hall behind the Golem(1082, -50, 79).

Step 11: Retrieve the Amulets

After reading the riddles of all four Tablets, you must now find the four that hold the amulets.
  • The first on the list is the Powerful Man that lives around Furry Elephants, he does require you have 5 Fiery Magma Infusion (these are player made) with you. He is found in Everfrost, way out on the goblin islands past Permafrost(162, -38, -1696). Speak to Einar McPherson, he will take your five drinks and spawn into an 80-84^^^.
  • The second on the list is an Orc standing on a cliff, he is found within the Clefts of Rujark, once you find Champion Gorlok(-68, 38, -66), he sends you two Sebilis to retrieve the Claws of Fyst that a Sathirian Monk has, kill the brawler instructor till he drops the Recipe: The Legends of Fyst, you must craft the Claws of Fyst and return with it to Champion Gorlok. He will now accept your challenge and engage as a 80-84^^^.
  • The third on the list is the Gluttonous Giant, you must travel to the Fens of Nathsar. Fly out to the beach near the Field of Bone, along the west shore you will find a large bucket(-985, -400, -2904), examine it to receive the subquest: A Big Fish Bowl. You now need to travel to the Danak Shipyards within Jarsath Wastes, your task is a simple one of killing 50 Sharks and 50 Swordfish. Once you finish this task, you must return the large bucket and place the corpses within it, wait for Granitegrip to make his way up the beach, he will stop at the bowl and begin to eat from it, hail him to activate him and he will engage as a 81-85^^^.
  • The fourth on the list is the Ogre Gladiator. Travel to the Ferrott and head towards Cazic-Thule, on the outside you will find Ogg Kryn'Rok(-1801, -10, 759). Speak to her and try to challenge her, but she will tell you that someone has already taken the amulet from her, a heavily armored man that has left to learn the ways of Fist and Tail.

Step 12: Taking the Last Amulet

Travel to the Kunzar Jungle to find this 'strong man' that Ogg spoke of, you will soon find that its the Big Boss that stole the amulet from her, he is found at (421, 45, -296). Speak to him, he will tell you that he has been training a great deal with the Swiftail, and wont even face you enless you are of the Grandmaster level, meaning you must have completed the Tynnonium Trial. Once you have done this he will accept your challenge and engage as a 81-85^^^.
Defeat him for the last amulet and return to Borga Rallok(-2,344, 230, 1,130) within the Skyfire Mountains of Jarsath Wastes.

Conversation: Lore

Step 13: Return to Rallok

Conversation: Lore

Step 14: Defeat the Last Arm and Claim the Fist

The Spirits of War of told Rallok your name, and have now deemed you worthy of Gorynn's Fist. You must now defeat one final Arm within the lost capital of the Shissar Empire, travel to Chelsith and defeat the last named tentacale, Majora Leviathora, to gain access to the chest, within the pool that the Arm lied, there is Yorula's Chest in the wall, open the chest with the Four Arms of Gorynn to receive Gorynn's Fist. Now that you have received the Heroic Epic, you can start your quest on getting the Raid Epic by going back to Borga Rallok(-2,344, 230, 1,130).

\aITEM -304656655 2064600847:Gorynn's Fist\/a

Step 15: Unleash the Dormant Power

You have now gained the Epic weapon of the Demi-God Gorynn, but according to Rallok, the Fist hides an even greater dormant power. In order to unlock this arcane force. I need to give the weapon a taste of the combat it faced in the past.

Conversation: Lore

Your first task is to slay 200 Sentient beings that are at least level 80. Found best it was to slay the Droags/Wurms/Drachnids within the Skyfire Mountains.

Step 16: Slay Pawbuster

Conversation: Lore

After you slay Pawbuster, return to Rallok for your next task.

Step 17: Slay Leviathan

Conversation: Lore

After you slay Leviathan, return to Rallok for your next task.

Step 18: Slay Silverwing

Conversation: Lore

Step 19: Champion of Norrath
Return to Borga Rallok, and be deemed Champion of Norrath and represent the Demi-God Gorynn.

\aITEM 307854296 2064600847:Gorynn's Fist\/a