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Thread: AA questions

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    Default AA questions

    Coming back since the release of DOV shows a changes to AA's. I looked around for a more recent guide on AA's and possibly an ability rotation, but i couldn't really find anything.

    Any help on a link to a current AA build for us bruiser kids would be fantastic.

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: AA questions

    Hert's AAs and Prestige - EQ2U

    This guy probably still has the best AA setups. A lot of stats you want to get are probably 600 dps 100 MAish or something. Probably best to ask Hert there as well since I've not played for a long time. For dps rotations just hit your lowest reuse AAs to longest or if you are soloing alternate between control effects for the best stun locks times and trying to stay behind the mob while soloing with stuns to keep your accuracy up. Also getting as much CAs off as possible during Vicious Combination is a must as well as hitting combat mastery 10 seconds in to get the max damage output as well.

    Defensively just time your stoneskins with the right effects. Inner Focus for AEs that do Crush/Slash/Pierce Damage and Stone Deaf for others. It's a good idea to keep your own stash of cure potions too for encounters where if one tick of a DoT will kill you.

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