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about that last bit...
the highest dps build as far as inqs are concerned is actually 46inq / 10sent / 10sham iirc.

also if you want to try something fun: try 51sham / 14inq / 1 just. justicar for lost favor procs.

how is that fun? soul drain (as well as tyranny btw) procs the aoe vengeance. and it does so a TON.
supposedly the best shaman spec is 51sham/11inq/4just anyway, so thats not that far off and for the 3% melee damage perk you gain a lot of AOE potential as well as the awesome ST dps. if you go to fights that occasionally have 3+ targets near you, this would probably be the spec for you (unless you want to drop all of your ST dps and go for cabalist)

I believe the one i use is 51inq 10 sent 5 warden. And for the poster above there is no way druid is beating inq, unless yer doing something wrong.