The reason why +disruption etc does NOT work in a meaningful way in eq2 is actually quite simple. The calculations first find a hit rate for you vs a mob. So lets say its 50 percent, and then they take you TO HIT skill and scale it vs dinminishing returns vs the mob and create a TO HIT modifiyer percentage.

The exact math formula of how TO HIT works could be argued for quite awhile, I have a number of ideas myself. The one thing we do know is that TO HIT bonuses only MODIFY the base hit chance you have vs a mob. Which means that the TO HIT stats fight an uphill battle. So your stats mean LESS where you need them MOST.

The only way to fix this is make TO HIT stats have direct bonuses on your hit chance on a mob instead of modifiying the hit chance.

I know I suck at writing and explaining things I understand, if someone who understands what im saying wants to reword what I said, feel free.