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    Default Complete Writeup for Raiders (min/max)

    Look for a better fleshing out of new information in this post.

    The issue i was having with the last one is that so much good information was included that the 20,000 char limit was reached pretty quickly.

    I will ask for the other thread to be locked and this one be used.

    I will break this thread down into 4 separate parts, First will be fighters, then mages, The priests, then scouts.

    Look for 4 reserved posts 4 information and 1 for growth at the top ;-)

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    Default Fighter's

    • Berserker
      • Group benefits
      • Group Health regen
      • Proc DPS/Haste proc
      • Multi Encounter tank over Guardians; (Gibe FTW, Destruction, Openwounds, all great agro tools)
      • Group Wide Str Buff
      • Each person in the group has a chance to proc Berserk on their own. It is not tied to the berserker for the group.
      • Also, under guardian it implies berserkers can only gain aggro via auto-attack when out of power: we do have a permanent self buff which has a chance to proc a small amount of hate and damage though. Admittedly it is not great compared to the guardian one, but not non-existent as is implied.
      • Two debuffs which are tied to CAs: one debuffs attack speed and the other crush/slash/pierce skill.
      • I think it's reasonably safe to report that the majority of berserkers take the sta+str KoS AA lines, though there are a sizable minority of berserkers who dislike it.
      • For EoF, many will go the cyclones line for destruction/open wounds and the final ability which reduces taunt resists as well as the debilitation line culminating in Gut Roar which nullifies one spell/ca used on the berserker/his group.
    • Bruiser
      • Drag AA is huge.
        • Awesome for grabbing adds and getting them away from named fast. Also good for repositioning a loose named.
        • 25% dps grp buff mod.
      • Shake off single target avoidance buff which is a great buff for a tank if you are down a healer or something.
      • FD for faster recoveries after wipes (as long as your healers remember rez shards!).
      • Also make decent off tanks when properly geared.
      • And can provide decent dps depending on group 1.3k+.
      • NEED MORE INFO!!!
    • Guardian
      • Hold the line
        • continually taunt AE free proc and even if a Guard is OOP he can still contiune to gain aggro unlike a Beserker. (not speaking about Auto attack)
      • There are AA's that also help Guardians get and keep Hate very well
      • NEED MORE INFO!!! x4
    • Monk
      • The end ability that gives eagle expert owns
        • 1400 mitigation and 75% melee crit bonus when you drop bellow 30% hp
        • then tsunami + outward calm
        • heal after they run out
        • then pop up your mitigation/root
        • you can solo burn mobs so hard like that
        Raidwide casting speed and haste buff (22% haste, forgot how much the casting speed buff is, something like 13% @ M1)
        NEED MORE INFO!!!
    • Paladin
      • KoS AA's
        • Sta 8 4 4 8 2
        • Int 4 4 8 7 (or WIS 4-4-8-6-2)
        • This will give u the most HP, and get both ur heal and spell crit well over 50. Some people would argue and stay going down str for the 8% Haste increase is better. You will develop more hate from critting on all ur nukes and heals then that little 8% will give you.
        • WIS 4-4-8-6-2 1st 2 abilities are so so, wisdom for a little more resists/power and a sword only ability that is minor damage. 8 points in the 3rd ability gives your group a +34 to all skills except range and focus(slashing/piercing/crushing/ministration/ordination/subjectgation/disruption), this alone is why i go down this line, it helps your group immensely, no matter who your group is. 6 points in the 4th ability just because i needed 22 points and a extra 2 in wisdom is less worht while i think than health regen to the group(pretty close usefullness but lean to group over my benefit only). Final 2 points in fearless morale for immunity to fear for me and 1% to melee/spell damage, casting times,recast times for the whole group.
          • Last ability more in testing for me but if i decide to drop that i will put points in Agi for more avoidance on me.
      • EOF
        • One line ALL paladins should max out in EoF Aa's without any questions is the Hero line.
        • The last ability adds 3% roughly to ur shield block which is huge. With the right adornments and items, you can get that up to nearly 30% shield block
        • Support line.
          • This gave me faster rez's which is nice for a lot of fights and just for out of raid use too,
          • the group armament which is kinda blah....but has its very minor uses.
          • The biggest thing is the cure. It cures 76 levels of all hostile effects minus trauma. 1 second cast 10 second recast.
            • Its great for mobs that reflect and u got that bard in ur group that loves debuffing you guys.
          • With that set up ull have like 8 points left over (going down hero for the shield block, and support for the cure) which i then put into wraths to up my brimstone a little.
      • EOF (another Pally's take)
        • Hero line all the way for helath buffs and enhanced sigil and 24% boost to my shield protection for increased block, yielding 27.6% block.
        • Support line all the way
          • 5 points in intercede
          • 5 group armament (giving all non fighters 700 mit in group(brigands/swashbucklers love this).
          • Additional 5% proc chance on my self and group based proc buffs(group based procs off melee/ranged/combat arts, not just melee so rangers and other ranged classes like this too.
          • End line cure works great, especially if you use a usability macro to target yourself on the cure in raids so you never have to switch from your assisted target.
        • Remaining 8 points
        • 5 into enhanced ward to drop from 15 sec recast to 10 sec recast
        • 3 points in Wrath line for enhanced Relentless Conviction for 15% increased dps and chance on stun on non epic mobs.
      • i love mage groups.
      • For tanking paladins
        • The prefered group set up (at least imo) is
        • Pally, Defiler, Templar, Warlock/Wizard, Troubador/dirge, and the last spot you can really play around with.
          • Some go with a wizard AND warlock.
            • The reason i do this is for options. And its good for raid leaders to keep in mind too. What you do by stacking them with a paladin is you give him the best amends for single target fights, and the best amends for multi mob fights. It just comes down to if your paladin is good enough to know to switch amends depending on the fight.
      • The important thing to remember from it all is you paladin MT group and guardian MT group cant look the same.
        • Paladins run with 1 AE taunt, and its on a 30 second timer.
          • That means if a paladin AE taunts 4 mobs, 2 of which resist, and his single target taunt and shield bash are already down
          • thats 15 - 30 seconds before the paladin can do ANYTHING outside of damage to increase his hate on those 2 mobs, and if he doesnt have a good strong amends, its hopeless.
          • If you stick a paladin with a dirge and coerce thinking the hate mod is enough, ur fooling urself....100% hate increase on 0 hate gain is still 0....
        • For tanking paladins this is what you want to do. If you have a warder in your group (shaman or defiler) have them preward you and bolster you AFTER you have already pulled and are positioning the mob, believe it or not its better for paladins to do this. This allows you to open with sigil, gain a CRAP load of hate from that shaman off the getgo, the mob wont even hestitate and look at other group members if it gets stunned or wants to cast on the pull. Itll stayed 100% glued to u. This is also really good for fights where ur split tanking mobs, and cant use AE taunts, it allows you to build burst start agro on the mobs that are hitting u and nothing else. At this point all the paladin has to do is settle in, and spam his taunts/heals. Personally i only used a few of my CA's while tanking. Ill use my attack that heals me, my stun and my shield bash and my dot. Outside of those, their spells and take too long to cast and get interrupted too often.
        • Another useful ability is the end ability from Sta i suggest tanking. Divine Aura although some say its broken..blah blah i still use it. That doubled with the Mith Marr ability that keeps you from taking damage for the next 10 hits can be powerful tool for offtanking. If MT goes down, hit the god ability, rescue, hit DA and thatll give you time to position the mob, get ur self ward on urself, and time for the healers to start getting those reactive heals stacked on you. The most crucial point of offtanking is the first 5-10 seconds of picking up agro. This is when ull get hit the hardest and fastest. If you can survive through this, and ur healers are paying attention, chances are ull make it till ur MT is back up and ready to go.
      • Not considering AA's, paladins bring many things to a raid:
        • Full health rez spell on a 1 min recast(45 secs if aa specced).
        • Single target raid/group/friend ward that wards for 1,400 health(1,700 if it crits) on a 15 second recast(10 sec if aa specced) and stacks with a shaman ward.
        • Call to Duty group buff that procs 8% chance(13% aa specced) a divine attack on a successful melee/ranged/combat art from any in the group. Does double damage to undead targets.
        • Celestial Touch(Lay on Hands) power free large heal that can be cast on any friendly target, insta cast with a 15 minute timer(8.5 with a lot of aa specs)
        • Ardent Belief line group STR/WIS buff(50% increase to wisdom if aa specced)
        • Resolute Faith line single target group only avoidance check that gives the target a 54% chance to use your avoidance check on a fail on its avoidance. Paladins have the largest block% of any class if they go down the hero line, so they can be most effective on epic targets on helping MT.
        • Sigil of Heroism group only hate siphon that transfers 36% of the groups hate to the paladin for 15 secs(20 if aa specced), doesn't transfer from a amends target.
        • Amends single target ina group hate siphon that transfers 41% of the group member's hate to the paladin.
        • Single and group target heals that heal close to 1,100 health on a 5 second and 7.5 second recast timer respectively. power cost is more than a true healer but can add up on healing when your raid is short on healers.
        • Our Taunts are divine based, instead of mental for other fighter classes. because of this we usually see less resists on out taunts and our group encounter taunt has a divine debuff on it of roughly 1,024(around 1,500 debuff if aa specced)
        • We are the best class to use intercepts on the MT for intitial pull, we can preward ourself, toss a intercept on the MT then self heal any overflow damage we recieve on the hit. We can help provide a safety net to raid pulls where it may take several seconds for debuffs to land, or when a raid member pulls agro and would be one shotted without our intercept.
    • Shadowknight
      • NEED MORE INFO!!!

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    Default Mage's

    • Coercer
      • Main Tank" Coercer: (often the Primary Coercer)
      • AA guidelines:
        • Enchanter Tree(KoS Tree)
        • AGI 4-7-4-8-1 or 4-8-4-7-1 (preference) - Self spell haste in insane amounts either way
        • STA 4-4-8-8
          • Empathic Aura - Group Heal crit chance +13.9%
          • Empathic Soothing - Group agro redux 7.2% if not fighter
        • Idea 2
          • int 4 4 4 8
          • sta 4 4 8
          • agi 4 8
          • throw the other point where ever you want or take a point out of crits and get volital magic if you feel like it, but thats just my opinion anything other than heal crits in sta line is a waste.
      • Coercer Tree (EoF Tree)
        • Coersion
          • 5 Points Enhance Harm Link: +5% redux to cross raid agro redux (for total of 28%)
          • 1 Point Coersive Healing (final AA): Single target 1 target = Group Healer - Wards +15%, Health Regen +15%, Reactives +1 trigger ammount, Power cost +5%.
        • Efficiency OR Mana Line
          • Efficiency (Good for raids with Agro controll issues) = enhanced stun ability and Thoughtsnap (final AA) - Target encounter is porced to target random fighter in coercer group, prevents target encounter from changing targets (7s duration)
        • Mana (Good for raids with no dirge in MT group) = Hastens Power feed ability, Power regen and out of cap power regen (Gorging thoughts), Speeds up Channel reuse time and mana cloak power heal amount(reactive power heal) - Manaward (Final AA) Wards group members again 333 points of all damage.
        • Duties/Buff Needs:
          • "MT" Coercer is Primary INT Hexer
          • back up mezzer if Illusionist available
          • Requires MT's Moderate if Guardian
          • If Fury in group VIM on Coercer, for DPS unless power is issue for Templar.
          • Coercer Buff line up (typical)
          • Enraging Demeanor (+43% hate) - MT
          • Impetus (+78 DPS) - MT, Assassin with agro transfer on MT, (on Dirge if agro controll isn't an issue)
          • Harmonious Link (28% Agro Redux cross raid) -
            • Un-Moderated or Non-Troub Warlock, Wizard, Brigand, Illusionist, some cases SK.
          • Coersive Healing : Defiler
          • Signet of Enlightenment +85 INT/AGI
          • Incitement Power pool and arcane resists buff (can be dropped when arcane not a factor for more agro or dps buffs)
          • Beholder's Eye +14.6 pr/tick group
          • Ease 42ish/tick Pr (depending points in coercer tree)
        • Primary DPS form - Proc Damage reactive damage.
          • Extremely long fights coercer tends to spike dps
          • Significant dps increase in AE/AoE
      • "DPS" Coercer (typically 2nd or 3rd coercer in a guild, or when Coercer is not often used in MT Group):
        • AA Guidlines:
          • Enchanter Tree(KoS Tree)
          • Same as "MT" Coercer above, or INT 6-4-4-8-1 in place of STA line as dps boost preference.
          • +24 personal Int, 12% crit chance, +30% damage to all spells buffs and equipment procs when under 30% power.
        • Coercer Tree (EoF Tree)
        • Same options as "MT" Coercer focusing on:
        • Coersion: Enhance Auspex, Spell Scourge, Cataclysmic Mind
        • Efficiency: Enhance Ego Torrent, Sonic Boom
        • DPS chanter Focuses on Proc gear and Proc damage.
        • Put in with Troub, Fury (or ST group for special pulls)
        • If STA Line chanter give to DPS group, scout or Mage, as group agr redux.
        • Spell Line up is similar to MT except Harmonious Link on self after sorcerers for priority list.
        • Primary DPS form - Proc Damage reactive damage.
        • Extremely long fights coercer tends to spike dps
        • Significant dps increase in AE/AoE
        • INT line coercers Sprint Power off to acheive higher parse, and should stack up on FT gear or power proc in places where they don't have damage proc.
        • When choosing stats or proc allways choose proc.
    • Conjurer
      • conjurers are benefited in the extreme by a troubadour as Aria and PoTM proc off both pet and player alike.
      • conjurer's really benefit more than Sorcerer’s from Synergism (Illusionist), Aria of Acclimation, and Precision of the Maestro
        • Procs from these three sources can account for anywhere between 15 and 25% of a Conjuror's dps.
        • While Geotic Seal can offer some added mitigation, the benefit of this when tied in with the diminishing returns is suspect when compared to the added DPS.
      • One little trick that some conjurors may not know of... ask your Shaman friend for a (single target) ward on your pet and use Expiation on the longer fights. This gives a decent little mana/hp bump to your group and prevents your DPS from being lowered. (It saves your scout/mage pet from death, DOES NOT WORK ON TANK PETS.) This can be done with Implode as well.
      • Another trick, if you have a Shadowknight in the group with a conj and they use Death March, usually Ember Seed will proc on death stealing the "kill shot" and causing DM to proc again.
      • Conjurors bring nearly irresistible spells to the table with Unabate.
      • We are AE DPS. Our pet has AE's, we have AE's.
      • Geotic Seal is ALL RESISTS, including mitigation, noxious etc. This can be enhanced.
      • Pyreshield is a damage shield.
      • Our KOS AA's should be STR + INT
        • STR 4 - 4 - 4 - 8
        • INT 8 - 7 - 4 - 8 - 2
      • Our EOF
        • Speed casting line to Unabate, Utility line down and take Bubble
        • Additional comments: And on the way to “unabate” just max everything besides frigid winds. It shortens the duration of our snare, which I suppose is only detrimental to our solo game, in fact it would improve the DPS of frigid winds, however most conjurors don't want to shorten their unbreakable snare.
        • 3 in Enhance: Tank pet, 5 in Speed Summoning. I will get you exact names later. (these are up for debate)
      • A good bar to achieve is 2.5k per fight, given proper circumstances. More for multiple mob encounters. This may or not be possible with certain boss fights, significantly lowering possible zone-wides. I.E. Treyloth."(depending on group setup and proc gear)(contested Idea, more than likely will be lower unless you have perfect gear, group setup, and know what spells to click in which order)
      • Spam your shortest casting spells, couple that with my manastone, bv, shard and heart, occasionally, and intervention and gem, and I can get a messload of spells off during EV. I definitely hit ML whenever I can though. (Make sure your pet attacks between each cast so EV proc's)
        • Bubble, being a 5m range, No dead pet = more DPS I suppose.
    • Illusionist
      • What we bring to the Table All the Time (AKA Static Buffs):
        • Synergism- Single Target Buff, castable cross-group in a raid. 33% chance (base) to proc damage-dehate on a hostile spell. {388-462 base DMG at old cap; unsure what it is at ~600 INT now} (1 Concentration Slot/person it's on)
          • Synergism goes on chanters spec'd down the Agi line first, this should not be questioned.
          • After that, it goes on whoever has the most permanent spell haste. The mage with the most permanent spell haste in the raid will be the mage with Time Compression.
          • If your Illusionist is putting Time Compression on a summoner, you have bigger issues than who is getting the most from Synergism.
        • Rapidity- Single Target Buff, grants 68 Haste. Only castable within group (1 Concentration Slot/person it's on)
        • Seal of Ascension- 85 INT/WIS Buff (1 Concentration Slot)
        • Aspect of Lucidity- 522 Power/806 mental resist/ 1008 magic/divine resist buff
        • Epiphany- 41 (Base) Power Regeneration/Tick (no concentration slot required)
      • Group Temporary Buffs-
        • Momentary Sentiment 168 INT/64 to all casting skills for 30 seconds (base); 1.5 minute recast
        • Savante- 56% less power consumed on all abilities cast for 30 seconds (base); 2.5minute recast
      • Debuffs-
        • Tribulation- -46 to all melee skills.
        • Abolish Hope- -1024 to magic/mental/divine, DoT damage.
        • AA Abilities that are must-haves:
        • Mana Flow- 10% power to anyone in raid, 10% to self, cost is 10% health/10% power
        • Time Compression- 25% Casting Speed Haste, 50% Recovery Haste, 10% Reuse Haste. (Single Target, must be in Group) (Best for Warlock or Wizard)
        • Illusory Arm- 25% Double Attack (Ranged and Melee) (Single Target, must be in group)
      • Preferred AA Setup:
        • KOS 4/8/8/3/1 AGI
        • KOS 6/4/4/8/1 INT
        • EOF All Time Line filled except Abolish Hope, All Enchanting line filled except for Cure Arcane (1), other 2 points are up to personal preference. (I personally put mine into single target mezzes)
      • Why AA Setup is Preferred:
        • This setup guarantees max DPS out of an Illusionist. A well-played Illusionist with the right gear can easily break 2k+ DPS. This setup also provides 100% Casting Speed Haste and 30% Extra damage when below 30% power.
      • Gear priorities:
        • #1: Proc items. Proc Items proc more for an Enchanter than for any other caster simply due to the number of spells that we cast. The best way to up your DPS is to have as much proc gear as possibly.
      • Proc Gear that is obtainable through quests:
        • Grizzfazzle's Walking Stick- Grizzfazzle's Errands Quest
        • Mystical Orb of the Invoker- Mystical Orbs Collection
        • Fitzpitzle's Misty Protector- Behind Death's Door Quest
        • Bone-Clasped girdle- Draco Mortuus von Liberatio Quest (Heritage)
      • Rare Off of Heroic mobs:
        • Vz'eer'ist's Sash of Draining (Vz'eer'ist the Overseer, Nizara; also can fall into Category 2)
      • Off a x2:
        • Necromantic Orb of the Death Reveller (Forsaken City Boss- The Death Reveller with the really long name)
      • Off of x4 mobs:
        • Ring of Supremacy (Fitzpitzle, Deathtoll)
        • Finger Bone Manacles (Yitzik the Hurler, Deathtoll)
        • Breath of the Destroyer (Tarinax, Deathtoll)
        • Bracelet of Thule (Vilucidae, Lyceum)
        • Dagger of the Arcane Rite (Chel'Drak, The Ancient Lord)
        • Gloves of Sagacity (Trash, Freethinker's Hideout)
      • Off of Contested Mobs:
        • Wristbands of Lost Knowledge (The Direvine Matron, Mystic Lake)
        • Staff of Light (Avatar of Flame, Lavastorm)
      • Power Proccing Gear- We're Enchanters, so we don't need Power Proccing gear, right? Wrong. For an Illusionist to be the cream of the crop in terms of their DPS, every little bit of power helps to stay under 30% for Volatile Magic.
      • Power Proc gear that comes off of instanced Mobs:
        • Mantle of the Clairvoyant (shoulders; Tarinax, Deathtoll)
        • Spellbound Silk Pants (Legs; Cruor Alluvium, Deathtoll)
        • Leggings of Lucidity (Legs; Zylphax the Shredder, Freethinker's Hideout)
      • Power Proc Gear that comes off of contested mobs:
        • Slippers of Zal'Naz (feet; The Direvine Matron)
        • Pantaloons of Mystical Silk (legs: The Mutagenic Outcast)
        • Hoop of Planar Power (earring; Avatar Shared Loot Table)
    • Necromancer
      • hearts for power regen, they should obviously go to everyone
    • Warlock
      • KOS AA's - generally suggested AGI/WIS or STR/AGI
        • AGI - Passively Reduces Cast Times and Recast by 12%
        • WIS - give up secondary slot in exchange for +8% base dmg on all spells, 12% power cost reduction, +30%(max rank) on next spell recast 1 minute, 350ish hp regenerating ward
        • STR - I think +12% spell crit at max rank, and final ability is guaranteed crit on next spell not sure of the recast i think around 1 minute.
        • AGI 4/4/6/8/2
        • WIS 4/7/4/8/2
      • EOF AA - suggest Hastenings then Explosives
        • Best to have Time Compression (for group encounters)
      • AE agro problems - because of our ability to put out a large amount of AE dmg, if we dont limit ourselves, encounter mobs will break off. things i've seen to counteract this. have heard that swashs have potential for substantial burst AE dmg, so they put swash in MT group for hate transfer other than that its just self management
      • Rift - blue ae - 12 mob limit - 5-7k dmg per target - almost no agro to mobs due to nature of the spell, its like the mobs take falling dmg.
      • Group Buffs:
        • Seal of Dismal Logic +33 disruption, ordination, subjugation, ministration, aggression.
        • Aspect of Darkness - +806 disease +1008 poison resist +522 to max power
        • Nihilistics (raid or grp friend, can be on more than 1 toon) - dmg shield, 25% chance to do 144-176 dmg to Encounter
        • Malignant Grasp (grp friend only) - 198-242 poison dmg instantly and every 4 seconds for 16 seconds. proc on melee attack
        • Boon of the Damned (raid or grp friend) - when target dmg'd has 10 % chance to cast Mana Boon which lasts 16 seconds. Increases power of target and caster by 24 instantly and every 4 seconds. 4% threat transfer to target if target is a fighter class
      • Warlocks, like other mages, also have single target arcane cure.
      • Warlocks also use Nil crystals (which we get by casting debuffs) without nil crystals a warlock's dps is reduced.
      • Debuffs
        • Tumultuous Maelstrom - Decreases encounters disease and poison resist by 1104
        • Curse of Void - Decreases targets STR & INT by 88
        • Curse of Isolation - reduces health and power of target:
          • If Epic - decreases health by 5, 588 decreases power by 4,165
          • If stronger than standard (heroic) - decreases health by 1, 863 decreases power by 1, 388
          • If not Epic - decreases health by 931 decreases power by 694
      • Preferred Group Friends
        • fury
        • illusionist
        • guard(if extra for moderate)
        • Troub
    • Wizard
      • Best to have Time Compression (for SINGLE TARGET encounters)
      • Ice lash combined with iceshape i think is the most underestimated ability in this game. Its effectively a shorter duration prescion but it doesnt root the wizard.
      • NEED MORE INFO!!!

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    Default Priest's


    • Defiler
      • Defilers buff the greatest amount of raw health (between mystic and shaman), just under 2k HP when fully mastered.
      • in group buff that procs DPS Hates debuff.
      • debuffs include DPS/Haste/Noxious and a lot to Wisdom
      • With the correct Deity pick (and the correct miracle + blessings) coupled with our STR AA line we can provide group AOE immunity for 10 minutes and near double our warding amount during this time. (unconfirmed)
      • NEED MORE INFO!!!
    • Fury
      • Place in caster group, best group buddies: troub, illusionist
      • Provide 200ish int, and 800ish power to the casters via the group buff Primal Spirit (and EOF AA) and single target buff vim. Vim is concentration slot, but fury usually cancel group buffs except Primal spirit to max caster dps. Fury can hand our 4 vim.
      • Two minute AOE blocker, Tortoise shell. Shorter duration if you optimize you troub(s) and jester cap. Casters in your group can stand on you to have protection through the fight, since tortoise shell only has 3 meter distance.
      • Fury adapt to the mob (have two sets of gear, dps and heal). Have DPS equipment set up and use a spell rotation with infusion (int AA) and energy vortex (EOF AA). The other setup is quick heals and protection, with Tortoise shell and the fastest/most group heals for priests. Fury also are always spot healing the raid with fast cast single heals and large tic regens with the agility AA line.
      • Noxious/elemental group heal, with bonus on 5 piece fabled set to reduce casting by 1 sec.
      • Pact of Cheetah, group in combat 60%+ run speed and cures roots on the group at cast time.
        • Pact has another raid use which is frequently overlooked: speeding up pet pulls. If you have a summoner in your group, drop Pact before the pet pull, it will boost the speed of the pet and cause it to rocket out to the mob. If the summoner is quick, he can recall the pet as it's casting a nuke at the named, and it will have the speed to outrun the mob and survive, saving the summoner the trouble of recasting it.
      • Agitate: used for the special mellee in the caster group, gives 60+ haste/dps based on a 15% proc chance (EOF AA).
      • Raiding furies should spec AGI and INT in the KoS lines. Heal crits from the STA line only benefit furies minimally, WIS and STR are a joke. AGI will get you Tortoise Shell for AOE blocking, and INT will get you massive spell crits to help overall raid DPS. Personally I did 4487(2) in INT, 4486(2) in AGI.
      • For EoF AAs, there's a bit more flexibility. Unfortunately SOE shafted furies on healing AAs, as there's nothing whatsoever in there that boosts our core healing abilities. The AA lines for emergency heals are worthless--it's not that reducing recast timers sucks, it's that almost anything else in the EoF tree will give you more benefit. IMO you should max out Killing Swarm, Tempest, Thunderbolt and Starnova, then grab Energy Vortex. This is baseline. From there, max out Primal Spirit and Agitate at the very least. Opinions are split on the Hibernation upgrade; I like it. Regardless, drill down to get Animal Form in one way or another.
      • My INT and WIS are both almost 700 self-buffed; at least 600 should be your goal, and one that's easily attainable. Furies eat power like candy when on full DPS burn, so a big power pool and good power regen are essential.
      • For gear, you should treat furies like mages with leather. Emphasize damage and power proc gear, resists for eating AOEs at range, +power, and INT. Don't neglect WIS, as it's your power stat, but realize that once you get into the 600's the diminishing returns make +power adornments better than +WIS for gaining power pool. As for spell bonuses, +heal adorns and abilities are nice, and I have a few, but if given the choice between equivalent +heal and +spell damage, take the spell damage. Furies get minimal benefit from +heal except on our single target direct heals, and not at all on Hibernation, and our strength is in our group healing and regens. The +spell damage abilities, however, boost our DPS significantly.
      • I personally maxed Predator for the 35% in-combat run speed, to allow me to better joust and adjust to circumstances in combat, but I can see a colorable argument being made to put those points elsewhere.
    • Inquisitor
      • enhance convict (continous debuff ~900 all mitig spell/phys )
      • enhance forced obedience ( continuous neg 31 all melees skills debuff)
      • enhance repentance ( dmg proc on CA )
      • enhance vengeance (dmg proc on auto)
      • Battlecleric ( perma mitig bonus ,+45 crushing, CA neg 25 power on use)
      • (Maladroit - stats debuff reduction by 25% - but rarely used and too expensive atm )
      • Enhance fanaticism too bugged atm, dont worth the point in it. better switch it on/off quickly while reactives running and to launch CAs if needed.
      • edit : enhance verdict is not anymore bugged. I use it , even if said as not useful on 20K+ raid dps.
        Marked at 10 sec duration now, and enhance make it usable before threshold and instant cast on limit .
      • Only AA that matters for Inquisitors right now is the improved Act of Conviction, or whatever it is. Everything else is worthless, and the things that could be potentially decent don't work effectively enough to warrant using them, ever. (Hi2u Enhance verdict and fanaticism)
    • Mystic
      • Mystics as well also get pure HP/MP buff which adds to their bag of tricks. The Omen line at lvl 70 adpetIII and the AA line for Mystics is like 731 hp and 640 power (I'll look for real numbers later and update.) We also have Avatar which at Master 2 gives 79 to STR/STA/AGI to include AA add on of Wis/Int. Yes with the SOE curve on stats, a Defiler can give about 200 more HP but I wouldnt say it's hands down the best in the group especially if a Mystics re-ward buff is better. At present my re-ward is 156 a tick while our Defiler is at like 120 but it all adds up. The Mystic buff line at the bottom gives a 3% proc chance increase which helps a tank with aggro and Dps if in MT group. Whom ever you cast it on will make all their 1.8's into 3.2 proc's a min or 5% proc's go to 8% either or. If you go the AGI/WiS line you tend to usally top the parse in heals much more and to me it has seemed more benifical if your MT Mystic then if your STR/INT, to each his own. If you also finish off Wisdom line you can cast 33% cast/recast/recycle buff on your group mates which is a fun and usfull buff at times. Call me bias here as well but I feel there must be a but ton of crapy Mystics out there that made the easier class Defilers the MT group choice when a Mystic can fill that spot just as well if not better.
      • Not as much of a HP Buffer as Defilers, we buff Stats (STR and STA) a ton but not raw HP, and with diminishing returns and caps that’s one reason people prefer Defilers...
      • Torpor, cast raid wide ... regen heal + ward with a slow on the recipient.
      • Bolster, cast raid wide, Bolster is a 54% size increase 20% HP increase and 20% increase to all stats
      • Another opinion
        • Best for KoS AA:
          • Str: 4-4-8-8-1
          • Int: 4-4-7-8
        • (People suggest that you go down the Agi line for the heal crits, but that line is terrible besides the heal crits and its not worth using the AAs.)
        • (People also say that you should go down the Sta line to get insta-cures but your really not curing that much... in fact I can't remember the last time in a raid I used a cure that wasn't ancient balm (cure all) or ebbing spirits (group cure arcane+noxious))
        • People also say that the wis line is good for the 2nd ability (spell that lets your next heal heal for 37% more) but I say its not near as important as immunities or haste/dog ward/proc AE immunity.
        • But if you just can't damn stand the dog go ahead and use Agi Sta Wis /shrug.
    • Templar
      • KOS AA’s
      • Int 4/4/8/8/2
        • This will increase casting speed and give Divine Recovery which improves cast and recast of everyone’s abilities. Can speed up healing in a MT group or CA's in a DPS group.
      • STA line 4/4/7/8
        • (melee crits/heal crits)
      • EOF AA’s
        • All Templars seem to be maxing most abilities out under the blessings line and picking up that final ability on the Templar tree.
        • For MT Templars in the Templar tree some find it is best to max out cures and Sanctuary. OR some MT templars max out 2 cures and then sanctuary or 3 in each cure and then maxing out sanctuary... then finishing off by putting points in the smite line for added dps.
        • For the DPS or OT templars they seem to not bother with Sanctuary and are putting more in the smite line.
    • Warden
      • + 28 agi/116 power/19.5 pwr-tick regen buff to single target (if ade3 lvl 35 spell + rank5 enhance spirit of the bat from eof aas)
      • + 28 to group defense in 3min. chunks (if master I)
      • + 109 wis/721 power buff to 3 targets (if master I)
      • + 65 to all melee skills for a single target
      • fast, low power heals that all have HoT components, so can always be ticking
      • fast, economic group heals + free proc group heals when able to melee + aoe tree healing = when several folks are taking damage, wardens kick butt!
      • usually crank good dmg for a priest. We have no further significant buffs or debuffs, so dmg should be considered a warden's utility.
      • Group elemental (heat/cold) ward that lasts 36s (1 min recast). Great for Wuoshi, DT eyes, crab, and any other mob with an elemental AoE. Its best feaure is to suck up the power drain component on elemental AoE's with drains attached.
      • Single-target heal proc that triggers on 8% of incoming hits (12% with AA enhancement). Lasts until canceled. Frequently procs, especially when fighting multi-mob groups, and a good source of moderate free heals.
      • We can be pretty quick and consistent curers since our heals are fast-casting. Our AA cures have a mit bonus attached to them (+550 for phys mit and over 1000 for magic resists). Some people think these cure enhancements are worthless; some like them. I happen to like them since I can give the MT a resistance boost of over 1000 when an AoE is incoming. That can't hurt.
      • Nature Walk AA ability prevents roots group-wide. Nice for Treyloth and a few others. It's also supposed to prevent "most knockbacks," but this does not include G-fluxes and knock-ups and such, so this component of the ability is pretty useless for the vast majority of raid mobs.
      • Two death saves, one single-target and one group-wide.
      • Apart from the +65 melee bonus to one target and general defense and healing, Wardens offer nothing to enhance dps groups.

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    Default Scout's

    • Assassin
      • EOF AA's Should be ..
        • No clear cut choice (as a whole, kinda crappy)
        • Enhance: Hemotoxin Poison is recommended
      • KOS AA's Should be..
      • STR - All the way down to Perfectionist
        • Make sure to max melee crits
      • INT - All the way down to Intoxication
        • Make sure to max spell crits
      • Raid benefits
        • Very high single target DPS
        • Moderate ranged DPS with a good bow
        • Hate transfer buff (29% at M1)
        • Apply poison buff (gives a non-predator/rogue group member a chance to poison dot proc on melee attack
        • Constriction - debuffs defense by 31 and mit by 512
        • Poison Combination - debuffs poison resist by 1540
        • Enmesh - debuffs poison resist by 2080
        • Intoxication - debuffs slashing, piercing, crushing, focus, ordination, disruption, subjugation and ministration by 21
      • Preferred MELEE DPS group mates In order of preference
      • Illusionist (IA + haste), Dirge (melee buffs and CoB), Inquisitor (melee buffs and Fanaticism), Zerker (STR and beserk), it's a toss up for the last spot.
      • Master II choice MUST be Malignant Mark
    • Brigand
      • EOF AA's Should be ..
        • Enhance Dispatch
        • Enhance: Devitalize
        • Enhance: Rake
        • Tenure
        • Enhance:Malicious Assault (Choice 1)
        • Safehouse (My pseronal Pick)
      • KOS AA's Should be..
      • STR = 4/7/4/8/2
        • The 5th skill of the STR-Line adds 50% to any recast timers
      • Either (WIS 4/6/4/8/2 or AGI 4/6/4/8/2)
        • Concerning the choice between WIS and AGI Line, to make generalizations:
        • The one-hand-brigand has a higher DPS potential than the dual wield one, VERY few TOP end weapons beat Dual weild.
        • At the same time is more reliant to good buffs from his group to reach (very) good DPS at all.
      • Raid benefits
        • Dispatch (All resistances including physical mitigation on a single target about additional ~3,5k for 17,5 Sec./Minute)
        • All resistances including physical mitigation on a single target about ~2k continuously
        • Cold or magic Resistance about an additional ~2k / ~1,5k on a single target continuously
        • About ~80 STR half of the time
        • About ~80 AGI, ~60 Defense, ~80 Parry and ~35 Deflection (if you chose the AA) on a single target continuously
        • About ~30% Attack speed on a single target continuously
        • Parry Reduction
        • Intercept + threat reduction (beg for mercy line) Only on NON fighters
        • Dispell divine effects (such as thorns damage shields).
      • Preferred MELEE DPS group mates In order of preference
      • Illusionist (super preferred) (haste + double attack AA) (can be changed with Dirge + Inquisitor for Fury + Illusionist )
      • Dirge ("Fanaticism + Cacophony of Blades" in unison)
      • Inquisitor
      • Zerker
    • Dirge
      • While certainly capable of dealing damage when played by highly skilled players, the Dirge shines brightest as a Main Tank / Melee group buffer. Properly geared and spec'd, a main tank group dirge offers:
        • 14% group stoneskin proc (with luck of the dirge) and 16% with templar blessing aa's
          • It also stacks with Templar's single target stoneskin buff
        • +50 parry to group members
        • +58 power regen per tick (stacks with Coercer/Illusionist)
        • +30 aggression and 42% increased hate gain to the tank
        • +28 to slashing/crushing/piercing/ranged for all group members
        • Increased proc rates, increased crit chances, and faster casting times
      • Other buffs available include:
        • +112 STR and AGI to all group members
        • +31 DPS modifier to all group members
        • 20% disease DMG proc to all group members
        • +1389 v/s disease and poison DMG
      • Class Abilities:
        • 10% single target resurrect every 30 seconds
        • 10% group resurrect every 30 seconds
        • Transfer approx. 3,000 HP to target in 8 seconds
        • Increase group attack speed by 54, while casting disease damage and an interrupt on every successful melee attack (Cacophony of Blades)
        • Hyran's is 30 aggression, 37% hate gain at master 2, should be 29/36% at master 1
      • Ideal KOS AA’s for Main Tank/Offtank/Melee DPS Group Dirge: Strength and Wisdom Lines
      • Strength Line:
        • 4: Bladesingers Strength (+16 Strength)
        • 4: Turnstrike (melee attack, 10 sec self aoe immunity)
        • 8: Bladeturn (enhances the parry buff "Screeching Elusion", good for +50 parry with M1 spell)
        • 7: Bladesing (enhances group STR/AGI buff, good for +112 STR/AGI with M1 spell)
        • 2: Bladedance (30 second group aoe immunity, breaks on any member who takes damage)
      • Wisdom Line:
        • 4: Harbingers Wisdom (+32 Wisdom)
        • 4: Harmonizing Shot (ranged weapon attack, threat reduction)
        • 4: Harbingers Sonnet (increases group in combat/out of combat movement speed)
        • 8: Allegro (increases casting speed of group by 7.2%)
        • 2: Don't Kill the Messenger (increases heal, damage, melee, and ranged crit chance of group by 7.5%)
        • That leaves two points missing from the wisdom line. Put them in Harmonizing Shot or Sonnet, it's your call.
      • Additional Info
        • ideal AA lines would be Sta/Wis now for hardcore guilds who don't need BD anymore, other you can stick with what you have
        • As for EOF, I'd say Luck of the dirge/confront fear is better, except for one dirge who will be the main debuffer, ideally the MT dirge
      • Ideal EoF AAs for Main Tank/Offtank/Melee DPS Group Dirge: Degredate and Luck Lines
        • Degredate Line:
          • The goal is the end of the line ability
        • Luck Line:
          • The goal is the end of the line ability, which increases the trigger chance of spells, items and combat arts in your group by 25% of the existing trigger percent
          • This affects just about any proc you can think of - including Percussion of Stone (15% chance with M1 Percussion of Stone and Luck active).
        • Enhance Brias
        • Enhance Cacophony of Blades
    • Ranger
      • .
      • NEED MORE INFO!!! x4
    • Swashbuckler
      • Well, under the right circumstances, agi/wis may be more DPS than str/wis. But then again it would be questionable, how much more DPS this would be exactly and if it's worth the loss of the utility in TS.
      • str/wis has gotten Coule as well as agi/wis did and i think str/wis even gets more out of this skill because of the synergie of double attack and melee crits (gotta (double)hit to crit )
      • So in no way Coule does make agi/wis more superior.
      • CD shard and the sword of woushi's recipe are among the best weapons ingame right now for rogue dps (and it's also "relatively" easy to get access to them).
      • It doesn't matter how many items with melee crit are around, you'd want to kill for every percent of crit you can get untill you reach 100%.
      • Melee crit still has a linear curve, meaning that the 100th percent of crit does as much for your dps as the 1st did.
      • And again: Mind the synergies of doubleattack/meleecrit and of meleecrit with good weapons (read high ratio of min/max damage).
      • On the swashbucklers with TS:
        • I doesn't matter if or how many swashies do have TS.
        • There are still situations were you might want the brigand TSing instead of the swashie.
    • Troubadour
      • .
      • NEED MORE INFO!!! x4

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    Default Re: Complete Writeup for Raiders (min/max)

    * Berserker
    o Main tank preferred with Cold damage * may be depreciated *
    I don't see any situation, where a raidleader might want to consider the special elemental mitigation bonus of fighter's def-stances, especially not with the current state of resistance's dimishing returns curve.
    Suggestion: Delete w/o replacement.

    + Berserker or Guardian (Berserker preferred)
    Guardians give nothing to us (ok, apart vorm a possible deaggro, but you won't build your raid based on this buff, especially since both classes require different classes as their group mates)
    Suggestion: Delete w/o replacement.
    Brigand/Alchemist/Tinkerer - Rat
    Raidleader of Feral Fires @ Valor
    - typos and grammar mistakes for free -
    - donations will be benevolently accepted though -

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    Default Re: Complete Writeup for Raiders (min/max)

    I just noticed this:

    o With the correct Deity pick (and the correct miracle + blessings) coupled with our STR AA line Defilers can provide group AOE immunity for 10 minutes and near double our warding amount during this time. (unconfirmed)
    Say what? How can Defilers provide group AoE immunity for 10 minutes again? I must have missed the patch notes on that one, please educate me, whoever wrote that.

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    Default Re: Complete Writeup for Raiders (min/max)

    Quote Originally Posted by LFG View Post
    I just noticed this:

    Say what? How can Defilers provide group AoE immunity for 10 minutes again? I must have missed the patch notes on that one, please educate me, whoever wrote that.
    Only thing I can think of is using Minions of Evil because they proc Spiritual Foresight
    and Aura of Warding as well and make them proc like crazy the times I've used them.

    But it's still a proc and I wouldnt rely on it for the safety of my group :P

    And no I didnt write that, I'm just guessing
    If there's another explaination then I'm all ears as well.

    [Edit]Bloody spelling errors[/edit]

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    Default Re: Complete Writeup for Raiders (min/max)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tindomerel View Post
    Only thing I can think of is using Minions of Evil because they proc Spiritual Forsight
    and Aura of Warding as well and make them proc like crazy the times I've used them.

    But it's still a proc and I wouldnt rely on it for the safety of my group :P
    shhhh, devs are reading =P
    Dirge / Defiler / Guardian

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    Default Re: Complete Writeup for Raiders (min/max)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyrsten View Post
    shhhh, devs are reading =P
    *whistles innocently*

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