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Thread: SK vs Pally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoss View Post
    So what are you saying. 2 or 3 months tops? You know eventually other classes will get versions of it. First, it'll be a "ghetto" version that's not quite as good. But eventually some class that doesn't make sense (like maybe conji) will get a maintained buff that does the same thing.
    Naw I bet we see troubs getting a spell auto atk version because the devs think it will make troubs fun again by giving them another caster buff.

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    Back to the topic....

    Having played and raided both sides of the dime now. I will say that it really does not matter which crusader you choose to play. The things that matter most are things like. The knowledge of your class, knowing when to smash the right buttons, and understanding how your abilities/spells work, as well as your toons limitations. Those are the biggest and most important things in playing any tank or class for that matter. Naturally SK gets a bit better DPS and the base damage of their spells/abilities is higher than a Paladin. They also get more AOE damage spells and abilities. The Paladin has a better myth buff for tanking and a better self buff set for mitigating damage and less of the DPS side of the house to work with. In the end game world it simply boils down to the player and which of the two crusaders they play better. Having played/raided both and being completely honest Paladin takes a bit more skill to play at the highest level and produce serious results. Just ask Paladins like Boli/Ufabao/Jeal/Maergoth/Wolframhart and maybe Stonestrong haha. I had to add you in there Stone but you do a good enough job of publicizing yourself . (Still got love for you man)

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