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    Default New Conjuror looking for what spells to use/not use?

    I have spent some time looking over different forums and I have found lots of different opinions. Much of the information out there is out dated. I also looked over some the end game parse threads. But many of the damaging spells/abilities/procs are unfamiliar to me.

    So I guess what I am asking is if any veteran Conjurors out there will please list what spells and pets that I should be using or not using in my rotation.

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: New Conjuror looking for what spells to use/not use?

    For one, all of the stickies this thread are up to date.

    Petrify is the only dmg spell in our arsenal that is not worth casting, unless you are specifically trying to stun a heroic conned mob.

    We have 7 important direct dmg spells that should be used almost every time they are up, but also depending on what else is going on.

    Elemental Blast - If time warp up
    Communion - Two seconds into time warp preparation and/or multi mob or linked encounter
    Soulburn - As much as possible without killing your pet because it is tanking something
    Roaring Flames - Against multiple mobs, also with time warp preparation (the end of it)
    Aqueous Swarm - Especially vs Single targets
    Crystal Blast - when above conditions aren't the case
    Fiery Annihilation - when above conditions aren't the case and crystalline destruction is not active

    Blazing avatar, elemental unity, elemental toxicity, earthquake, thurgs, winds, bewilder, bats, are all also used almost every time they are up, and are also situational. Anyone who can do simple addition can figure this stuff out though...

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