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    Default No talk about Defilers?

    Researching info on Defilers and there is no new stuff! Defilers can still heal!

    Well anyways, are the Defilers still using melee nowadays? How about a wand? Tell me if I am wrong but, it seems like procs still go off with a wand. People get soo mad when I use a wand instead of melee, its like I have offended them or something. I am just testing out various ways to play my Defiler. Nothing is set in stone on using a wand or melee.

    What are the real benefits from using Dog Dog AA setup? Seems like trying to keep the pesky dog alive is more work than needed. Send him in, pull him out ect ect ect. And basically for some random AOE block? Do groups really need more attack speed in groups nowadays? Random group ward and a random cure? I can cure and ward the group myself. Yes, if that AOE block is up at the right times it could be very useful, but its just seems like a gamble.

    Our death save.... Does that thing even really work? Does it actually do something with the dragon AA's? Every time I have ever used it, it seems like it just fails, and tank dies anyways. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

    What kind of DPS are top defilers hitting during raids nowadays? While still topping the heal parse.

    Take a look at my toon and give me some idea's please folks! Or tear me up and flame me, I want some info! Ebeud [95 Defiler] - Freeport - EQ2U - Character Details

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    Default Re: No talk about Defilers?

    Melee is still technically better since Defilers get the same AA bonuses Mystics do.

    How dare you think about speccing out of Dogdog. He's so cute and undead. I personally use str/agi/int.

    Death save works, but if tank takes another hit (or two if you spec dragon bonus) before you heal them up they die again.

    Whatever you've seen mystics doing, defilers can probably match.

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    That random ae block is and always will be op unless they get rid of aes. Act trigger for the proc can get you nice dos boost to skip joust plus not having to heal an entire ae is also gold
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