• Fixed an issue where guild events may not display the most current events after a server restart.

  • Increased most heals in Proving Grounds.
  • Each member of the winning team will now receive their bonus tokens after completing the final objective.
  • The final zone bosses are now immune to Verdict. Mayong smiles.
  • Trash encounters and some boss adds will now apply a group-wide negative damage reduction debuff. This debuff stacks and cannot be cured.
  • Tash encounters will now set their Bleedthrough percentage to 100 if your group is attacking more than 6 at a time, but will drop back to 75% when fighting 6 or less. Bosses will remain at 75% Bleedthroughout. (That's "Bleedthrough throughout" for the lazy.)
  • All bosses will have an ability that will either outright kill a group member if that group does not have a fighter, or aggro a group member with the fewest hitpoints if that group does not have a fighter.
  • Bring a fighter.

Battle for Felwithe
  • The Ancient Anomaly alters its size no more than 5 times during the encounter.
  • Mayong Mistmoore will no longer remain invisible after summoning his bat colony.
  • Brownies cannot be sent at the opposing team once Mayong Mistmoore has been defeated on either side.

  • Corrected an issue that reduced fighter percentage heals by a larger then intended amount.

  • Corrected an issue with Thaumic Total Freedom that caused it to stun and stifle the caster, instead of making them immune to stun and stifle.
  • Twelfth Anniversary Celebration Mount will now check either adventure or tradeskill level for use.

  • Displaced and Discouraged - Portal jumped Ry'Gorr raiders are now possible quest targets.
  • The quest “Shrunken Legacy” should now properly update in the Expert version of Dalnir: The Kly Stronghold.

  • The bubbles at the center of the Ill Omen public quest in Kylong Plains are no longer viewable when the public quest starts.