1. I cant stand the lack of armor art. it all looks the same!
Give it a bit. The character model revamp that's been in the works will help in that. Too, the artists are working on other interesting armors, but such a thing takes an inordinately long amount of time since there's so many present body types as well as shapes. Sure, if there were ONLY humans runnin' across Norrath, armor would be easy since that's only one body... but there's Ratonga, Froglok, Sarnak, Female Trolls, Elves...
Give it time, it's coming.

2. Brawler Gi's and hats should be brawler only!!
I'll forward that along, and see why those were chosen to be shared and not all other class helms/hats.

3. Missing content that we all have always wanted... Guild Halls, player boats, Sea content, New Animations, and flying mounts.
It's not missing, since you never had it. Guild Halls are still beign worked on. I don't have an ETA on that release, but unless something comes up to divert the attention of the very hard working development staff, it'll be within this year. New animations are something that'll take the model revamp too, since there's SO MANY bodies to have to then test to ensure they don't clip through when they do those new emotes. Player Boats, Sea Content and Flying Mounts? I've not heard any official source saying that these were even in the works. I'll be more then happy to pass the three along, but I've not heard of anything like this in the upcoming additions, either.