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    (timetravelling) Re:Account linking (again)

    It has not been scrapped. However, since it relates to accounts and logins and such, it requires coordination with the platform teams that also must work to support every game SOE runs.

    It is definitely still something on our list, apologies that we can't give any specific dates for it.


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    Default Re: (timetravelling) Re:Account linking (again)

    They tie multiple games to the same account. Add in a flag that says, this is a primary account for these 2 or 3, up to a max, for these secondary accounts. Its not difficult coding this in and is most definately not time consuming to implement.

    Srsly, get your asses in a state of "I care about my job, I want to keep it, and I want to make the playerbase happy and maybe get a few new subs along the way to get a pay raise."

    Less beaucratic bullshit and more running it like a god damned well oiled machine. It should be running like that since the games been out for so long!

    SoE is similar to:
    Quote Originally Posted by Elucard View Post
    They're like that crazy uncle we all have. You know, the one that buys you shit but still rapes you from time to time.

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