Cratoh wrote:
SmokeJumper wrote:
1) The EU servers are being updated and will be unlocked as soon as that update completes. It is taking longer than it should due to some communication issues with the servers in Amsterdam.

2) The fact that not all AA points are being reset will be resolved in the update tomorrow morning. (Hotfix.)

3) A number of other smaller issues are also being pursued and will be hotfixed tomorrow morning also. More details on that after we finalize what can be ready for the morning.

1. All this time before you deign to post? Could have saved a lot of face by making this known sooner.

2. Does this mean that there is no points stressing over 'getting it right' as in the hotfix they will be reset again?

I'll answer #2...that's correct. They will be reset again tomorrow in the hotfix.