Absyntheea@Crushbone wrote:
Hmm. was poking around the *NEW* section of the marketplace. .and seems they have put in an icy set and a red marble set of building blocks and tiles. They mysteriously do not appear in the announcement of marketplace items though. I don't know what you think.. but it seems like very poor form after the outrage over the last sets. Perhaps they should have put some recipes in game before releasing any more SC sets? Y'know.. to appease the angry crafters?
Well, this was as big a surprise to me as it was to you; these building blocks had been made previously, but it was a mistake they were listed on the marketplace this week. Sorry for the lack of announcement in this week's marketplace article, we do try to call everything out that's released and this wasn't intended.
These two sets do indeed match some of the City Festival colours. We won't remove them from the marketplace since they've been listed for sale already, but you'll see these sets start showing up also during the in-game city festivals as they come around, they'll be available in-game like other city festival rewards.
I posted before Christmas to confirm that carpenters will indeed be getting building block sets; this is still the case, and the art has already been created (I've seen it!) for sets to match most of the the existing tile recipes that carpenters currently get from the "essentials" recipe books. When you list them out though, that's a lot of items: 9 new shapes for each of these sets:
  1. adamantine
  2. ash
  3. briarwood
  4. elm
  5. fulginate
  6. maple
  7. mossy briarwood
  8. redwood
  9. sandalwood
  10. sumac
  11. teak
11 sets x 9 items = 99 house items to create, and 99 recipes to make them. As much as I know the carpenters are looking forward to these, it does take a little time to create and test this many items and recipes so it's not something we can push out tomorrow, nice as it would be. Rest assured that they are on the way, and once they are available we'll let you know.
Apologies for the mix up with these new sets, and I hope this post clears things up a bit!