This update should occur around 10pm PST.

Added a golem NPC next to Cek'Arctor in Skyshrine who will reset your missions, allowing you to run all three every 18 hours.

When travelling between Withered Lands and Skyshrine: City of Dracur, clicking on the dialog will no longer bring up a travel map. It should now just zone you to your destination.
Bone golems in the following zones should now have more reasonable health points:
  • Covenant District [Challenge]
  • Lyceum of the Recondite
  • Lyceum of the Recondite [Challenge]

Skyshrine: The Underdepths
Dozekar should now drop treasure loot once he is defeated.

New house item recipes have been added to level 91 recipe books.
New house item recipes have been added to existing level 92 carpenter books.

Class Mythical Spells
All class mythical spells should now work on spells above level 90.

Spiritual Malice is now Dream Haunter. It grants a 1% chance per rank to finish the reuse of Maelstrom and a 4% chance per rank to finish the reuse of Nightmares.
Empowered Barrier has a 25% higher base ward and require only four spells cast to trigger. It now scales at five times the initial rate. Carrion Warding no longer increases or decreases the count, nor does it apply the ward.
Countenance of Defiled Spirits now also grants the group a chance to inflict damage on any attack.
Defiled Alacrity now triggers from Carrion Warding instead of Deathward. The chance has been reduced to 3% per rank.
Death Cries is now a replacement spell for Deathward. It has a 0.5 second cast time. It wards for the same amount as Deathward on targets above 50% health, but on targets below 50% health, it wards 30% more than Deathward.

Chaos Cloud now deals as much damage and threat as Grave Sacrament at level 90.

Negative Void now correctly modifies Dark Siphoning again.
Void Retribution also adds additional damage to Dark Siphoning when Negative Void is active.
Dark Incubation can no longer be resisted.

The instance "The Ultimate Sacrifice" should load correctly now.

Skyshrine: The Underdepths
If a group member that has the quest, "Revelations in the Temple" initiated a mount ride with one of the "talon" drake mounts, the mounts will now become visible to all members that do not have the quest as well. Also, the quest should update for all group members with the same quest.

Skyshrine: The City of Dracur
Blast in the Past: The entire group gets teleported to the Point in the Past: Ocean of Tears, including the player that speaks with Jorlak, and everyone's quest is advanced.

The following items no longer have duplicates of the same stats, they now have the sum of the duplicated stats:
Magi's Bracelet of Eradication
Hammer of Divine Retribution
Zealot's Breastplate
Magi's Earring of Eradication
Magi's Belt of Eradication
Shoulder Pads of Meditation
Magi's Necklace of Eradication
Magi's Ring of Eradication