Hey all
Internally, the zone is performing where we expect it to with environment/NPC population, but before player population in the contested version - we then account for a fair chunk of players beyond that (though player congestion does impact performance quite a bit still). A zone this big, and being contested does mean there's a potential memory bottleneck waiting to happen as players go in and out and run through the place hackin' away - it's a bit unpredictable but we do try and factor this in, trust us, but some combinations we don't realize until it's being hit as hard as it is now. To get a bit more insight, I'd ask anyone if they could post their EQ2.exe 'memory' size in task manager under processes the next time a lag hit occurs.
Also, while it's laggy, try setting the Texture Resolutions (temporarily - just to test) on Characters/LoDs to less than maximum (all the way down even). Then try the same with Environment if little result is seen. The environment texture set/size is static so separating the two tests helps. Recheck the memory size. It may take a bit to flush out, perhaps even a restart. Any and all info will certainly help and is most appreciated.