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Ashlanne wrote:
Class Balance
PVP Class Balance has seen some adjustments. The biggest change so far has been to Crowd Control.
Overall duration on CC effects has been lowered across the board by about half. While having meaningful CC is important to PVP combat, being able to actually play your character instead of being locked down throughout the match is equally important.
In addition to this change, there have been tweaks to individual classes that will be outlined when we push this update to test server.
As always, class balance is never complete without the input from our players. Be sure to log on test, beat each other up, and give us as much feedback as possible!
~ Omougi
(a.k.a. Brian Ferguson, Associate Game Designer)
I'm onboard with everything you are adding/changing. There is alot that needs to be done, but this is a very good start.
However, when I got to the end... I litterally woke up my sleeping dog next to me and said, "Are you kidding me! They think CC effects are on a high priority fix list?" It's like the very very last thing that needs additional nerfing. In all honestly, who complained about this? Even with the current short duration CC effects, there are a million ways to cure out of it or be immune to. Again... it's not currently an issue, as you already nerfed it out of being an enchanters class defining ability. If you scratched this CC change, you'll likely get 0 complains. Leave it and you'll get the 3 remaining PvP enchanters complains.
A quick CC related question... do you consider Knockback a CC ability? You better and need to add an immunity timer to it just like everything else.
On a final note.. I'm glad you're asking for our feedback on class balance. I'll be there next week to feed you this very important point. Autoattack needs addressing. Furry/MA/DPS/Attack Speed either needs to be capped or Autoattack damage needs to be lowered. It's the most obvious thing that has been brought up over and over and over again. The immediate reponse/flame is that casters get big hitting spells as well.... but there's a difference here. A caster has to stand there in a paper bag armor and "cast" a spell. "Casting" is dramtically different/harder then just targeting someone. Then that spell is down... for awhile. Autoattack is blowing people up as soon as you target them... and going off every second or two. Daze duration is pathetic and you can't stop it from being done. It's mindless.... scouts/fighters are just running after you dropping huge dmg and keeping you targeted... NOTHING else. Nerf caster DPS.. that's fine with me as long as you address autoattack. Move this damage into Combat Abilities like EQ2 was originally designed as. PvP combat was amazing before you introduced insane autoattack damage with RoK.
In you web cast you said you wanted PvP to be about skill and not gear. If you really ment that, autoattack is something you need to focus on in PvP. It takes 0 skill. I already said this... but if you feel the damage is needed, move this damage into combat abilities. This would require someone to push different buttons in different order and spreads the damage out. Autoattack is an instant/insane damage splash. You also stated you wanted to increase the combat duration, this focus/change would be on point with your goals.
Thanks for your time.


CC is definitely the class defining role of an enchanter. There's a fine balancing point that we want to hit where an enchanter can still do their lockdown role effectively without completely disabling someone elses ability to play the game. We'll need your feedback to see if we've hit this mark.
We agree on autoattack damage, and we actually already have changes in to address it. You should see the changes on test next tuesday.