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    Hi Gang,

    I am just about at the point where I am about to do a major reforge and adornment change with my Dirge. I read through Vasu's advice in the Increasing Your VC Damange (awesome post by the way) and he mentions filling red/yellow slots with AE Auto Attack. This makes perfect sense as it would leave me room to reforge for Casting Speed and Recovery which are currently in the dumper. 53/43 respectively. While the rest of my stats are pretty good they still need some tweaking. I am about half raid equipped with pretty well all the important stuff mastered.

    I managed to pump out around ~150k sustained in raid along with keeping debuffs up and rezzing. I am doing a rather pathetic job of RO/VC so this article was a gold nugget to me. As a relatively new Dirge (the name is Orchestra), I rolled it for my guild and was the only one in guild till recently until we picked up another with even less experience than me. I really have not had much direction except for this forum, and a hearty thanks by the way.

    I have a couple couple of questions:

    1. Realistically speaking what kind of average parse should I be making? Spare me the balls dragging in the mud, I am the greatest Dirge in the world and can out-parse God responses, just what a solid Dirge might be expected to make.

    2. I have been looking as well to change deities. I solo with my other 'toons quite a bit so I set the dirge up for solo, or as good as a dirge can solo, as well. I chose Bristlebane for the only two useful things it has: Mischief Maker for when farming plat in PR and Swindle Fate for when you are deep in it. What is best deity for a good aligned dirge from a raiding standpoint?

    Thanks in Advance,

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