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    Default Solo/Molo AA Path

    I'm hoping that I don't get flamed for asking this. I have been looking all over for recent AA Guides on solo/molo for playing a Dirge. I have just came back to EQ2 after a couple of years and want to play a Dirge. My roommate is leveling a Shadowknight and I thought a Dirge would be a good partner (I don't want to play a healer).

    Can anyone provide me with the basic guidelines on AA's as I level? I know that I can just look at level 95 Dirges and see their builds, but that does not help with the order in which I should be getting the AAs. Also are there some things I should flat out avoid getting and things that I NEED to get?

    Thank you kindly in advance.

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    Default Re: Solo/Molo AA Path

    If you tend to be a roleplaying individual, put Every AA by your preference. This might give you some fun in this dead game

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