These Guidelines are intended to provide a simple, understandable system that everyone can live with, and users know what to expect when they post on this site.

The Site Rules will trump these Guidelines in the event of any conflict or ambiguity.

I. Upper Sections.

A. In general, the sections of this site above the "Server Drama" sections ("Upper Sections") are for threads related to the topic listed for each section.

B. Reply posts made within a thread in the Upper Sections should have something to do with the first post in the thread or any topic reasonably related to the first post.

C. Nobody has a right to insist on a perfectly on-topic discussion in any section of this site. This site does not follow Robert's Rules of Order. The purpose of this site is to allow people to talk about an online game, not argue about what's off-topic by debating rules of procedure. Always remember the Site Rules say:

Occasional off-topic social remarks are permitted, and should be expected in all threads, provided the effect of those remarks doesn’t unduly disrupt or derail the thread.
D. Users should expect, and Admins will not prohibit, a few posts within an on topic thread that don't strictly follow the topic laid down by the original poster ("OP").

E. What will not be allowed, following a user complaint or at an Admin's discretion, is for any thread in the Upper Sections to be derailed by pages of posts completely unrelated to the topic of that section.

II. Lower Sections.

A. In general, the "Server Drama" and "Everything Else" sections ("Lower Sections") are for social posts, off-topic threads, and subjects that may or may not have anything to do with the general subject of this site.

B. Admins will enforce the Site Rules about Spam and Harrassment less strictly in the Lower Sections than in the Upper Sections.

C. Users are free to start "happy talk" posts and spam bump posts about anything permitted by the Site Rules within the Lower Sections.

D. Users aren't expected to remain perfectly on topic in the Lower Sections except as specified below.

III. All Sections.

A. The OP has the right to establish the topic of a thread started in an appropriate section. So when starting a thread, the OP can specify that the thread is a discussion about XYZ and should remain on that topic.

B. When the OP specifies a topic in the first post of a thread, all other users must follow that topic in that thread.

C. In general, Admins will not act as moderators, and will only intervene in threads based on a Site Rule or when an OP asks for the thread to go back on topic.

D. If other users don't like the OP's topic, they are free to start their own post with their own topic.

E. When an OP has asked for a thread to go back on topic, any further off-topic posts in that thread will be deleted by the Admin.