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pretty sure the raid progression in dof ended with an instanced encounter ..that dropped the best gear in the tier for its slots ...and was so had only 4 guilds WW killed it ..how many guilds killed the contested in dof WW ?
i dont remember any real cry back then that the loot was to good cos it was instanced ...nor do i remember any crying that the hardest mob in the game ...and possibly the hardest raid they ever added to this game was in an instance....yet to be the top you kill contested ? yet in dof to be the very very cream of the crop you killed an instanced mob

you want challenging fights ? in dof DMP / PPtR and even PoS were much much harder than any contested ..and there was a clear linear progression, that worked..granted PPrT went from insanely hard to stupidly easy once you lucked out and got a ring drop of the trash. but you are not going to get them kind of fights outside of an instance,
So what would you all like ...easy as fuck contested mobs ..which are only unkillable while soe has them set to be so ...or super scripted fights that require the absolute best of the best to even have a chance of kiling them ..i dont nor can i recall any raider who would consider any contested we have seen to date as hard as DMP ...killing that one instanced mob meant you were the absolute shit hot best thing in eq2...
which is the whole point isnt it ....so you guys are seriously telling me youd rather have shitty contested that any fucking idiot can kill ..or actual real challenging INSTANCED raid content that makes a clear delineating line between good and superb players ?
i know which would get my vote ...but hey some people thinks being able to play 24/7 is a good sign of player skill and ability.
Yes that's indeed a good point, notice how the only guilds that killed the Master Djinn in T6 are the same guilds that killed contested? (and are still killing today for those that are still alive)

But TBH DoF can't be used as an example, it was a huge failure. The only progression was by killing 2 dragons in Maj'dul, once you did that, you had access to everything. Then you had 2 contested for the most part of the expansion that got nerfed so many times they became a joke (Terrorantula was a mean beast at the beginning). The contested content really was bad and that's the main reason why DoF was a failure. People did complain but there was no eq2flames back then, so you probably didn't notice them.

Also about the MD, if it was working as intended from day 1 it would have been on farm mode just like everything else (it already was for NPU I think), the script was really cool though. But it only became some kind of "legend" because it was fixed 2 or 3 weeks before KoS and only 5 guilds killed it in time. I'm pretty sure if you gave it one more week the number would be 10 or 15. I know my guild got it to the last verse a few times, which is below 25%, on the last day, then KoS was released and there was other priorities.

And to answer your last question, well, let me tell you it's a stupid question. Any expansion in which you can describe the raid content like that (I mean the shitty contested content part) is a failed expansion. My answer would be, I'd rather cancel my account. (Which I did but for other personal reason though lol)