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    Default Summary of Recent Events, and the Dirty Bits

    In light of the recent turn of other threads, i'd like to bring a candid eye back to the opening scene in this dramatic tradegy and highlight what was revealed there after.

    It has always been the goal of our Influencers Program to embrace people who represent a diverse range of opinions about SOE and our games. The expectation we have for each Influencer is that they will provide open and honest feedback that we can consider or act on as a company. It is understandable that decisions made by SOE will not always be to the liking of every Influencer, and that constructive feedback from participants will enable us to better relate with our communities over the long term.

    Your passion and enthusiasm for EverQuest II have always been appreciated, but your own activities in the last few months have led us to the conclusion that it is time for your participation in this program to end. You have been all but silent through the many channels of communication provided by the Influencers program; eliminating any benefit that your voice might bring to our attention in the service of the community.

    At the very same time you have actively encouraged many ‘sensational’ issues to come to the attention of your community at EQ2Flames, even when those issues lacked merit. Additionally, you have abused your personal access to members of our development teams, with no regard to the harm it might cause them in the process.

    For these reasons, we are ending your participation in our Influencers program. We appreciate the feedback you have given us when you chose to do so; but it is time for this relationship to end.

    Please remember that any private information you were exposed to as a member of the Influencers Program is still protected by the non-disclosure agreement you signed when first joining the program.

    Craig Dalrymple
    Senior Community Relations Manager
    Sony Online Entertainment

    Basically, if you can't read or don't feel up to it. $oE Community Relations Manager AKA Grimwell, just took a big mighty heaping dump on EQ2Flames.com. We are now to be ostracized as the outcast with no merit, unfortnately for Grimwell we are the exact opposite!

    In response to this, the various information about the associated devs of $oE was unleashed. Bringing down a world of worry no doubt for $oE.

    Handle: Aeralik
    Real Name: Chris Kozak
    Business Email: ckozak@soe.sony.com
    Ingame: Blackburrow.Taliira
    Guild: Saints of Norrath
    Used to be known as: Khalysta
    Additional Info: Was recruiting from the gaming community. Used to author "The Scout Sanctuary"" fan website.
    Additional Info: Was accused of stealing guild bank before "leaving" the game.
    Additional Info: His current character is a "carbon copy" of his old main, and was not leveled legitimately.

    Handle: Domino
    Real Name: Emily Taylor
    Business Email: etaylor@soe.sony.com
    Ingame: Antonia_Bayle.Adeste
    Guild: Vagabond Knights
    Used to be known as: Didi on the official eq2 forums.
    Additional Info: Was recruited to remodel Faabio's room on Nagafen.

    Handle: Rothgar
    Real Name: Greg Spence
    Business E-Mail: gspence@soe.sony.com
    Ingame: Unrest.Gareg
    Guild: Paradigm
    Additional Info: Additional Info: Keeps an interesting Blog.

    Handle: Zoltaroth
    Real Name: Nandy Szots
    Business Email: nszots@soe.sony.com
    Ingame: Guk.Astaroth
    Guild: Ne Plus Ultra
    Additional info: Has provided his guild with detailed encounter strategies.

    Handle: Patherpanchali
    Real Name: Roger Uzun
    Business E-Mail: ruzun@soe.sony.com
    Ingame: ?
    Guild: ?
    Additional Info: Project lead for RoK.
    Additional Info: Designed Matron/Avatars/Chel'Drak/Tier5 and VP vs. 2.0
    Additional Info: Was a lead on EQ1.
    Additional Info: Strong connections with Second Dawn - specifically Exill their guild leader.
    Additional Info: Roger was in constant communication wtih NPU during FD/KoS. Promised members character names would be written into Lore for WW1 Chel'Drak.

    Handle: Cat
    Job: Sound Designer
    Real Name: Cat Neri
    Business E-Mail: cneri@soe.sony.com
    In-Game: Unrest.Sakkakth
    Guild: Paradigm
    Additional Info:

    Handle: Autenil
    Job: Technical Director
    Real Name: Joshua Kriegshauser
    Business E-Mail: jkriegshauser@soe.sony.com
    Additional Info: Keeps an interesting Blog.

    Handle: Grimwell
    Job: Community Manager
    Real Name: Craig Dalrymple
    Business E-Mail: cdalrymple@soe.sony.com
    In-Game: Kithicor.Rennu
    In-Game: Antonia_Bayle.Lanin
    Guild: Safe Haven

    Handle: Kaasha
    Job: Lead GM
    Real Name: Darlene Girts
    Business E-Mail: dgirts@soe.sony.com
    In-Game Name: Guk.Baast
    In-Game Name: Guk.Sicken
    Guild: Ne Plus Ultra
    Additional Info: Edit> Is actually currently in NPU.

    Handle: Kimbial
    Job: GM
    Real Name: Amy Leo
    Business E-Mail: aleo@soe.sony.com
    In-Game Name: Najena.Spinel
    In-Game Name: Najena.Kunzite
    Guild: Immortalis
    Additional Info: ?

    Handle: Keejay
    Job: GM
    Real Name: Suzanne Owen
    Business E-Mail: sowen@soe.sony.com
    Additional Info: ?

    Feel free to PM me with additional info. ...

    While this was going on, LFG received the following:

    Originally Posted by Aeralik
    sorry but if you want to increase your ad revenue at my expense with that gay poll then im done. I just wanted you to deal with one immature posted but this is fucking retarded and even more childish. keeping fucking people over at soe i see how it is and then you wonder why people hate your site there.

    Number 1, I resent this.

    I was trying to help you. This has nothing to do with my fucking ad revenue. Read my last post please.

    Number 2, you created this problem, not me.

    You were the one who told people what your ingame toon name was. I'm trying to dig you out of the hole that YOU CREATED FOR YOURSELF in good faith, in the best way I know how, doing exactly what I've always done.

    I'm copying Niber on this because I hope you can work this out better with him than you can with me.

    But please don't leave things like this, the game is more important than this.
    - The Italicized is the original message from none other than Aeriliak himself. The normal font is LFG's response.

    Furthermore, there was various information leaked. Such as following: NPU - the former premiere guild of EQ2 - being handfed strats from Astaroth, a coder for $oE. NPU being given free account transfers. Devs accepting sexual favors in return for giving out in-game favors. This is merely the tip of the iceberg, Snark has hinted at far, far more corruption within the boiling pot of corruption and misery that is $oE. The following are some post containing informations:

    Quote Originally Posted by Snark View Post

    Rothgar posting to guild forums: (Simply providing evidence for my claims):

    --- A dev posting information on an internal guild board ---

    A link to the thread on the official forums surronding the debacle that is a dev stealing a guild bank: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/p...opic_id=242385

    From: nszots@soe.sony.com
    To: mcgurer@hotmail.com
    Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007

    Trakanon’s Lair raid zone is now ready for combat testing.

    · Explanation: GU40 features a new adventure zone, Trakanon’s lair, an epic x4 raid zone.

    · Testing : The zone is basically an x4 raid group instance which houses Trakanon (and nothing else). It is accessed through veeshan’s peak, so massive guarding isn’t considered necessary since it would not be envisioned that anyone could make it through veeshan’s peak.

    · To enter the zone use /zone exp04_dun_veeshans_peak_epic01_trakanon, there is no content label

    · When you enter you are in a zone in/zone out room which leads to gigantic stairs. You must use the side area of the stairs to walk up into the main lair.

    · When you first enter the zone, trakanon will greet you from far above the platform, then fly down. At this point you can engage trakanon.

    · You must have a chelsith stone with you to have any chance to succeed. /spawn expendables/baubles/chelsith_stone to get one for now. It will drop in the leviathan encounter in-game.

    · Once the fight begins, you will notice the holder of a chelsith stone can touch the orb altar on the far side of the platform to energize it. Once energized if you stay within 14m of the energized orb structure, you are protected from many of trakanons more powerful abilities.

    · The key to winning this encounter is to realize you must all fight within 14m of the activated orb on the far side of the platform. Trakanons arcane maelstrom breath weapon is far too lethal outside this protective area. In addition trakanons knockback abilities will prove problematic, and all but one of them is negated when you are close to this orb object (if its energized).

    · Trakanon has the following combat abilities. Take special note of which spells combo off one another, and which spell effects are negated by proximity to the orb. Make sure they are NOT negated otherwise, make sure they ARE negated when you are close to the orb. Make sure the combo effects ONLY happen when you are hit with one spell when the second spell hits you, and do NOT go off otherwise.

    · Trakanon is a level 87 warlock. He will periodically cast Wing Buffet and Tail Swipe. Wing buffet will STUN everyone in front of him for 2.5 seconds. It will also KNOCK everyone back UNLESS they are within 14m of the energized orb. Tail swipe does some damage, and stuns players for about 3 seconds. It will also KNOCK BACK any players that are NOT within 14m of the energized orb.

    · Trakanon is immune to all control spells, and will double attack on melee 10% more than normal.

    · Trakanon has Arcane Aura of the Wyrmlord on him. On take damage 10% of the time, players will be hit with Pestilential Pause. This does a slight amount of damage to the player and for the next 10 seconds, all the players spells take much longer to cast, and are basically at half effectiveness (heals and damage are half as effective as normal). Also your attack speed is reduced considerably during this time. This effect is not dispellable. Also, 2% of the time trakanon is hit with a hostile spell, he will heal himself for 2%.

    · Trakanon will keep PROPHETIC SCRUTINY on one player at all times. With this effect on you, any spells you cast are interrupted, if the spell is interruptable. Every time you start to cast a spell you will be hit with PROPHETIC BOLT, which a small amount of damage and interrupts the spell you are starting to cast. This should be active on one player in the raid at all times

    · Trakanon will keep Prescient gaze on all players at all times. It should never be off you for more than a few seconds even if you die and are rezzed back in. It causes all players to mana burn, using health whenever they use mana. It also causes players to have prescient intervention cast on them 8% of the time they try and cast a beneficial spell. Prescient intervention interrupts the spell they are trying to cast, and stifles the player for 2 seconds, and does a small amount of damage to the players mana pool.

    · One player will generally have MARK OF REPULSION on him/her. This spell will go off at some random time, never less than 30 secs after it was placed on you. It has an hourglass icon. When it goes off that player will be hit with static repulsion, a targeted AOE that WILL knock back all players within 22m of the person who had Mark of Repulsion on him/her. You are NEVER protected from this knockback, even if near the orb. You must move away from your raid party so as not to endanger them with your Mark of Repulsion/Static Repulsion combo.

    · 3.5 seconds AFTER static repulsion goes off, Trakanon will cast Arcane Maelstrom. A powerful aoe that does heat damage, does damage to a random item in everyones inventory, and does massive MAGIC BASED health and mana damage UNLESS you are close to the energized orb. You avoid MAGIC BASED MANA AND HEALTH DAMAGE only if you are near the energized orb.

    · Trakanon will periodically cast Fetid Cloud and Toxic Tempest as well. Fetid Cloud does disease based health damage the closer you are to trak the more disease damage you take, and slows your attack speed. If you have Toxic Tempest still on you when fetid cloud hits you, you will take ADDITIONAL MASSIVE poison based health damage.

    · Toxic tempest works similarly to Fetid Cloud, toxic tempest does range relative, poison based health damage to all players. If you have fetid cloud on you when Toxic tempest hits you, you will take additional MASSIVE disease damage as well. Toxic tempest slows your movement rate as well.

    · 800 seconds after the raid fight begins, the platform you fight on begins to lower into the lava. This takes about 20-30 secs, after that time you will be forced to fight trakanon in the lava, and it won’t likely work well for you. If you hop away from the platform, you wont be protected by the orb so that’s not really an option. If you stay near the orb, you will be covered in lava so that’s not really an option. You have only about 820 secs to win this fight.

    · If trakanon dies, the platform will rise. If trakanon resets, the platform will rise.

    · Make sure the MYRIAD of ways you can wipe and reset, and feign to exploit are covered. Make sure the zone doesn’t leave itself in some odd state if you wipe and come back at the various stages, and make sure you cant complete things out of order in any way. Make sure the platform resets, and the encounter resets as it should if you win or lose.
    The following E-Mail was sent to me by a member of NPU that is no longer in the guild.

    mcgurer@hotmail.com = Alix, NPU Guild leader.
    nszots@soe.sony.com = Zoltaroth, EQ2 Coder | Astaroth, NPU SK

    This should shed some light on the hypocrisy surrounding their claims of "figuring out" the encounter.

    ---The dreaded Trak e-mail that terrifies even the most steadfast $oE employee---

    A member of NPU and long time friend of mine (so I won't give his name away) has been keeping me some what updated. Astaroth is in vent denying basically everything, and the leaders are saying that Snark made everything up. Are NPU members seriously dumb enough to think that Snark 1) Knew Alix's Email 2) Knew the encounter in that detail?

    Your guild is a joke, and the cards are on the table. GG.

    Posted by request. Anyone who is gullible enough to believe that the email is fake and/or doesn't make Trak easier is retarded.

    ---posted by the everfriendly Gaige---

    Aeralik- Confirmed Cross-Dresser, Transvestite Extraordinaire. Gave free ingame services for sexual favors for player formerly known as Laps/Livany. I know quite a bit more, but I would have to get intouch with said player to make sure I had all my facts straight.

    --- that's right, SEX FOR IN-GAME FAVORS! SCANDALOUS! Thank you Adam Person for putting this information out ---

    I urge you to read my thread "Why I did this and how we can reach a compromise".

    I know I did the right thing here, and you're right - some Dev's didn't deserve this. But I am presenting the information without bias so that people can come to their own conclusions.

    Since this thread started I have had some enlightening conversations with some SOE employees. I've learned a lot in the past 24 hours, and I've gained mountains of respect for a few devs, but nothing has convinced me that I made the wrong move.

    --- Snark being a dick and not sharing all the information. Hinting at more, but not elaborating. ---

    Attention privacy note for all players: never type anything in game through tells or channels, or on the official forums, that you consider private information.

    They can and do monitor in game communications down to the player, there is a record of everything you say and game.

    And they can and do read private PMs on the official forums. We do not have that functionality enabled on this site.

    --- $oE AKA Big Brother? ---

    3 characters getting free transfers might not seem like a big deal. But you know where they ended up? Guk <Ne Plus Ultra>

    Need more be said? You bypass your own rules, bypass what others have to pay money for so you can slide friends into your guild? It's not up there with Watergate, but it's more than annoying to have to deal with SHIT like that for Game Masters.

    $150 dollars might not be a big deal to some of you, chump change etc. That's 10 monthly subscriptions to me. Enough to last almost a year.

    --- Adam Person, once again enlightening us with a bit of knowledge. ---

    I'm not sure if this was posted or not, but before he was a community rep for EQ2, Gnorbin was a GM for EQOA. He, or should i say she, since his avatar was a female gnome did a lot of stuff on the Castle Lightwolf Server during my time.

    There was a lot of debate as to whether or not he was a female or a male since he apparently roleplayed one real well.

    Were'd Ya Go Zhatia

    Some more interesting stuff he did: Bordael read this!

    CLW would like Zhatia's actions reviewed

    Zhatia your not funny


    Maybe ill find some more stuff later

    --- Insight brought to light by Xndiex---

    Snark has attempted to mend relations of a sort. It's a small, and ultimately futile hope that any such thing will be done. It's truly a shame in all honesty.

    Nonetheless, this is not about singling out NPU and making them the target. They can only be held responsibile for using what's been given to them, while it may be wrong, it's nonetheless to be expected when a corrupt dev has his fingers in the midst of it all. Any and all anger should not be focused on an entity or puppet of $oE, but on $oE itself. Let them hear our discontent, and feel our wrath.

    (Further passive flaming taking place on the official forums. For the moment at least. http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/p...opic_id=409272 )

    If anyone notices any of the post I missed please PM me with the message and the posters name. This post was meant to be a rehash of the already obvious to those who have neither the inclination nor the time to read through all the drivel that has come together in other threads.

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    Default Re: A Recap and Summarization of Recent Events

    Oh stop it already Tyirul. Quit pretending any of this even involves you in any way. Copying and pasting others posts (without so much as a reference link to the ORIGINAL posts) just makes you look like an even bigger tool than we already know you are.

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    Default Re: A Recap and Summarization of Recent Events


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    Default Re: A Recap and Summarization of Recent Events

    /signed useless post please delete.

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    Default Re: A Recap and Summarization of Recent Events

    This stuff is in the very first thread of the posts.... there is no 40 page read to read what you just posted...
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    Default Re: A Recap and Summarization of Recent Events

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyirul View Post

    Devs accepting sexual favors in return for giving out in-game favors. This is merely the tip of the iceberg, Snark has hinted at far, far more corruption within the boiling pot of corruption and misery that is $oE.
    So far, that's the only thing really not proven, and only hearsay. I'm not saying don't say it, but it would be nice if someone actually proved / disproved it.

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    Default Re: A Recap and Summarization of Recent Events

    In regard to recent changes, i'll have to ignore everything but Dranko's post.

    Anyhow, true or not... that's a pretty interesting carrot to dangle you must admit Dranko.

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    Default Re: A Recap and Summarization of Recent Events

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyirul View Post
    ...i'd like to bring a candid eye back to the opening scene in this dramatic tradegy and highlight what was revealed there after.
    Here, you've earned it.

    But seriously, this thread is pointless.

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    Default Re: A Recap and Summarization of Recent Events

    Just delete this fucking thread. Ty is a retard.
    I'm retired.

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    Default Re: A Recap and Summarization of Recent Events

    So, to recap, a few devs also happen to play the game, and a guild got some info on an encounter they were testing. I fail to see anything remotely improper or controversial here.

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