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    Default Re: SOE re-organized to be under SCEI

    Quote Originally Posted by Faxon View Post
    imo its to late now to salvage the game. to many people have quit and there are new games comming out that look to be better. sure some may come back, but the game isnt going to be the same
    been gone a couple months. whats been going on?

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    Default Re: SOE re-organized to be under SCEI


    Asked what video game character he would most want to be, and Hirai says, ìI know this sounds cocky, but the only character I would want to play in a game or in real life would be me!î
    When you do send him a letter, be sure to compliment his ego


    Be ready for the Hiraibeastlord class inc to game soon.

    Phil Harrison was a necro, true story.

    This is the US HQ for SCEI... I bet a piece of mail sent here to Kaz-baby would work:

    Sony Computer Entertainment America
    PO Box 5888 San Mateo, CA 94402-0888

    And FINALLY...

    LFG, this is just my .02 - but if you don't send an application in to this link:


    And try to get playstation banners on your website (sponsor a party at the next fan faire? "EQ2flames sponsored by PS3 party" for the simple motherfucking small chance at a coup of Sony's parent company advertising/supporting this site....

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