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    Default Re: Guides allowed to begin posting on official forums

    Ive done my share of customer schmoozing over the years. lol

    Hell, now that i think of it, I can't believe they don't do something like this.
    A. it gets the ad revenue from the addl hits.
    B. increase traffic to look better
    C. give away shit that costs them absolutely nothing
    D. positive customer experience.

    looks like i win at soe PR
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    Default Re: Guides allowed to begin posting on official forums

    There seems to be a broad strategy at work to increase all of the SOE forum traffic. I just found this on the EQOA boards and it made me laugh:

    On a different note, in regards to these forums; I would like to implore everyone to advocate posting and contributing to these forums. The entire team monitors these forums, and we read as many posts as we can. The more people post about what they liked or didn’t like, the easier it is for us to give you quality updates with content that peaks your interests. So remember, talk about the forums in game; make sure you’re guildies are all on here, it can only help make this game even better!
    Development Activities March 18, 2008

    And, right on cue, in the single page of replies to it were 2 mods and the CRM telling people to stop flaming, stay on topic, and my favorite:

    Please, respect the Developers and their wishes to keep this an informative and pleasant thread. Thank you.
    Spoiler for lulz n things:

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    Default Re: Guides allowed to begin posting on official forums

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigguss View Post
    Yeah it seems a tad fishy that all of a sudden there are a slew of OMG SOE IS SOOOOO AWESOME posts from the average Joe. Yeah, the ones by dev's and GM's make sense. That's pure damage control and just maybe them actually realizing they need to change how they do shit, but some of these "normal poster" posts seem like bullshit.
    In fairness i did post in the brell quest thread,mainly becuase i thought the quests where pretty good

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