props to LFG and this site. i've been playing eq2 since just after launch, played eq1 for 2 years, troll the forums regularily and have never posted on the "official" forums once. i've never been a big fan of censorship, and when the development company you are paying to play censors legitimate, educated and informed critisicism of their product just to lure more nubs into the game, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. now we have a voice, and rest assured, we are being watched closely, if not even listened to. wonder how long this will go on before they try to muscle in or offer us jobs?

that being said, i've just spent a couple hours reading thread after thread, and am delighted at all the posts. reliving the old days (lavastorm far before and the advent of the merger), watching worlds collide - i was in conviction but left - i'm not really one for drama until i have a few in me. but i digress.

reading your posts with the freedom you are able to express yourselves with now makes me realize that i have erred in my passive behavior. i love flame wars for the most part , they are pretty fun to read and are passionate, but what impresses me most on this site is the candour, intellegence, experience and far-sightedness of the messages being written here. reading some posts from certain players has given me a stronger personal and intellectual insight as to thier personalities. my disadvantage is that by being silent, i have virtually no personality here at this point.

reznor, good post. alot of peeps still hold grudges or like to talk shit, but you laid it on the line, and thats admirable. the past is the past, and that past is legendary. tangarth, ixnay and kobal, good posts. peeps who aren't the best atm or never could be get chips on their shoulders. well spoken, and obviously well informed. i've seen firsthand your guilds tenacity, and that is why it is the way it is. not kiss-assing, but feel free to flame me if you think i am. hell, all posts were good and imma takin part.

how the hell do i post a pic from my files? yes i am a forum nub


*edit* fuck you SOE for lacking the forsight of revolution i.e. allowing the seminal community intrinsic to your products existence become so alienated and disillusioned we are a cell of our own. we ( i'm including myself) are not so gullable nor simple to be placated by the easy road. we are not dumb, we are not children. from what i can see we are rational people who play your game and are more knowlegdable about it's true mechanics than you are, which is natural, as we play it religiously. realize that it's not only eq2 in question, but your company and what they develop as a whole. we may be a blip in your quarterly report overall, but that blip will become a schism if you aren't astute enough. but maybe you don't even give a shit, as the more you dumb it down, the more you will make as everyone will be uber and they will all have an exuse to flame each other, to feel superior or whatnot. i suppose a healthy strategy on your part, but rather cynical. what a niave thing for me to say lol.

which is to say i am not a cynical person. i've had a few, like to thing of myself as a realist of sorts, and as i said, have been silent for a long time. just gettng it off my chest, and maybe putting some hair on it as well.