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    Default Math Army, take a look at reforging?

    I don't have the skills to sort out the formula but it was bugging me that I was getting inconsistent results from reforging. I wanted to get a bit more health from ability mod, but only wanted to take 100 AB off. I saw a higher return from taking 100 off an item with 140 AB vs. taking 100 off an item with 171 so I started fiddling around. Watching the slider makes it pretty obvious (I never had before, just dragged it to max and rolled), but the return is on a curve with a sharp upward trend the closer you get to max.

    It's obviously based on the original amount of the stat but if you're looking to take less than the max off you're probably better off taking it from an item with less original amount. In the example above, I got a higher return from 100 out of 140 because I was getting deeper into the curve for the same amount reforged off. From this, I changed how I reforged for accuracy to a lump in one place (a ring) and got a 1.4 points more of accuracy for only five more points of attack speed vs. taking it off my boots and bracers.


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    Default Re: Math Army, take a look at reforging?

    It appears to be percentage based proportions until you hit the MAX then it changes. You can check the return from the 140 vs the 171 @25%, @50%, @75%, @99% and @Max. I'd guess you'll see a stright line growth until you get the MAX where it greatly increases the return.

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