Everyone deserves a title! On eq2flames.com, there are several ways to achieve the title of your dreams!

Just Show Up

These titles are granted automatically as you post. Just participate in the lively discussion on this forum to earn these snifty titles! Remember, if you feel the need to pad your post count, please use the Everything Else of Everything Else forum.
  • 0 to 10: Lil Newbie
  • 11 to 100: Visitor
  • 101 to 1000: Member
  • 1001: L337 Poster

Refer a Friend

Tell your friends about us! When they register for the forums, be sure they enter your user name in the Referrer field. The Administrator runs a referral report every night. Watch the Hall of Fame forum for announcements of new Custom Title winners!
5 Referrals earns you the title of your choice* in the color** of your choice! Please respond to the Administrator's post with your custom title. Choose wisely, we do not change titles on request.

20 Referrals earns you the Uber L337 privilege to change your own title whenever you want, without bothering the Admins!*
Please note that the Custom Title if You Were Banned from EQ2Players promotion has ended.

* Remember, all titles must adhere to the Site Rules. Titles that break the Site Rules will not be tolerated and we will take action, which may include banning for the persistantly stupid. Please don't make me be mean, 'cause I will be.

** For custom colors, please refer to this thread. Bonus points from the Admins if you include the exact color code when you request your title.