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  • Juniette

    21 2.02%
  • Mania (Sidonie/Chii)

    280 26.97%
  • Mysidia Drakkenbane

    8 0.77%
  • Monnie

    3 0.29%
  • Simore

    21 2.02%
  • Kia

    10 0.96%
  • Pink

    144 13.87%
  • Liviee

    14 1.35%
  • Nigh (Prexi)

    28 2.70%
  • Ily

    23 2.22%
  • Lovelace (Schaydd)

    3 0.29%
  • Fern

    280 26.97%
  • Curea

    32 3.08%
  • Xaviene

    11 1.06%
  • Teague

    22 2.12%
  • Cat

    40 3.85%
  • Exocia (Nemuwe)

    6 0.58%
  • Cuppycake (Faezorblade)

    11 1.06%
  • Sunny (Karol)

    41 3.95%
  • Diany (Laps)

    3 0.29%
  • Kerplunk

    2 0.19%
  • Ardain

    29 2.79%
  • Lisabish (Lisabethy)

    3 0.29%
  • Kesselia

    3 0.29%
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    Default OFFICIAL VOTE for Miss EQ2Flames!

    Voting is now open!

    This vote will remain open until the poll expires on 6/17.

    Before voting, please review the pictures and statements of all 23 hawt ladies who entered!

    See the original thread here: Miss EQ2Flames contest - airfare to Fanfaire!

    Comments will remain open in this thread, but I reserve the right to edit this thread just like the previous one.

    Original rules were:

    Ok, so I've been drinking good scotch in the Atlanta Ritz Carlton.

    And this thought occurs to me - we need a Miss EQ2Flames for Fanfaire.

    Yes, I'm serious.

    Winner will receive a round trip ticket anywhere in the Continental US to the Fanfaire in Las Vegas.

    I'll get the ticket from my unused frequent flyer miles probably, or if that isn't possible, I'm going to cap the payout on this ticket to $400, which should be no problem for an advance purchase, non-refundable ticket for an August flight to Las Vegas from a major US city.

    Here's the rules:

    -Entrants must be a RL female human being, but age and physical appearance are not important, provided you are at least 18, since I don't want to be responsible for a bunch of horny dudes making comments about underage females. But it doesn't matter if you're married, single, a lesbian, whatever, or whether your essay is slutty or a solution to ending world hunger.

    -Entrants must post a RECENT pic in this thread along with their comments, up to 1000 words in length but hopefully at least a few paragraphs, about why they would make the perfect Miss EQ2Flames.

    -Entrants must be able, willing, and planning on going to the August Fanfaire. Please don't waste my money.

    -After we get entrants for a couple weeks, I'll post the names of everyone who entered in a poll, and majority vote gets the ticket.

    -I'm not covering hotel room, bar tabs, etc.

    -I will also throw in a specially designed "Miss EQ2Flames" spagetti strap low cut sort of t-shirt thing.

    I personally will vote for the woman who writes the best essay, regardless of looks. But you ladies know how this works, this is somewhat like a wet t-shirt contest. The purpose of this contest is to inspire a bunch of horny and in many cases lonely dudes.

    So, you are free to post any picture you want, and can show anything from g-string to a nun costume, I don't care. Please, no exposed boobie and beaver shots.

    But your response can be anything you want.

    I'm asking the guys who reply and vote to PLEASE look at the women who post pics in this thread as individuals, people of beauty, roses and orchids if you prefer, rather than as a pizza delivered with a six pack. Please, show respect, and if you don't have anything nice to say about an entrant, why not just STFU.

    Let the hawtness begin!

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    Default Re: Miss EQ2Flames contest - airfare to Fanfaire!

    "Miss EQ2Flames" spagetti strap low cut sort of t-shirt thing.
    I want that!

    Anyhow, I've got no major essay here. I suck at writing things without people asking me questions or pissing me off enough to gain a reply.

    I'd like to win just because I've got the guts to post my pic. How fuckin hard is that? & hell this is my first post. =D

    Here's a short summary of my game "life"...
    I started gaming back in EQ1 when Kunark came out. I made it level 65 as a warrior and quit around the time Gates of Discord was released.
    In EQ2 I've got two level 70 toons. Juniette - my ranger, and Cirra - my mystic. I'm one of the Leaders of Tainted. & well I'm pretty fuckin cool. If you haven't noticed, I curse like a sailor, and well... its part of my vocabulary. Rar~

    iRL me:
    I'll be 26 yrs old in July.
    I love to sing.
    I am a fuckin geek, and proud of it.
    (I build websites in Notepad for fun, kick me :P)

    Here are like 3 pics (my style is versatile):

    Vote for me! =P
    Its sad how I post this before I even throw a sig on my profile lol.

    edit: Oh yeah.. Kithicor ftw. hehe

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    Default Re: Miss EQ2Flames contest - airfare to Fanfaire!

    Since my guild (and Manyak) are pushing me.. And this DOES seem kinda fun. Please send all /tells and emails to Blackburrow.Manyak. Hahaha. (I am sure he would love that.)

    Why do I fit eq2flames flavah chica?

    Well, I am perfect, of course. What empress is not? I am 24, 25 this June. I am the odd girl out. I have played video games most of my life. I tend to get along with guys better because for the most part, I have more of a man's mentality. I am spazzy. I have piercings all over, and tattoos. I have rainbow coloured hair (which I dye at whim, and will dye - to an orangy red flame with various streaks and tips should I win, just for fanfaire. 0.o) I have played eq2 since release. I draw and paint pretty well which seems to fit with my odd affection for fantasy games/books/etc. Did I mention I am sexah?

    P.S. My staff of undending growth > your staff

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    Default Re: Miss EQ2Flames contest - airfare to Fanfaire!

    LFG, thanks. You rock many distant lands.

    I'd like to toss my name in the hat.

    I'm 28 years old and work as an office manager for a staffing firm. Some of you may remember this particular thread about some of what I deal with. (

    I was raised on video games. My first experience was Calecovision Qbert and Atari Battle Tanks. It pretty much spiraled from there. (I STILL have the Volume #1 of Nintendo Power with the Claymation picture of Super Mario and the mushroom.) I play console, PC, and table top. Yes, I'm one of those LARPers some of you make fun of, but instead of using foam weapons, I get to play with live steel. (I've been known to work the NYRF from time to time. *New York Renaissance Festival) I collect swords and daggers and live with my husband and our pet snake, Settra.

    Why should I be Miss EQ2Flames? I'm not entirely sure. I'm just a down to earth woman who enjoys to play video games and doesn't mind getting down and dirty with the rest of them. I enjoy a good dirty joke and don't go running for the hills at the use of the "C" word.

    I'd rather a good backyard BBQ than a fancy ritzy restaurant. I think it's the company you keep that makes the difference vs. where you spend it at.

    Eh, enough on this shit. You guys just want to see the pics. ;(

    (I'm posting this link because the picture is really big)
    Quote Originally Posted by Echelon View Post
    You're use of your sucks. See what I did their and here? English is great, fucking use it.

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    Re: Miss EQ2Flames contest - airfare to Fanfaire!

    Tossing in my 2 cp...

    I play Monnie on Befallen, 70 Fury/70 Jeweler and am a proud member of Dawn of Evolution. Been on EQ2 since 12/04, and was a 66 druid by the name of Moniqua on EQ1 (Lanys T'Vyl/Seventh Hammer) for 6 years until the release of DoN. Love to raid, bullshit on Teamspeak and in guild chat, and am an all-around geek.

    Met my real-life husband Gnomeanns/Gaeolron/whatever flavor alt he's playing today on his BBS (precursor to the internet as we know it today for those too young to remember) and have been married for almost 13 years. Have 2 daughters (16 year old who plays Guild Wars /barf...and 12 year old Looninie, 63 guardian).

    I realize my divulgence of being married and a mom probably disqualifies me, and the fact that I'm 42 versus ladies half my age are in the running. I don't know that if by wild freak of chance I should win that I would be able to go to FF, but..what the hell

    /guild hug DoE


    Miroh rawks!:52:

    PS Oh yeah, a pic!

    Monnie - 100 Fury 100 Jeweler/Adorner

    Harmonnie - 100 Troubadour 96 Weaponsmith

    Monniepenny - 96 Brigand
    Acrimonnie - 90 Berzerker
    Kicke - 80 Monk

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    Default Re: Miss EQ2Flames contest - airfare to Fanfaire!

    Lvl 70 Guardian Befallen- Simore Silicone - Delusions of Grandeur
    Proud owner of a VAGINA!
    70 Guardian- Simore
    70 Warden- Georgiapeach
    70 Conj- Simonee
    51 Troub- Delciouss
    35 Bruiser- Krushh
    25 Zerker- Seymore
    22 Brigand- Jacee

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    Default Re: Miss EQ2Flames contest - airfare to Fanfaire!

    Game History
    I've been playing EverQuest II since it went live (I played EverQuest I for several years off/on, too). I play a level 70 guardian on the Antonia Bayle server. I always try to find new ways to do things to be the best group/raid tank I can be. Most people assume I'm a guy playing a female toon until they hear me on Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, at which point they assume I'm a kid pretending to be a Mom.

    Real Life
    I'm a happily married mother to 4 children, and step mother to 3. (Yes, I'm like snow white and the 7 cute, adorable, energetic, destructive, evil dwarves!) A trip to Vegas would be a fantastic break! I look younger than I am, which is good, but I'm only slightly older than I confess to being. I am definitely over 18.

    Here's a few pictures:

    Getting ready for work:

    Halloween Last Year

    SCA Garb (sporting the rose crown my daughter gave me)

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    Default Re: Miss EQ2Flames contest - airfare to Fanfaire!

    Well hello there Boys and Girls!

    I play the characters Pink/Genesis/Doll on the Nagafen server. Lots of love for all the other females that enjoy some Player v/s Player.

    I hope that some of the other ladies from Radiant Legion decide to play along with this contest.. we have some hotties in our guild!

    I have a feeling that posting these pics might open up a can of worms for me.. I am hoping its not as bad as it was for Adampersons and Dankshasta.. if so.. then I will have to break out my own set of balls, bend over and take it like a real man

    Ok WHY should I be MissEQ2Flames..............

    Well.. I am Female.. and I can talk mad shit. I bust peoples balls all the time.. its a hobby of mine. Flaming and just ripping on people is something I enjoy if its not mean spirited. Walking up to a friend and just hitting them on the shoulder is how I normally say "hello".

    I get along better with males v/s females. Not sure why that is.. however its spilled over into my gaming life. So playing with the boys means being about to play like a boy.
    In game most people would have bet that I am a male.. just from the gross and shocking topics I rant about. /shrug

    I am no boy

    Teh PANK!

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    Default Re: Miss EQ2Flames contest - airfare to Fanfaire!

    Hello I'm Liviee a lvl 70 half elf Templar from the guild Clan of Shadows on the Befallen Server (Originally Faydark). I've been playing Everquest 2 since April 2005. I love to play the game and I love my guild. My husband Elodin/Tune, my brother Mithirand, and my cousin Rumsfeld are all in Clan of Shadows together and its awesome to play with real life family and friends.

    I was first introduced to gaming in EQ1 when I was dating my husband and only got to play till lvl 25 as Liviee Jade a high elf pally. Until he sold his accounts.

    Then I played City of Heroes for a while and had a lvl 50 ice ice tank, and a rad rad defender.

    Then decided to play a game with more content and chose EQ2 cause my husband started playing the game in January 2005. We were leaders of Silver Faith till our move to Clan of Shadows in Oct 2006.

    "In RL" I'm 25 years old and married, no children yet. Yes those are EQ2 pounds I have my bachelors degree in business management with a minor in human resources and work for an insurance agency selling home and auto insurance. I am a forum troller from work I am constantly posting on EQ2flames and the Clan of Shadows website all day long during work days it helps pass the time

    I'm a loyal friend. I stick by my friends even if they are wrong. I cuss like a sailor and say "You son of a bitch" or "Cunt" alot.

    I recently made a trip to Las Vegas in May of this year to meet some of my guildies and am posting some of the pics hehe...

    Me in Vegas in my I Love Nerds Shirt

    OCT 2006

    My husband and I in Vegas

    Kaif, (ex cos Bylar), Candy, Cyclo, Me, Tune/Elodin, (Candy's RL friend), Whitefang, & Bebuh.

    Please vote for me so I can go to Vegas again to hang with my guildies and meet new ones! :17: :17: :17:
    80 Templar Stormhold Server

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    Default Re: Miss EQ2Flames contest - airfare to Fanfaire!

    I know I said I wasn't going to apply, but given that people that LFG changed the rules to include people that can't go to Fan Faire, and that a lot of my friends/guildies have been saying I should, I will. I am not able to go to Fan Faire. But I will post pictures of me in the tanktop LFG mentioned if I win. I also would love a Miss EQ2Flames title here on the boards ok yes I'm that geeky

    I've been playing EQ2 a few years. I have 5 level 70 characters, and am currently working on my ranger. Most of them are on one account, my current main is on a different one. I recently joined the Dirty Dozen on Oasis, and have been getting dirty with them for the last month or so. Originally from Crushbone, where I led my army of alts in a guild I made. (couldn't raid due to work schedule) Most people there knew me as Balance (my brigand) or Nigh/Nighfly (my swash). My swash, warden and illusionist are on Oasis now.

    I really enjoy reading and taking part in the EQ2Flames community. After all, it's a game, and what's funner than watching people fight with each other? Flaming people, of course. I'm somewhat new to it, and I suck at flaming but I'm getting better and practicing all the time

    And of course... the pictures...

    and to save LFG the time...

    Here's my illusionist (the alts on that account are not mine):

    Here's the account the rest of my characters are on:

    Oh, and I'm 20, will be 21 in a month.
    (Raistin on MSN)
    i have a small problem
    i got a girl with big boobys in my house
    we are running 21 in the raid atm as it is

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