Hey all,

[Get Rekt Inc] Is a progression style guild, that will be starting in DoF raid content.

This way we can be lvl 70 and still obtain AA's while we farm DoF in ez mode.

Didn't want to start in vanilla (T5) because we would have to disable combat XP (No AA slider yet) and most of the raid encounters drop wooden chests or terrible loot.

We will be farming DoF for a month or so to get everyone geared up enough to start raiding KoS.

This is a super laid back guild we are not rushing to end game content.

Most of us are old friends from AB server that were in several progression guilds together.

Since we are a brand new guild, we are recruiting everything atm. So this is a great chance to play a class you always wanted and help lvl a guild from the ground up.

Raid days are not set yet (still open for suggestion) but the start time will be around 8-9PM EST. We will start with 2 days a week and go from there.

No website yet, trying to see how much interest there is in this first.

If you have more questions feel free to /tell me in game on Reen or anyone in the guild.

hope to see you soon!