Infinitys End



We are a group of former end game raiders from top guilds from all over that play on the PvE Progression server Fallen Gate. We play a quite bit, and we are looking for players that do the same. Players that know a ton about the game, players that are willing to go the extra mile, cry, bleed, die (in the game), and stay up maybe an extra hour on some nights to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

Currently we are looking for people who have past raiding experience in the game. We like to have fun, joke around, and be merry as long as we get the job done. If this sounds like the kind of guild you want to be in, we'd love to have ya. Send one of us a tell in the game (Xorlin, Xaldin, or Aryaa). Or stop by our Discord Channel []

We'll consider any class if you are confident you could be a good fit for our raid force.

Raid Times: Tues-Wed 9:30 EST