The Downward Spiral is a new progression raid guild on the Freeport server.

We will be starting with level 50 content.

How it works...

- All raiders must be level 50 or below, no mentoring allowed.
- All gear allowed
- All AA's allowed
- No mercs in raid
- Grouping/BGs outside of guild are allowed
- No going into raid zones on your raid toon. Going on alts to farm gear is fine.
- All zones are allowed.
- Alts allowed
- Level 95 toons allowed, just not in raids.

Once we clear all raid targets and or guild feels like its time to move on we will, which would be level 60 for Desert of Flames and so on...

We are currently recruiting all classes for our raid force. So come quick and see this great game the way it was meant to be seen.

Raiding will take place on Sun/Mon/Wed 9pm - 12pm EST once we have a raid force established.

Officer and raid leadership positions available.

If you have any question feel free to write back/PM me or send me an in game tell to Gnarrr on Freeport server.

Come see Norrath with us!