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    Default Lost Coast Privateers of Crushbone

    Lost Coast Privateers of Crushbone is recuiting for our raid force! We work very hard on progression, but lately we have had attendance issues due to the holidays and the January crunch that always seems to happen.

    Most of our raiders have serious commitments outside of game (full time jobs and families) and cannot commit to a heavy raid schedule. Consequently, we raid only an average of eight hours per week -- Tuesdays at 9PM Eastern for two hours, every other Friday at 9PM Eastern for four hours, and every Saturday at 9PM Eastern for four hours.

    We use Ventrilo and Guild Connect. We try to keep the drama to a minimum like everyone else. Loot is leader-assigned and we use a turn-based system for alt loot (the highest person on the list who wants the loot wins the loot, but then drops to the bottom of the list).

    We're currently raiding the same things as everyone else, but we need a few more bodies to make progress in Plane of War. Specifically, we're looking for the following:
    • a coercer
    • one or more bards
    • a plate healer
    • one or more mage DPS toons
    These would really be full time spots. We have fewer openings than this, but as you all know it's beneficial to carry a few extra bodies on the roster because our folks do have other commitments and responsibilities that sometimes cause conflicts. We can also use skilled backups for the following classes:
    • tank (don't really care much which kind as long as you understand how to both main tank and off tank and know how to actually control and position mobs)
    • plate healer
    • troubadour
    We would consider taking part time people for these spots.

    So, if you can't really spare time for raiding during the week much but want to try progression raiding, please consider talking to Imri or Ymarik (Aamarik) or Alenu on Crushbone about trying a raid or two with us.


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    Default Re: Lost Coast Privateers of Crushbone


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